Matty on Facebook: First Look at Adora

Today on Facebook, Matty showed us the rest of the images of Adora:

Pics speak for themselves. Coming in January. Let the 25th anniversary begin!

Check out Adora’s bio after the jump!

Real Name: Adora of the House of Randor

When Adora and her twin brother Adam were born, the Sorceress recognized they were the twins prophesized to wield the Power of Grayskull. She therefore magically cloned the Sword of He, enhancing it with the Stone of Protection, so that each twin could have a key to unlock the Power. But Hordak also learned of the twins and arranged for his Eternian pupil Skeletor to abduct the infants. Man-At-Arms prevented Adam from being taken, but Adora was stolen away to the planet Etheria deep in the dimension of Despondos. There she was raised by Hordak until the day her brother returned, handing her her sword which she held aloft to become She-Ra, the most powerful woman in the universe!

Matty also lets us know that the pistol holster is removable will unclasp in the back as well as giving us our first look at the bio for Adora:

I’m in between on this one. I’ll have to go back and look at the SDCC pics to make sure, but I don’t think the factory did as good a job of of replicating Adora’s paint master as they did on Teela. It looks like the eyes have been angled up too high on the face for this piece.

31 thoughts on “Matty on Facebook: First Look at Adora

  1. Wow! I was hoping they’d show her today. I love the bio, but the figure looks more dull than it did at comicon. The colors? The lighting? I don’t know.

    1. She’s definitely got washed out colors, but Mattels been doing to all the 4H MOTU stuff. I don’t know why, maybe they think adult collectors don’t want bright stuff. ::rolls eyes::

      1. None of the colors have been too dull to me so far, but I liked the hand-painted proto at Adora better.

        I’m hoping she’ll look better when she’s in-hand come January.

    1. From your lips to Mattel’s ears!! I know we have to get Battle Cat and Panthor out of the way first, but they’ve gotta make Swift Wind!

  2. I wish she had proper heels, but that body already too tall, so maybe it’s for the best?

  3. That fake skirt thing looks simply awful.

    It was a bodysuit or whatever. The Teela thing worked for her, but it blows here. Adora should have had a solid abdomen and the figure would look a lot better.

    1. Ironically, Teela should have a “bodysuit” too.

      I’ll have to wait to see it in hand, but I’m wondering if they should have gone for a sharper edge to the skirt (like Teela).

  4. That’s fantastic! I can’t wait. The bio is perfect, her origin is intact! Finally, the POP fans get a bone.

  5. Is she wearing diapers or is that a long red tunic?

    Lol, looks cool I think, love the muted colors instead of some obnoxiously bright red.

    1. it’s supposed to be a long tunicy thing… but yes, the plainness of the front panel and the odd contouring does make it appear as though the most powerful woman in the inverse has a bladder control issue… or a bun in the oven.

      ADORA, now w/ Eats for Two action!!

      1. The contour of the hem is definitely the issue. Hopefully, there’s a little big of give so I can trim it a bit and not uncover the artic.

  6. Maybe it’s just me, but there seems to be an awful lot of magical cloning going on…

    Wouldn’t it have been a lot simpler to say that the sword of He was passed to Adam and the staff of He was melted down into a sword and passed down to Adora?
    Oh well, — To the Magically Powered Cloning Device!!

  7. Besides, why does she get the sword with the magical gem? Twins are supposed to have similar things in order to grow without envy, but look at this, no bling for He-Man. Perhaps was a way to make it up to her, after being raised by Hordak and all that… Yeah, perhaps that was why she got the gem sword…

    And her eyes are definitely looking up, but this is a previous pic. So, only time (and review pics) will tell if this is a rule, or just this figure…

    1. Maybe that’s why Hordak separated them? They were never going to get a long.

      Hopefully, the Adora paint master isn’t cross-eyed. That would suck. LOL.

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