Toy Fair 2010 Armchair
Coverage RoundUp

Do you find yourself back at work on Monday morning worried that you might have missed an important Toy Fair announcement? Couldn't convince your significant other that Toy Fair was more important than Valentine's Day? It’sAllTrue.Net has you covered. We’re not at Toy Fair this year, but we’re providing our Armchair Coverage and keeping up on the latest news coming out of New York. We've got tons of news from the weekend and we'll be adding more until Toy Fair wraps up, so check back often!

Mr. Rant tells fans “stop placing restrictions on the MOTU Classics line!”

“So here’s a question for all my readers. Why can’t some fans accept new ideas and concepts in their favorite properties? I’ve been noticing this more and more lately in a few different industries, but the last couple days, it’s the MOTU community that has drawn my ire.

Among many a MOTU fan, it seems to be open season on 200x bashing ever since MOTU Classics started. Fans of the original series like to treat 200x like some sort of nightmare concocted by Skeletor. Yet these were the same people that I seem to recall watching the show and happily gobbling up the figures (when they could find them) just like everyone else. It was He-Man after all, but did they only like it because it was the only He-Man stuff around at the time? Any port in a storm, I guess. Now that MOTU Classics is in full swing, these same fans that stood with us have now turned on us and want to convince us that we too were wrong for liking it.

It’s Adora Day! And that
means IAT added a… forum?

To MOTUC Collectors across the globe, I wish you a Happy Adora Day! Or is it a Happy Battle Armor He-Man Day? Not to knock the Princess, as I'm happy to get her, but this is the "Sellout Race" I've been most curious about since SDCC and, right now, my money is on Battle Armor He-Man. He's the He-Man of choice for many of the younger fans and all those great vintage oils have convinced us that he belongs atop Battle Cat. The next few days (hours? eek!) will tell the tale. But those two heavyweights aren't the only thing on-sale today. Here's the full list:

Most Requested Year-End Poll: Choose Your Own

This year, we've featured eighteen Most Requested articles. And although we really wanted each and everything we asked for, we also want to know which of the Most Requested Figures really is the most requested. And the best part is, you get to decide.

Before we get into the nominess, we decided on one ground rule. The figure still must require a request - they can't be announced/scheduled in anyway. This disqualified Martian Manhunter as his barcode is present in the Wal-Mart computers. We considered disqualifying Ghostbusters minimates, as two of the ones requested are in the third 4pk, but we've left it in as there are plenty of others that could use minimate treatment.

Before we get to the poll, here again, are the nominees.