Vault Review: Persona 3’s
Metis (Figma #085)

Every once in a while I’ll see a toy that I must have even though I know nothing about it. The Persona 3 character of Aegis was the first import figure I bought purely on the basis that she looked awesome. I wasn’t disappointed. So when Max Factory released pictures of the Metis figure for the Figma line, it didn’t take long for me to submit my preorder.

Vault Review Figma’s Max Factory Aegis

Every once in a while, something odd happens. I’m compelled to buy a toy that I know nothing about. My friends might tell you that it’s not that odd an occurrence, but I promise it is. The reasons vary. First, she’s a robot girl. If you’re familiar with my reviews, you’ve probably noticed I’m a sucker for robot girls. Second, just from the solicit pictures, you could tell this figure had a cuteness about her. Sure there are a lot of good looking toys out there, especially from Japan, but Aegis had something most toys lack. Somehow, Figma was able to imbue this figure’s looks with a sense of personality.