DCClassics.Com Review:
The Flash (Blue Lantern)

Geez, we're filling up the front page on one day's worth of articles! As I mentioned earlier, Anti-Monitor week is running a little long, but I'm still plugging away. Tonight, I've got a quick review of the last regular figure in DC Universe Classics Wave 17: Blue Lantern Flash. Yeah, he's mostly a repaint, but I like him.

Matty on Facebook: DC Universe Classics 17 in Package

Earlier this week, Mattel released images of the DC Universe Classics Wave 17. This wave stirred up a lot of controversy when it was announced, so how it sells in the next few weeks will be interesting. I'm buying because I want to build the Anti-Monitor and, hey, the figures at least look good...

DCClassics.Com: Wave 7
(Atom Smasher) Retro Review

We've been a little busy lately and one of the projects that has fallen by the wayside is the completion of our DC Classics Review Archive. For the next few weeks, barring a few current reviews to keep us relevant, we're bringing back our Retro Review as a regular Wednesday feature. This week's look into the past takes us back DC Classics 7, the Atom Smasher Wave.