Vault Review Figma’s Max Factory Aegis

Every once in a while, something odd happens. I’m compelled to buy a toy that I know nothing about. My friends might tell you that it’s not that odd an occurrence, but I promise it is. The reasons vary. First, she’s a robot girl. If you’re familiar with my reviews, you’ve probably noticed I’m a sucker for robot girls. Second, just from the solicit pictures, you could tell this figure had a cuteness about her. Sure there are a lot of good looking toys out there, especially from Japan, but Aegis had something most toys lack. Somehow, Figma was able to imbue this figure’s looks with a sense of personality.

Vault Review: Dark Knight Movie Masters Two-Face

Out of Batman’s entire disfigured, homicidal rogues gallery, my favorite has always been Two-Face. I think what appeals to me is that he isn’t inherently bad like the others. Because of that, I was planning on picking up the Movie Masters figure online. Luckily, I found it at TRU over the weekend and saved on shipping. For any of you out there who haven’t heard, Toys R Us will be carrying the rest of these figures in addition to their being offered on Seeing them together, I was almost tempted to pick up Missile Launcher Joker, but ultimately just settled for Harvey.