THORsday Review
SDCC Ages of Thunder Thor

This Thor figure was one of four Marvel Universe exclusives released at last year’s San Diego Comicon and is based on his appearance in Ages of Thunder. I wasn’t able to get him reviewed in time for Thor week, but that’s okay, because now he can be a THORsday review to help promote The Daily Thor!

I don’t know if we know exactly what Hasbro is doing for SDCC this year. I know there’s an exclusive deco of the Masterworks Sentinel, but after having so many exclusives at last year’s comicon (I still kinda want that Movie MU Spider-Man), having just one this year seems odd. There is a Marvel Legends Thor (based on his heroic age armor, supposedly with a “lightning deco”) this year, so maybe that’s taking up the spot for all the MU exclusives. Hopefully, we’ll find out soon.

As I said above, this Thor is based on his appearance in a one-shot back in 2008 called Ages of Thunder. I haven’t read the issue, but it tells a couple stories of Thor from days gone by and I know that everyone seems to universally have enjoyed it. That said, I’m not sure why this particular look was so deserving of a figure other than they wanted to promote Thor at SDCC because of the (now released) film and this was a popular, different, and recent look for the thunder god.

When it comes to the MU exclusives, I really appreciate that Hasbro keeps the packaging consistent with the rest of the line. Sure, we get an extra sleeve for the package to slide into – which raises a question – if you’re an MOC collector, do you keep him in the sleeve (and it’s plastic baggie) or do you pull him out and put the matching package with it’s retail released brethren? Conflicting desires there, I’d imagine.

Anyway, I don’t normally comment on packaging, but this is an exclusive item and it’s nicely done, has great art, and I liked the little touches like the image of Mjolnir where the S.H.I.E.L.D. logo would normally go. The back of the box also lists a short bio for Thor, though it’s not really specific to Ages of Thunder:

There was a time when the crack of thunder rolled across ancient battlefields, calling men to war. This was the call to arms of Thor, ancient god of thunder. He was the master of the storms that whipped the North Sea into frenzied whitecaps and drove the Norsemen to conquest. He was their strength and their armor. In the millennia since, Thor has turned his eye to the protection of all mankind, rather than the patronage of a slect few. He wields his hammer as a defender of Earth, and protector of the weak, calling down the fury of his storms on the evil that plagues mankind.

You can tell this particular Thor figure was made on a budget. While the overall look is pretty accurate to the Thor that’s pictured on the Ages of Thunder covers, it’s done with almost entirely reused pieces. Hasbro took Thor’s boots, gave them to Thunderball, and by adding softer plastic overlays for the loincloth, cape (and a hole for it to plug into), and bandolier got the details pretty close to right.

Thor also features a new head sculpt and I really like it. It doesn’t look like the Thor we’re used to, but it does echo an earlier, meaner, grizzled Thor. Which is exactly what it should do. Continue to Page 2…

16 thoughts on “THORsday Review
SDCC Ages of Thunder Thor

  1. I’m torn on whether to reccommend that Spider-man. On the one hand, it’s awesome, but it’s also a reminder of what we could have gotten from hasbro if the spider-man films hadn’t been rebooted.

    As for Thor though, I’m conflicted about the figure. It’s certainly the best MU Thor figure in my opinion, and that headsculpt is excellent, but there isn’t enough new here and he’s commanding the same price as WW2 Cap and Spidey. Still, I’m perfectly happy with the “battle hammer” Thor as my primary Thor, so the absense of this guy doesn’t bother me.

    1. I don’t know that I’ll ever “free” up money for it, but I’d like to one day.

      I do agree with his lack of new tooling. He seems like he was helping to diffuse the cost of the other two. What do you like about the Battle Hammer? I’ll probably pick up some of the movie toys before too long. What makes him standout?

  2. I have this Guy but have been literally too lazy to take him out of the packet – being honest despite your usual excellent review I haven’t seen much here to make me break out of my lethargy……

    I think I agree that Battle Hammer from the Movie is going to be my main Thor until something more awesome turns up.

    1. More good word of the mouth on the Battle Hammer! What do you like about him?

      I do think this particular Thor is more of a specialty item than a real need for a Marvel collection.

  3. this is an interesting look… but the sculpt looks soft, like he’s made from dough that’s just been punched down.

    1. That may just be my picture taking abilities and some of the translucent qualties in the plastic masking the details. I really like his head sculpt in person.

  4. Are we getting a new “Classic” Thor with the movie line?

    This one is pretty cool, but I still haven’t seen a MU Thor that has totally grabbed me.

    1. No comic line for the movie stuff yet. I’m starting to worry about how the movie stuff is selling…

      For a good classic Thor, I’ve got my fingers crossed for the Avengers 3pk with Hulk & FA/Gold Iron Man. It looks to have good paint like Ragnarok along with a new & improved head sculpt.

  5. I don’t think think we’re getting a new classic Thor in the movie line, though we don’t know who will be in wave 5+. Wave 4 finishes off most of the Asgardian cast and I don’t see them ending the line by July. So I’d be surprised if we didn’t see a ‘secret’ comic figure or two mixed in.

    Also, woo more battle hammer Thor love. It’s a shame that most people will skip it in favour of the Thor based on the movie armour, since BH Thor is by all rights the better figure.

    1. I’m wondering how that line is fairing. I really wish they gave us a better selection of characters in that first assortment.

  6. Though it’s true that this Thor is based on the Ages of Thunder one-shot, that one-shot is the first in a series of three “one-shots” with different titles, but featuring seemingly the same continuity. I loved the series, and it’s perfect for quick reading since it’s likely all we’re going to get from that universe and is interesting in its own self-contained right. It offers a gritty, brutal and more “merciless gods” view of the Marvel Asgardians, kinda like Conan the Barbarian instead of Conan the Destroyer.

    I agree that so far this is the best MU Thor figure, until the Avengers pack releases (when is that supposed to be, anyway?). It would’ve been the “Heroic Age” Thor otherwise, but that sculpt is just too softly detailed in the face to be on top.

    1. Cool, Pax. Sounds like I need to update my reading list…

      I still haven’t heard about that Avengers pack, but it can’t some soon enough!

  7. I like this Thor, and kind of regret not getting it for $10 when I had the chance now. I assumed the fig would be re-released in the Thor Movie line as hasbro hates to use molds once (see Captain America WW2 figure).

    1. For $10? Not to run it in, but that would’ve been a steal! He does have some heavy part reuse, but I did enjoy him quite a bit.

  8. The avengers pack is scheduled for a July/summer reset release I believe.

    As for battle hammer Thor:
    -Soft rubber armour skirt so the hips are free to move without bumping into the hard plastic scult ala the movie costume Thor.
    -The red trim on the shoulders and waist tassles does a reallt good job of evoking the feel of a cape without the drawbacks. (weight, potentially loose attachment)
    -Good movement all round. The red trim prevents him from looking up, but the neck hinge does let him look forward and downwards. The bare arms aren’t as impeded as a chainmail sculpt either.
    -If it wasn’t for the head, this could pass itself off as a comic costume. And even then, the head is more Thor than Hemmingsworth.
    -The average size really isn’t the issue it’s been made out to be. That could just be me though (I like my gods and my hulk’s no more than ‘7ft’ tall or so). Putting him next to Iron man, you can still tell this is a big guy, just not circus freakshow big.

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