Most Requested Figures: MOTU Classics ‘That Guy in the Wind Raider’

Sometimes as toy collectors, we can look across our displays and, no matter how many toys we have, only see the ones that aren't there. They are the missing figures. The characters toy companies never got around to, never thought were important enough, or worse - the figures companies felt the need to show us at comicon in the "We're Never Gonna Make These" case...

Unless you've been living under a rock the last year, you know that MOTU Classics is the hottest toy line that's not in stores. Personally, I love the line. The sculpts are amazing. The customer service is an adventure. And chances are, if one of your favorite characters was more humanoid than monster, you've already got them or know that they've got to be on the way.

Mr. Rant’s “Bad Haul Day”

I feel defeated today. It’s been a busy week and this is the first time I’ve had a chance to sit down and open last week's Matty figures.

Now, I don’t expect perfection. That’s an impossible order. But I do expect equal pay out for the amount of money I spend. These Matty toys are supposedly a “collector’s” line. But I’m not even sure if Mattel knows what that means sometimes