Dark Knight toys headed back to Retail

Mattel has provided an update on the future of the Movie Masters Dark Knight line:

Hey Dark Knight Fans,

I’ve got a hot update on Movie Masters™ The Dark Knight products…

You already know that initially the plan was to offer one new figure per month at MattyCollector.com. Thanks to you, loyal Dark Knight fans, sales have been so good that we’re feeling confident enough to increase production and also bring the line to Toys “R” Us in the spring.

The good news is that you’ll be able to walk into your local Toys “R” Us and find The Dark Knight figures. The even better news? You’ll still be able to get them at MattyCollector.com and because of the increased production numbers, we’ll be reducing the price to just $15 each!

Here’s how it’ll go down: The Joker as Gotham City Thug figure started out here on MattyCollector.com, and will continue to be a MattyCollector.com exclusive as long as we’ve got stock. The remaining six figures in the line will be available here first, one each month for the new price of $15 each. Then this spring they’ll all be available at Toys “R” Us except for The Joker as Gotham City Thug. At press time, here’s how the line is slated for sale here at MattyCollector.com (subject to change, as always):

  • ON SALE NOW: The Joker as Gotham City Thug – a MattyCollector.com exclusive!
  • December 15: Survival Suit Bruce Wayne
  • January 15: Harvey Dent
  • February 15: The Joker with Missile Launcher
  • March 15: Scarecrow
  • April 15: Batman (Night Vision)
  • May 17: Two-Face

You know I always try to tell you like it is. While this strategy won’t work for every Mattycollector.com line, when the second-highest grossing film of all time* is behind a toy line, it gives us a unique opportunity to bump up production numbers and offer it at retail as well so even more fans can get the characters they want.

I’ll let you know as soon as we have expected on-shelf dates. We really appreciate everyone’s support for this great line!


*Source: http://www.imdb.com/boxoffice/alltimegross

Our MattyCollector Shipping Calendar has been updated with the new shipping dates. Meanwhile, how do you feel about this development? You can let us know in our newest ItsAllTrue Feature: It’s All Poll! We’ve got two running right now. You can vote below on your feelings towards The Dark Knight Movie Master line and to the left you can vote on which MattyCollector item you’re most interested in for December 2009!

13 thoughts on “Dark Knight toys headed back to Retail

    1. I can stomach the $15. It’s better than the $29 on Matty ( I don’t buy any of the other lines).

      I’ll grab these at TRU in one batch. I think it will be fine since they’ll probably just spread them out without crazy quantities. I just hope I can find them.

      1. I think if they’re $15 and they ship about the way DCUC does, I think they’ll do okay. Be nice if they were only $12 at TRU though.

        I’m curious how the rest of these sell on Matty. Toy collectors aren’t known for patience, but shipping on Matty is expensive.

  1. I feel for the collectors trying to stay with this line. I want to say Mattel is screwing with them. But the truth is that most other toy companies would just kill it dead and cancel it already.

    I don’t know which would be worse.

  2. I love when “Matty” reminds us that he always tells it like it is. He’s so down with the collector community.

    1. LOL. It might have been nice to have this answer given to our question about it on Monday rather than see the answer in a press released on Wednesday. 🙂

      1. bu. but.. matty’s telling it like it is noisy!! screw you for your sensible demands and timely questons!! :p

  3. and here is an excerpt from a the rant i just unleashed on poe’s… the IAT audience can go over there if they care enough to read the whoel thing, but this is the part that’s likely to get them going… cuz i like to “incite like i see it.”

    and you folks wonder why some folks are skeptical of the crap matty feeds us, not just on one line, but on the whole, and why there’s a major push in american consumerism to get away from corporate products and back to smaller personalized manufacturers… they just sold you a 3 dollar per fig price hike… AND they made it sound like they’re doing you dark knight fans a FAVOR in doing so. that’s some of the most egregious bullshit i’ve ever seen.

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