Vault Review: Dark Knight Movie Masters Two-Face

Out of Batman’s entire disfigured, homicidal rogues gallery, my favorite has always been Two-Face. I think what appeals to me is that he isn’t inherently bad like the others. Because of that, I was planning on picking up the Movie Masters figure online. Luckily, I found it at TRU over the weekend and saved on shipping. For any of you out there who haven’t heard, Toys R Us will be carrying the rest of these figures in addition to their being offered on Seeing them together, I was almost tempted to pick up Missile Launcher Joker, but ultimately just settled for Harvey.

In recent decades, pre-Two-Face Harvey Dent and Bruce Wayne are portrayed as close allies. As the District Attorney, he and Batman worked together to clean up Gotham until he acid was thrown in his face and ruined his once perfect visage. In The Dark Knight movie, Harvey was caught in an explosion, but the effect was the same. Batman would blame himself for being unable to stop Harvey from going insane and turning to a life of crime. And to Batman, although Joker is his arch nemesis, redeeming Two-Face would always be his ultimate challenge.

Rightfully, this Two-Face isn’t much different than the Harvey Dent figure Mattel produced for the line, but there are some differences. His suit is a dark gray color, just slightly different from the dark blue of the Harvey figure. His tie is a different color, striped red and blue with thin lines of white separating them. I found it interesting that the blue sections of the tie have sparkles. The shirt underneath his jacket is a light gray in color compared to the white of the Harvey figure. I am pretty happy with these color variations, they at least make two figures that are almost the same look a little more different.

Of course, the major difference in the two figures is the scarred and burnt areas. Two-Face’s upper left jacket and arm are textured to look cracked and torn along with small red splotches of paint for a burnt look. The real detail, though, is in the head.

Covered in red with black burnt highlights, this little figure does look like he’s been left in the oven a bit too long. The sculpt is detailed for this scale. Not only can you see his teeth under the flap of skin, but the bones of his cheek and temple are visible through the gore. Not to mention that Aaron Eckhart’s hair line will never be the same.

Two-Face falls woefully short in the accessory department. Like the Harvey Dent figure, Two-Face comes with a metal, life-size double headed coil. Unlike Harvey, Two-Face’s coin is scarred and dirty on one side. I thought it was a nice touch for Mattel to give collectors a way to get both versions of the coin, just like the figure.

What I didn’t like is that the coin was the only accessory. Two-Face settles the score with various people using a hand gun and there’s no reason he couldn’t have come with one. I realize Mattel is trying to get this line out there as cheap as possible, but Joker got a bazooka, so I it’d be nice if Two-Face got the same treatment.

Overall, I’m pretty happy with the figure. Toys R Us had him for $12.99, which is far cheaper than Matty’s $23 (including shipping). Plus, I have one more figure to add to my Two-Face League.


14 thoughts on “Vault Review: Dark Knight Movie Masters Two-Face

  1. The comic was a nice touch, but some close-up pics of the detail on Two-Face’s clothes and head would have been nicer. Still, a cool figure I’d love to pick up (if only there were Toys R Us’s in my area).

    1. Seconded on the closeup pic, like the one Doctor Doom got. We need to SEE the figure. And what were the paint and articulation like? Was anything wrong with the ones you didn’t buy? And who was there besides Joker? Do they all ship in one case?

      Sorry for all the questions, but those were what I was hoping to find out!

      1. We love questions. That’s why we’re here. If you want to know something, just ask.

        The ones that were there were Harvey Dent, Two-Face, Bazooka Joker, and that Bruce Wayne in his stealth gear (I forget his official name). They all come in the same case. I didn’t look at the others very hard, but they looked pretty good from what I did see. I don’t really collect the Movie Masters line, which is why I didn’t pick them up. I only got Two-Face because of the character.

        His articulation is basic DCUC/Movie Masters. Nothing really new or different. The figure itself has very little paint on it. Most of the pieces are molded the color they needed to be. The most extensive paint apps are the ones I named above: his face, tie, and the red splotches on his jacket.

        Hope that helps.

    2. Sometimes you forget the simplest things. Sorry about not having that turn-around picture up guys. We’ll get that up as soon as possible.

  2. I like the other Two-Face wandering around in the kitchen wondering why movie Two-Face’s house is devoid of furniture. 🙂
    And that one from Batman Forever DOES look like Tommy Lee Jones. I never noticed until I read that comic and gave him his voice!

  3. I picked up JC Joker & Harvey figures last week at mylocal TRU. They also had Survival Suit Bruce, but I already had that one from Matty. Sadly, there was no Two-Face and even sadder there was only one of each of those figures among the stack of the first Joker release. I want to check out some of he other TRU in my area an hopefully find Face.

    I loved the comics! Thanks!

  4. wait, he was how much and couldn’t even come w/ a gun? that’s ass. flat out ass.

  5. I wish they’d put out a DCUC Two-Face and have him in the white and black like B:TAS.

      1. Like that one, but one that I can actually find. The variant of that one for the 5-pack was nice, but I’d still like the original DCSH one.

        1. Gotcha.

          Strange you’re having a hard time finding a Mattel action figure, though. They’re usually so easily available. 😉

  6. oh wow, didn’t know this was out already. What happend to his face? Aside from the obvious of course. The older pics looked far nicer this just looks like a mess.

    Hmm, might just skip this one after all.

  7. Today I made a stop at a not-so-local TRU because I was nearby and found Two-Face face down below the pegs! I most certainly purchased him! They had a couple of JC Jokers and one each of SS Bruce, Harvey and TF. This, thankfully, saves me from buying him on Matty and now I can avoid the May sale altogether.

  8. I picked this figure up a couple of days ago. The bazooka Joker looks pretty cool, but the when regular Jokers are sitting right there for $4.98, it’s pretty hard to pay $13.00 for the coatless version. Anyway, I bought this figure not because I have a great love of Two-face, but because I just like the idea of this scarred guy in a suit. I know that’s weird, but he is not really Two-face to me anyway.
    I thought Aaron Eckhart was great as Harvey Dent, but found him kind of boring as Two-Face, maybe if he had more screen time once he turned bad.
    Had I ever been able to find the DCSH figure, that would have been my two-face, this is just a generic bad-guy in my collection.

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