Vault Review: Revoltech
Takeya #003, Ashura

I just received my third Revoltech Takeya figure earlier this week, just in time to make my first review. Ashura is one of those rare figures I’ve been looking forward to for a while, but wasn’t quite sure what to think after I received him.

Ashura’s history is a bit complicated since different Buddhist sects see him in very different ways.  The first thing you’ve got to know is that Ashura is the name of this race of creature and not his personal name.  Ashuras are a low class of demi-gods, or even demons (according to some religions).  Similar to the Titans of Greek mythology, Ashuras were cast down from their home on Mt. Sumera  and currently reside at its base, beneath the sea.

Ashuras typically are portrayed with three heads or faces, and six arms.  In Japanese Buddhism Ashuras are considered as guardians even though they have extreme emotions.  Often times they will become obsessed with passionate emotions and display extreme forms of wrath or pride.  An Ashuras middle face is usually in a state of suffering, while the other two depict a countenance of war and anger.

One of the interesting things about this figure is that it isn’t a representation of the Four Heavenly Kings.  In most sects of Buddhism this creature is portrayed more as a demon than a guardian, so it’s not too much of a leap to consider him as an adversarial character for the more righteous Heavenly Kings.  This is especially nice since these figures are a bit smaller than your average Revoltech and it gives the other deities an opposition that’s in scale.

I’ve really come to love the intricate sculpts on these figures.  The sculptor did a fantastic job of giving each figure the feel of a living statue.  This is most evident with the figure’s flowing robes and various fabrics.  This figure even has a few additional pieces of jewelry sculpted around his neck, but still resting underneath his various scarves.

I think this may be my first three-headed action figure.  I really love the subtle personality differences of each character, although I don’t think the middle face looks like it is suffering as much as it’s furious.  Of course compared to the other two, he seems a bit calmer.  One great little attention to detail on the Ashura’s head is the two metal rings they used for his earrings.  Did the figure need metal earrings?  No, but it adds a level of caring detail that I love.

Ashura’s also got some really well sculpted arms and legs.  Not only can you see his cut muscles, but there are also bulging veins.  This really makes the figure look powerful, like he’s ready to crush any other deity in his way.  Even his back muscles are ripped like a MOTU figure.  Continue to page 2…

8 thoughts on “Vault Review: Revoltech
Takeya #003, Ashura

  1. THIS is the coolest looking of the three IMO, althought the lack of Jaki base is a slight letdown. Way to make figures I would have never looked at seem cool Vault!

    1. Thanks Doc! He does look pretty cool, I just wish he came with more alternate hands. I’d love to see him wielding six shotguns. 😛

  2. This dude looks awesome. Going by the line-up, these are only about 5″ tall? even better!

    where are you finding him online? Does Revoltech have a master sales site or are you going through someone like sponsors BBTS or PGT?

    1. I order most of my imports through, you can usually get them at a much cheaper price than BBTS.

  3. “I think this may be my first three-headed action figure.”

    Does this mean you have had six-armed figures in the past?

    Ashura is a confusing character.

    His name, also written as Asura, originally meant “life”(asu) “provider”(ra) which eventually became interpreted as “void of”(a) “heaven”(sura), which could be interpreted as “demonic”. However, he is more commonly thought as a creature with heavenly powers but not of the heavenly realms – this doesn’t necessarily mean that he is opposed to the heavens or a demon.

    He is also known to have attacked Taishakuten (a.k.a. Sakra, Sakka, Dishitian, Shiti Huanyin, etc.) who rules the four heavenly kings – which makes it reasonable to consider Ashura an enemy of the heavenly kings.

    Ashura, generally isn’t considered to be evil, but a god of justice, filled with rage towards evil. When punishing evil, his rage gets the better of him, causing him to lose his ability to show mercy.

    When talking about the origins of Ashura, he is usually referred to as an individual. However, after departing the heavens, the name “Ashura” has been given to all of his kin.

    Anyway, that’s the basics of what I undertand “Ashura” to be. If you want to get into the details, there are alternate understandings of different portions and contradictory stories which can (and do) fill the pages of entire books.

    1. Marvel’s Spiral has six arms and been been made into plastic twice, in Hasbro’s Marvel Legends Red Hulk series, and in ToyBiz’s 5″ X-Men line preceding ML.

      1. Wasn’t there a Superhero Squad too? There definitely needs to be more figures with multiple arms!

    2. Thanks for the info, Dorkey!

      Since this figure is based on his Japanese history, I decided to leave out his Indian roots. But I did find it interesting that the introduction of Christianity in India turned him from a holy figure into a demonic one.

      I also like that he got really drunk and was deposed from his mountain home, and from that point on he never drank again! Lol, guess he learned his lesson.

      Part of the fun of these figures is learning their very complicated histories. I’d definitely be up for a line of religious and mythological figures from around the world. Especially if they were done as nicely as these Buddhist figures.

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