Vault Review: Dark Knight Movie Masters Two-Face

Out of Batman’s entire disfigured, homicidal rogues gallery, my favorite has always been Two-Face. I think what appeals to me is that he isn’t inherently bad like the others. Because of that, I was planning on picking up the Movie Masters figure online. Luckily, I found it at TRU over the weekend and saved on shipping. For any of you out there who haven’t heard, Toys R Us will be carrying the rest of these figures in addition to their being offered on Seeing them together, I was almost tempted to pick up Missile Launcher Joker, but ultimately just settled for Harvey.

Most Requested Figures: Expanding Movie Masters

I don't have a lot of Movie Masters figures. I have Ghostbusters. I view them as Movie Masters. I have a "Ghoul" Batman and a Harvey Dent. I'd probably have more, but I'm not a fan of the slightly smaller scale they're in. That aside, there are more than a few characters that I would buy if they were Movie Masters. But I'm not sure what Mattel really wants to do with the line. I don't know if Mattel is sure. The Dark Knight rollout was... disastrous. I know that movie toys exist in a weird, separate reality from their licensed brethren, but very little seemed to go right from day one. It's a shame because I sit back and I can see the potential of a line of DC TV/Film figures...

ItsAllTrueReview: Dark Knight Harvey Dent (Movie Masters)

On January 15th, I anxiously awaited 11am CST. I was ready to order Battle Armor He-Man and reissue Beast Man. The time came and the RSOD started up, but I kept on trucking. I got the items in my cart. I checked out. I paid. I was done! In the excitement, I somehow failed to notice that a Harvey Dent had found his way into my cart. Had I put it there? Had Digital River's server gotten befuddled and added one for me? I'll never know.