Armchair Coverage (Updated):
Toypocalypse 2: Futuretro

No, we’re not cool enough to be there in person, but one kind reader reminded me that if IAT did attend, we couldn’t provide “Armchair Coverage”. I guess we’ll let that be some comfort as we get to work. We’ve got links, swiped twitpics, and a whole lotta of Toypocalypse news.

Outer Space Men

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I was at work when Futuretro started, but that didn’t keep me from having phone out as much as possible scouring Twitter for news and pics. For a list of those retweeted links and pics directly, check out our Twitter Feed. And we’d be remiss if we didn’t ask you to follow us while you were at it! For a quick peek at the images we retweeted, click here.

I was primarily looking for Outer Space Men news out of this show and the Four Horsemen didn’t disappoint. I’m still waiting for close-ups, but LemonJuice McGee (MTV Geek) tweeted the picture of Cyclops to the right.

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While this page at the AwesomeToyBlog features a nice gallery with some long shots of all the figures that let’s us know that both Gamma X and Gemini are sculpted as well. Also, judging from those shots Colossus and Cyclops look massive! Just Added: Bigger pics in this 16Bit.Com Gallery!

But wait there’s more! Not only did the Four Horsemen bring all thirteen of the original OSM to the show, they’ve added a 14th Outer Space Man!!! Or should we say, Outer Space Woman! The Man from Earth finally makes his debut, and it’s a she! After 45 years, the OSM line has expanded to include Terra-Firma! The figure doesn’t appear to have a a finalized sculpt on display yet, but there’s artwork and a package mock-up in this gallery from 16Bit.Com!

I’m ecstatic to see all these guys and make sure to look through the customs shots at AwesomeToyBlog. There’s some great stuff there including a fantastic mashup of all the colored pieces (why did I never think of that?! Ugh!) and what looks to be a 6″ Inferno custom using MO2K Man-E-Faces!

Added Feb 10th:: 16Bit.Com has just added a gallery for the OSM customs. I haven’t checked ’em all out yet, but there’s definitely some gems there!

Added Feb 11th: FanEx Forum Member Tad Ghostal has added his own pics in this thread at FanEx. There’s some great closeups, but what will really get your attention was something it appears many of us missed last night: the Cosmic Creators’ Series isn’t limited to Mel Birnkrant’s Metallic Masterpieces, the Four Horsemen have gotten in on the action too! In that thread, you’ll find pics of all four Wave 1 & 2 figures in what appears to be flourescent decos. There isn’t a set release date for these, so keep your fingers crossed!

Finally, also treated us to a small gallery of Vintage OSM pieces that were on display!

Fantastic Exclusive: Gothitropolis

Check out @LemonjuiceMcGee‘s Twitter feed for larger images!

I feel dumb in retrospect, but I wasn’t even remotely thinking about Raven variants being at the show! I was downright gleeful to see these guys. Forum members at FanEx submitted some designs for Raven variants not too long after he won the voting – I don’t know if the White Raven and the Cardinal were already planned by the Four Horsemen before the forum submissions, but I don’t care – they look great either way! There are still some favorites from the submission process I’d like to see (the Thunderbird, Cockathrice, and White Raven in Vampire Lady colors to name a few), but we’re off to a great start with these two!! And longtime Raven fans, did it ever occur to use that this staff could break up into a scythe and a mace? Awesome. Check out the original Raven and bigger pictures of the White Raven & Cardinal at Plastic Graveyard!

But it wasn’t just those two guys that bowled me over. I actually overlooked these pics when I was on my phone glancing through and I couldn’t believe it when I went back and they caught my attention. I don’t know the story on these yet, but check out the Gothitropolis gallery at 16Bit.Com. That’s the Vampire Lady, a top contender for a couple past Fantastic Exclusive contests, and a few variants what would seem to make up a new wave of figures. I’m hoping that display means she’s in the 4H pipeline along with her variants which look to include a more demon variant, a dormant variant (a la Scarabus), a couple cats, a snake, and cow!! I’m not sure what the line is between Seventh Kingdom and Gothitropolis, but I think Xetheus’ will be a getting a Bride of Bovine on my toy shelves, that’s for damn sure!

Just Added: Bigger Gothitropolis pics in this 16Bit.Com Gallery! I hope these are coming out in 2012. I hope these are coming out in 2012…

Fantastic Exclusive: Gothitropolis

Finally, the Four Horsemen had a small display for their upcoming Symbiotech line. We still haven’t heard much about when these will be rolling out, but some new sculpts and decos were on display. You can check them out in this 16Bit.Com Gallery.

Just the Links, Ma’am!

16Bit.Com’s OSM Gallery
16Bit.Com’s Custom OSM Gallery
16Bit.Com’s Gothitropolis Gallery
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AFI Gallery
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Battlegrip’s Pre-Launch Photos
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Plastic Graveyard Gallery
Plastic Graveyard OSM Custom Gallery
Tad Ghostal’s FanEx Thread.


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Toypocalypse 2: Futuretro

  1. dudes!!!! terra has some seriously stacked rack and pretty perky nipples! i like… but in truth (is this a sign i’m growing up?) all news of terra’s tits is dwarfed, for me, by the gothitropolis sightings. white raven is fresh, cardinal raven fresher still… but come on, the bevy of vampire beauties is just stunning. FINALLY we get a laser friggin weapon in gothitropolis!!!! i seriously need more scarabi before the raven quoth nevermore. holy CRAP gothitropolis owns!!

    1. I’m pretty sure today will be the highlight! Hasbro let a lot of their Joe/TF stuff be known early, Marvel had few reveals, leaving Star Wars the only thing where I saw a bunch of cool new stuff (though I might’ve missed prior SW announcements). Mattel seems to be minimizing expectations, so I don’t expect tomorrow to be too crazy for them either.

    1. It looks like it. The 7th Kingdom Queens preceeded Scarabus, so I’m guessing that’s what we’re looking at here. I imagine we’ll get some good updates at FourHorsemen.Biz after the weekend calms down.

    2. according to a fellow FANatic who attended the show, the vamp ladies go into production next week, so i’d expect we’re going to get a lot of news on them in the very near future.

  2. Hey I just noticed your mention of the OSm in the 4H neon decos…th epi ci got of them shows the liitle card in front of them that says they are customs and it sasy sTBD underneath so I dont know if that was th eprice at the show or if they are actually coming out

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