Attack of the Show
Mattel SDCC 2011 Exclusives

Attack of the Show’s Andy Allo met up with Mattel’s very own Scott Neitlich (aka ToyGuru) to find out what exclusives Mattel has planned for San Diego Comic-Con 2011 including Marlena, Cringer, Kilowog, a Carol Ferris Barbie, Polly Pocket She-Ra, & DCUC Swamp Thing! The exclusive video is available after the jump…

And finally… here’s some updates from Toy Guru with all the details:

On the material used for Swamp Thing:

It’s actually not rubber. It is an entirely new process we patented. The closest thing I can think of is the old Art Asylum Star Trek Enterprise 6″ figures (but not the same). It isn’t rubber like Clayface. Bill Benecke and the Horsemen really pulled off an amazing innovative toy!

On the MOTU items not being featured:

We filmed them but AOTS clearly did not air them.

The SDCC MOTUC item will be Queen Marlena. She will come with a sword, staff, Cringer (articulated at the head and tail) as well as an alternate head, space tunic with bubble helmet, riffle, gun belt and pistol to transform her from the Queen back into Captain Glen (or the other way around!)

She will be packed out as Queen Marlena at SDCC and as Captain Glenn on after the show. Both versions will have all the parts for both figures but each will have a bio unique to the pack out.

I’m sorry to hear AOTS did not show the footage we shot for this figure, but we’ll have more details posted tomorrow (as well as images and a video changing the figure from Queen to Space explorer) posted tomorrow!

Here’s some screen caps:

Marlena in Spacesuit w/ Cringer Swamp Thing’s UnMen
A Young Justice Superboy Hiding Out Movie Master Kilowog
He’s pretty big too Swamp Thing’s ready for his closeup
Anyone excited for the mask? His base reminds me of Man-Thing’s.
6″ Articulated Voltron $70 for the Stay-Puft? Ouch!
Is this bigger than Neca’s? So glad the 3pk is Polly Pocket.
Marlena was hard to spot… but she does look cool.

63 thoughts on “Attack of the Show
Mattel SDCC 2011 Exclusives

  1. I wish they would quit giving bs reasons for the exclusives…There is no reason you couldn’t offer any of the exclusives at mattycollector. I can believe the “at retail” part, but nothing is stopping you from offering this kind of thing at matty collector besides your fictional rules you created.

    1. Especially when it’s all available at mattycollector after the show anyway…..URG MATTY DOUBLETALKER!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Think about it. The SDCC exclusive part of the Queen figure…

        … Is the package with cardback story segment.

        Yeah. But I *KNOW* people will obsess over that, and the scalpers know it too.


        So what’s up with Cringer being so low-rent? Roto-cast rubber chew toy?

        1. It’s interesting that he’s so cheap. They always talk about how they can go “all out” on these exclusives, but Marlena just doesn’t have the same amount of work put into her as a lot of the other stuff sitting on that table.

  2. As long as the barbie skin there holds up, that could be the best swamp thing figure ever…

  3. Everything looks great to me. It’s going to be a trying day on Mattycollector!!

  4. this time the SDCC MOTUC exclusives are not up to the mark at all..why flop out on cringer? he should have had the basic articulation..

      1. Well the Marvel Universe Frost Giant is an eye-opener…for $25 you get such an excellent figure..really $100 for a fully articulated Tytus? It would have been around $ case where matty made the they’re gonna repeat it with Cringer and Megator..
        How hard is it to put in basic articulation..they could have gone with the Zabu way (remember the Ka-Zar/ Shanna/ Zabu SDCC set) to articulate Cringer..

  5. I have been hoping that we would get a DCUC Swamp Thing forever, and now its a freaking SDCC exclusive. That makes me want to throw up. $30 for cool biodegradable mask: Translation=You’re paying extra for piece of trash (I know it’s the nature of SDCC figures, but this is the first exclusive I can ever remember seeing that is a must-have for me, and I don’t even collect DCUC anymore).

    Queen Marlena is a much better figure for an SDCC exclusive, because she looks cool, but not many MOTUC collectors or He-man fans are clamoring for a Marlena figure (well, maybe they are, but are still in the minority).

    1. No, take my word for it, the Masters of the Universe fan community has been clamoring extensively for a Marlena figure since the vintage line.

      1. I agree. Marlena is a big hole in the vintage line. If we hadn’t gotten Randor, it might’ve been different. I always wanted both.

    2. The Plastic Man packaging did get me to keep it, but that was a one-time thing, but usually the packaging is irrelevant to me, so I hear ya.

  6. Big fan of all of the exclusives! Cannot wait, that Stay Puft will definitely be getting shipped back from the convention, no way I’ll try taking that back on a plane.

  7. Looks like it’s Swamp Thing’s year. I don’t believe many collectors will be recycling his packaging, though. Thanks for posting these sneak peeks.

