Matty on Facebook: DC Universe Classics 17 in Package

Earlier this week, Mattel released images of the DC Universe Classics Wave 17. This wave stirred up a lot of controversy when it was announced, so how it sells in the next few weeks will be interesting. I’m buying because I want to build the Anti-Monitor and, hey, the figures at least look good…

Here are the images:

[nggallery id=1]

Hey, Mattel, I’m ready for my Mera now…

2 thoughts on “Matty on Facebook: DC Universe Classics 17 in Package

  1. ARRGHH I’m really not a fan of any of the rainbow lanterns but really want the Anti-Monitor!

    Why has mattel done these figures (Wonder Woman, Flash, Scarecrow etc so soon after DCD have done the same ones?)

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    yeah, I was considering almost passing on this wave, only getting Atom to custom his SWORD days, and I don’t mind another Sapphire, but I basically already bought ALL of these from DCD!

    Is the anti-Monitor REALLY worth the rest of the wave? esp when it’s CLASSIC COIE anti-Monitor and not the Black Guardian from Blackest Night, which the rest of the wave is based on! We’re not even getting his Sinestro Corps Guardian variant! wtF?

    for me:
    -SinCorps Scarecrow – waste of plastic. really only bought DCD for the Lantern! D’OH!

    -Orange Luthor – ok, he’s a re-deco of the DCSH armor, which is bulkier than the DCD, but that is it.

    -Sapphire WW – again, another Sapphire, but this one has gold armor accents. yay. ‘_’

    -Indigo Atom – I expect to see a LOT of SWORD Atom’s after this hits.

    -Blue Flash – …….um, yeah. is there ANY way to remove the lightning over the Blue sigil? i expect a number of Blue Corps customs from Berry, here.

    -Black/White Hals – ok, Hal was white for an issue, and Barry helped him escape the Black rings, so that one is totally unnecessary, other than to replicate the DCD con exclusive figures that sold out. Will there also be Orange, Red, SinCorps and Blue/Green Hals coming from Mattel, too?
    (yeah, I know SinCorps Hal will be the easiest to custom, but just try to custom the new Earth GL Quartet without paying $$$$, esp for GLC Kyle to make Blue Kyle!)

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