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Outer Space Men Cosmic Creators
Series: Birnkrant Edition (21 Pics)

There is one drawback to this particular set and it’s the price. Since these were a Toypocalypse exclusive set, circumstances beyond the production cost had to be factored in. ToyTokyo would need their share of the proceeds to cover hosting Toypocalypse (which I believe is half the take), the figures had to be rush shipped to make it in time, and, of course these are a small run with a higher per unit price. That added up to $125 for the set, significantly more than the $50 for the Infinity Editions. The price may be cost prohibitive for all but the most hardcore of OSM or 4H fan which is a shame because they’re some of the best figures. The “metal” paintwork is beautifully done, making these OSM some of the nicest in the line. And as, unique characters, I’m particularly compelled to own Goldiac or Astro-Nautilus – even at $32 a pop.

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I almost forgot! In addition, to the four fantastic figures, the total price does include a limited print of the Outer Space Men by IAT favorite Nate Baertsch (Baena)! The print is beautifully done and happily includes Terra Firma along with the main group. My only nitpick is that Baena and I must have different favorites because nearly all mine ended up in the back!! Ha! It’s really a great poster. When the box from the 4H arrived, I opened it and slid this puppy out right away. I tucked it into the corner of my dry erase board over my desk and have been enjoying it all this time.

The figures also come signed by the Four Horsemen & Mel Birnkrant. I’m not a big autographs guy, but it’s cool knowing that the whole gang handled the cards and signed them for this special release.

Overall, I’m still bummed that I couldn’t attend Futuretro, but am super happy that the remaining sets were so I could still pick them up. Some of the sets are sold online as of this writing too. The price is a little steep, but with the Four Horsemen we at least know why and know that it’s not gouging for gouging’s sake. For the price, you’re still getting some exceptionally well done figures from some of the nicest guys in the 7th Market, so I couldn’t help but pick them up. Particularly when it means adding new OSM characters to my collection.

Mel Birnkrant isn’t the only one getting in on the Cosmic Creator action the Four Horsemen have their own set (via FanEx) planned for SDCC. I’m curious to see if any of those editions will be treated as original characters and hopefully they’re not being shared exclusives with Toy Tokyo will help ease that price a bit!

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14 comments to Outer Space Men Cosmic Creators
Series: Birnkrant Edition (21 Pics)

  • Matt Stein

    So glad someone gives some love to one of my current fav toy lines.

    another great OSM review and I love my mel set and the art print just put it over the top.

    • Thanks, Matt! I love the art print too. This is all around a great set. The situation dictated the price, but at least everyone involved from Mel to the 4H to Baena made sure it was as worth as it could be!

  • This set is great! I love mine!

  • It is a great looking set. Now I’ve just got to come up with a plan to display all these different “phases” the OSM go through…

  • dayraven

    i said it to mel, and i’ll repeat it here… i want a blazing inferno head blown up to lamp shade size and sold on its own. that would be mega fly!

  • Spectre2001

    I have mine and love these guys!

    I was lucky (showing my age) to get the original full size ones when they first came out years ago. Many a battle they had with Major Matt Mason defending Earth!

    These bring back great memories.


    • That’s gotta be one of the coolest things in the world. We need to figure out how to get a Matt Mason garage kit and get the 4H to sell some extra Metamorphos…

  • Truth be told some of my NEW favorites are in the back as well.

    GammaX is one of those guys that I didn’t think much of in the beginning, but he’s grown on me the fastest, and then painting him for this print, and then seeing him @ Futuretro sealed the deal for me. That guy is awesome!

    Other favorites are Cyclops, Colossus, and I’m liking Terra more and more… But I think we all saw that coming, what’s not to like? 🙂

    • 😀 LOL

      Truth be told, everytime I start picking favorites I get to the complete roster. There’s a couple that may need to wait until the finished product in hand, but it’s a fun little line. No denying that!