  8. Hey Noisy whats your thoughts on Staction Cringer? As for Swamp Thing, all I can do is Drool and begin my begging at various sites, sigh

    1. Not too impressed with him. I kinda wish they’d classicized him a bit – he’s very cartoon.

      Usually, they talk about how they like to go all out with these exclusives – and look at the giant Stay-Puft, the work put into Swamp Thing. The MOTU one just doesn’t seem to compare this year. I’m happy to get Marlena, but I don’t know about Cringer there.

  9. Cripes, Matty is getting a lot of cake from me this year.

    Swampy seems pretty big. Granted, he has always been portrayed as about 7 ft. tall in the books, but he looks kinda…Well, just big.

    And, Stay Puft could not be cooler. He is going to look great next to my GB Mini-Mates.

  10. Great looking exclusives.I must get Kilowog!!!Stay Puft was cool surprise and he is huge too bad he costs 70 dollars!

  11. I feel ripped off on Cringer: Extra Small and 2 PoA? They should’ve gone all the way even if it meant $40… Hello! It’s MARLENA AND CRINGER!! Looks like 200X Naked BC will still be my cringer… Although, Marlena will be in her dress… Cringer has a 50% chance of hitting the extra stuff drawer…

  12. You know, I hate to say this, because it comes off as defending Mattel.

    I think we need to remember that Cringer is a BONUS item packed with Queen Marlena. Same as the ‘polly pockets’ style snap-on dress.

    Orko only has a couple points of articulation and he was the focal point of last year’s exclusive, right?

    They didn’t HAVE to make a rubber chew-toy Cringer, and they could easily have done the super dick move of making him the ‘have to show up in person and maybe you’ll get one’ freebie gimmie. (and they still might do that, there’s time to declare ‘LOGISTICS!!’), so the fact that he’s being made at all is a postive, right? Gotta have perspective here.

    OK. done. I have to shower now, I feel so unclean, so very unclean… 🙂


        Anyway, here’s something new for nerd rage.

        Queen Marlena can’t sit.

        Granted, there’s no thrones yet, and there may never be (OK, Skeletor will probably get a throne because that’s fairly iconic to his visual) but it seems an oversight to not have designed the ‘polly pockets’ dress in a way that would allow sitting.

        Ah well. I guess if we’re going to have to live with a Ram-Man that can’t ram, a Queen Marlena that is forced to stand behind King Randor and never be allowed to sit is a small thing.

    1. Orko also only has a few limbs available for articulation.
      His character design doesn’t lend itself to much more articulation than we saw.
      Not so for Cringer.

      1. I’m always in the camp of “wait until you can do it right”, so they probably shouldn’t have thrown Cringer in here, but I wonder about the reaction. If they could’ve given him the four legs, he’d have more, but it wouldn’t be very functional. I don’t know. I’ve got mixed feelings on the articulation issue.

        Truth is, I probably just don’t care enough about Cringer.

        1. I’m always in the exact same camp. And yeah, I don’t know if I care enough about Cringer either, but it’s definitely in the 4H’s arsenal to make a Cringer I would *NEED* to have.

          This one ain’t it, not by a long shot. This one looks like pure fanservice for Filmation people.

  13. I wanna know what the deal was with the Frankenberry box too! Some Hot Wheels thing?

    Stay Puft could not be more impressive, but at SEVENTY DOLLARS (!) I can pass. Galactus costs less, and has lights, sounds and an additional figure! The retail one, at least.

    1. Hee hee. What I don’t get about the Stay Puft is why Mattel thinks or won’t sell that in a store for less? $40 or $50 at TRU and they’d make a ton more money than $70 at SDCC.

  14. Was very disappointed that MOTU didn’t get any love but Queen marlena figure with Cringer made up for that. WTF is up Matty going with those bs polly figures-if I wanted small figures like that I could’ve gotten them from McDonalds in a Happy Meal! Where are the Star Sisters at??? The other figures being shown are very good. I see this year when I go over to SDCC 2011 I’ll being spend more this year than last year. Swamp Thing,Stay-Puft & Young Justice Superboy with Queen Marlena are high on my list. Voltron should’ve been design a little better-I looks too kiddish for me but knowing me I’ll still get him.

      1. What’s funny is that iirc there was a Battle Cat Happy Meal toy from the 200x line that a lot of people used or modded to be used as Cringer.

        Sucks that Cringer looks more cartoony than frickin’ Gleek.

  15. anyone else think the voltron looked a little… dollar store? sure, articulation rocks, but the plastic looks like the technicolor crap one finds on “Los Rangers el Poder” at 30 bucks, he’s an easy pass. wake me up when they release one in a proper scale for voltron.

    1. He shouldn’t be $30, but I don’t mind the look so much. I think the colors and the style look cheap because it’s a very animated take.

      All I want out of that Voltron line is a nice, tall vehicle voltron.

      1. Your missing one thing though Noisy. Voltron is Huge in Europe, and with the electronics in the package it cant be shipped there. I forsee many PO’d Europeans about this Voltron

  16. Attack of the Show = Overrated.

    Not really into MOTU, but the Marlena figure with the costume feature is cool.

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