ItsAllTrueReview: Dark Knight Harvey Dent (Movie Masters)

On January 15th, I anxiously awaited 11am CST. I was ready to order Battle Armor He-Man and reissue Beast Man. The time came and the RSOD started up, but I kept on trucking. I got the items in my cart. I checked out. I paid. I was done! In the excitement, I somehow failed to notice that a Harvey Dent had found his way into my cart. Had I put it there? Had Digital River’s server gotten befuddled and added one for me? I’ll never know.

I thought about selling it. I’m sure there was someone out there that missed it. But at the end of the day, it’s an Aaron Eckhart figure. I like the actor, so despite that I have virtually no Dark Knight figures (there’s a Fear Toxin Batman around here somewhere) and that he’s in an annoying scale, I may as well review it. Oh, I may be brief, but I promise I’ll try to be excited. It’s Aaron Eckhart! Er, I mean it’s Harvey Dent!

An eagle-eyed Movie Masters collector can point out something I miss here, but the figure appears to be mostly a reuse of the standard suit body I’ve seen a bunch of at Wal-Mart on all those Joker Thugs. Harvey has ungloved hands, an upper torso that holds the tie, and his excellently sculpted Aaron Eckhart head. The head is what really sold me on keeping the figure. Even if he’s just going to be backup EPA inspector to Walter Peck or an innocent bystander getting attacked by ghosts, anyone that knows the actor can readily tell it’s him in the role. The figure also included a double-headed Liberty coin. For a second, I was annoyed that one side wasn’t scarred, but then I realized – it came with Harvey, not Two-Face and I was happy.

The articulation is standard for what I’m used to with DC Classics. The head has good range with side-to-side, down, and tilt movement. From there down there are ball shoulder, swivels at the bicep, wrist, and thigh, hinges at the elbows, knees, and ankles, and the Mattel hips. The softer jacket doesn’t interfere with any of the articulation.

I’m jealous of the paint on this figure. The head has great apps. The tie lines are straight. The shirt buttons and buckle are nicely detailed. After weird splotches on Adora and missed lines on BA He-Man, this is a welcome relief! Though, I’d have rather seen it the other way around.

Scale on this figure is weird. The figure looks like it would fit in okay next to the Question. The heads are about the same, the shoulders are near the same width, the arms are about the same length. But, Harvey’s legs are about a half-inch shorter. I don’t get it. The figure, by-itself, looks well-proportioned, but so does the Question. If you’re into the Dark Knight figures or want to put him with Ghostbusters or Avatar, his scale is great. It’s just weird next to a DC Classics, which I guess he shouldn’t be standing near anyway. Mr. Rant, however, disagrees.

Overall, it’s a nice piece if you’re already buying the line. The head sculpt is excellent and the articulation is up to par. I can’t fault the figure for his size because he’s no doubt in scale with the rest of his line. At $15, that’s pricey for a figure under 6″. If you’re holding out for these to show up at TRU in the spring to save on shipping that will definitely increase the value, but maybe not to the point of actually being worth it. This is a toy for folks that really love that line, that really love the movie, or really love Aaron Eckhart.

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  1. I was shocked this guy sold out. I do collect this line, but I skipped Harvey thinking he’d be abundant. Now I’m a little nervous about finding him @ TRU. The survival suit Bruce was sweet! And the “Joker as thug” was a nice addition. The worst part of this line is the lack of accessory. At least they gave the clowns pistol-gripping hands. I was able to make the Joker’s handgun using an Ultimate Nick Fury pistol.

    1. Yeah, they should have something. I’m waiting for Dayraven to descend on me for being remotely nice to a $15 figure that’s mostly reused parts and come with basically nothing save a metal coin.

      I think the TRU thing should be plentiful as long as they made a committment to the line. We’ll have to see.

      1. but when you expect it, it ruins the fun!!!

        the thing is, looking the pics, he looks nice. not amazing, but very nice… but yeah, i’ll say it… he’s about a country mile from 15 dollars nice. remembering we can pretty much all go to TRU and snag a 22 dollar ML two pack w/ two very nice figs, extra heads, hands & or weapons… hell, at 13 bucks, we can go get a 6 inch major force and get two accesories plus a CnC piece… when the same company can give you two such radically different toys at the same price point… i can’t help it, i HAVE to call shenangans… it’s in my DNA.

        but the bug up my ass is dead finally, so if you’re expecting a reeming, it’s just not in the cards today cochise!

  2. Weird choice for the captions, but I love the Big Red gum!

    I can’t get into MM product. I don’t get why they had to make it smaller. Kids got their crappy reduced artic, firing weapon line and this was supposed to be the collector’s line. But once it was a in a third scale, I didn’t want them.

  3. “there’s a Fear Toxin Batman around here somewhere”
    Man if you don’t want it, I’d gladly take it off your hands 😉

  4. I don’t mind the scale.

    The style is completely different, so even if they were bigger they wouldn’t fit in very well with DCUC, IMO.

    1. Aaron Eckhart here is really similar to Question and Clark Kent, so he makes me feel more like he should fit in. The different Batmen and some of the other figures though are probably more divergent though.

  5. I would have liked to seen another side-by-side pic with a DCUC fig. I don’t think scale is that big of a deal, at least here. Not every adult male is the same size. Then again, seeing this guy up close might change my opinion.


    1. My Question picture didn’t turn out well, but I’ll take another when I do the Question review. I’d check back Thursday for that (I think).

  6. Who would of thought they’d make an action figure of that guy from “Thank You For Smoking”?

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