DC Classics.com Legion of
Super-Heroes Review (Part II)

Sorry for the late update everyone, I’m running a bit behind today.  But the website must go on, and before we start talking about Toy Fair, I’m finishing the second half of the giant Legion of Super-Heroes 12-pack review that Noisy started on Wednesday.

Like Noisy, the Legion is just one of those areas to the DC Universe that I never really got in to.  I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that they kept rebooting the series.  But like so many books, I did enjoy the 90’s run and tried to keep up with it.  Introduction of more lineage characters like XS and Thunder also piqued my interest.

The Legion book I’ve enjoyed most over the years has been Superboy’s Legion, by Alan Davis and Mark Farmer.  Although it might be considered sad that my love for these characters comes from an Elseworlds.  But it’s a fantastic book that builds on Davis’ earlier work in his JLA: The Nail Elseworlds, and takes a look at what would happen if Superman didn’t appear on Earth until the Legion’s time period.

Superboy is one of those characters that I haven’t been waiting for, but I do enjoy having.  Like most of this set, he uses the shorter Kid Sinestro body and fits in well with the other teenage characters.  They also gave him the Legion ring right hand.  Aside from his new head, he also comes with new shins that have sculpted boot tops.  His crotch piece is also new, and so is the separate belt piece that fits over it.  Lastly he has a new short cape, which we might see on some future Legionnaires.

This figure would be perfect if it wasn’t for his head sculpt.  Or more specifically, his mouth sculpt.  I really love the majority of what the Four Horsemen produce, but they need to choose a different look when it comes to sculpting a smiling face.  Even with a big grin, people don’t normally smile showing their lower teeth, and when they do it makes them look unnatural.  Action figures are no different, which is why Superboy and Star Girl just don’t look right.

Lightning Lad doesn’t have much going on when it comes to new pieces.  He’s got the mandatory ring hand, and a newly sculpted head.  For some reason his head sculpt reminds me of Shaggy from Scooby Doo, but other than that it looks pretty good.  I am a bit disappointed with the paint on his eyes though.  It seems that about half of this set was given eyes that are looking up.  This is one of those quality control issues that I wish could get resolved.

I’m going to mention this here because I feel it’s most relevant to Lightning Lad.  I realize this 12-pack was probably at its limits when it comes to how much money Matty would put in, but I really wish there were a couple of extra accessories.  A yellow recoloring of Superman Red/Blue’s electricity effects would have been perfect for LL.  It also would have been easy to give us an orange eagle for Chameleon Boy , similar to Beast Boy.  Accessories like this would have been cheap since they were already developed, and I think it would give a bit more value to the set.

The funniest figure in this entire set has to be Matter-Eater Lad.  His head is the only newly sculpted piece, but it is magnificent!  His right cheek is bulging full like a hamster, while the other side of his mouth is clearly in chew mode.  To top it all off, his eyes have the perfect “Yeah, I ate the toaster.  What’chu gonna do about it?” expression.  I only wish all DC figures could have this much personality.  Continue on page 2…

15 thoughts on “DC Classics.com Legion of
Super-Heroes Review (Part II)

  1. I seem to be collecting super hero rings, so if you want to part with the legion flight ring, let me know

  2. LMAO at the implied “other pose” MEL seems to be doing (in Cham and Jo pic)! and his solo shot having a bite out of the AIT logo is icing on the cake!

    I do agree with you that there could have been a couple re-used props to include to show off their powers, like the R/B Superman’s electric bolts. Maybe toss him white Flash’s? I can only hope Shady come with black/smoke ones to show off her power, should she make the increasingly limited cut.

    However, Cham isn’t limited to orange beasts like Changeling is to green (or now “red” in DCnU?), so any random animal will do.

  3. I’ve realized something. It looks like the four horsemen have been using Chris Sprouses’ art as a model for their DCU faces lately. Look at his work and then Lightening Lad or Cosmic Boy.

  4. if IAT ever does an awards show (report? segment? Post is so ordinary) I surely hope Matter-Eater Lad gets an award for “totally out of left field and completely perfect face”, ok? I see what they tried to do with Superboy but yeah, just doesn’t work but MEL, wow. Now if only he had an open hand so one could put various items in it for his eating pleasure!

    While my opinion won’t do a thing to what Mattel does with future (ha!) LSH releases, I’d kinda like to see 2-packs with a little bit more development thrown their way, so Lightning Lad (and Lass) could have some lightning bolts, other characters have whatever might be key to them.

  5. yeah, matter eater lad is just about as flawless a facial execution as one could ask for in an action figure. that’s just MEL’s face, no two ways about it.

  6. Not to be mean, but a little pet peeve of mine: Imperiex never fought against the LoSH. That was a plot used only in the cartoon. At least, as far as I remember. Just to clarify. I understand you’re not overly familiar with the Legion’s history. It is rather long and involved.

    Great review, as always!

    1. I thought we decided that was the ONLY reason he got a figure at all, the LoSH cartoon? In the comics, he was a one-event baddie and never seen again.

  7. I really liked this set. I’ve kept the packaging and display them in that. My biggest problem is the lack of females though. I would have liked at least two or three more women in the set. The LoSH have some great females to choose from.

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