It’s Adora Day! And that
means IAT added a… forum?

To MOTUC Collectors across the globe, I wish you a Happy Adora Day! Or is it a Happy Battle Armor He-Man Day? Not to knock the Princess, as I'm happy to get her, but this is the "Sellout Race" I've been most curious about since SDCC and, right now, my money is on Battle Armor He-Man. He's the He-Man of choice for many of the younger fans and all those great vintage oils have convinced us that he belongs atop Battle Cat. The next few days (hours? eek!) will tell the tale. But those two heavyweights aren't the only thing on-sale today. Here's the full list:

Happy New Year from IAT!

We here at IAT hope everyone had a great time last night. We gathered together for various board game tournaments and five hours of Mario Wii, so we started 2010 off about as unproductive as you can get! And, boy did that first .05% of the year fly by! We're off for today, but we wanted to take a moment to thank everyone for their patronage and for the support we've received over the last six months. We're still surprised at how quickly the site grew and humbled by the traffic we're receiving in our inaugural year. So, a big thank you from all of us at IAT out to each and every one of our readers.