Shameless Plug: Check out
my new blog, The Daily Thor!

This announcement was supposed to come at the end of Thor Week, but some technical glitches here at IAT really threw me, Vault, and the rest of the gang for a loop this weekend! Now that we have everything in working order, I’d like to invite all of you to check out IAT’s new sibling, The Daily Thor.

First, just a quick update on the technical problems we experienced over the weekend. An unknown error caused some glitches in the files that control the site and we lost some functionality on the site from Thursday on into Sunday. You all have my apologies for any issues you had while trying to access the site over the weekend. I hate whenever a site I want is down and I especially hate it when it’s one of mine! A couple of the site features are still offline (like the galleries), but all the checklists and the forums are available now (are you an IAT forum member yet? Click here to sign up!).

Anyway, that little snafu also put us behind on another major announcement. If you read my Marvel Universe Loki & Frost Giant review, you know that I’ve recently discovered that, despite reading comics for nearly thirty years, I knew next to nothing about Thor and his corner of the Marvel Universe. I hate when that happens. And I tend to compulsively read up and learn about the things after it does.

I read up on some Thor history to get the basics and I talked to friends who were far bigger Thor fans than I. One of them agreed to share his various Masterworks, Omnibuses, and trades with me so I could catch up. I even called up my comic shop to request some of the uncollected back issues and also added the current titles to my pull list.

I realized that, with a little help from my friends, I had access to almost every issue of Thorโ€™s primary title and it gave me a crazy idea. I could read Thor from the beginning! Iโ€™d start with his debut in the summer of 1962 and read through until I caught up to the comics that were shipping now. It sounded like a good idea. Then, I thought, what if I blogged about it as I went?

And so that crazy idea turned into The Daily Thor. We did get off to late start because the glitches affected both sites, but Daily Thor kicked off last weekend and I’m three issues in as I’m writing this. I’ve enjoyed the book so far and I’m having a blast with the write-ups. I hope you’ll like reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them.

Ideally, there’ll be no changes to the IAT schedule. We have some site crossover planned on upcoming Thursdays, but other than that ItsAllTrue will continue to bring you great content. Daily Thor is more of my pet project and I love talking toys too much to stop writing articles and reviews here, but I do hope that, if you enjoy my writing, you’ll hop over to Daily Thor, and check out what I have to say as I learn everything I can about Thor from the beginning to today!

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16 thoughts on “Shameless Plug: Check out
my new blog, The Daily Thor!

  1. It’s a life’s work you committing to but hey,……what a life!

    Good luck, but more importantly enjoy.

  2. What a project! I’ve seen a lot of blogs focusing on specific characters and frequent a few that are based on my favorite characters, but posting about every issue in order is quite a herculean task. Love to see similar takes on other books/characters.

    1. The bad thing is I already have a reputation for not sleeping… now I might not actually be able too. LOL

      We chose Thor since I knew so little about the character, but it sounds fun enough to do to just about any character.

  3. The core title alone will run you over 600 issues, and I’d dare say not the majority of them were really good. And that’s just the core title(s). What about the various mini-series and off-shoots (Thunderstrike, anyone?)? What about other books that Thor’s a big part of, like Avengers? What about other books that Thor’s off-shoots are a big part of (Beta Ray Bill was one of the stars of Omega Flight, you know)?

    And, sad to say, you’re probably wasting your money putting Thor’s current title on your pull list. Let me preface this by saying I love almost everything that Matt Fraction has ever written (his run on Iron Man redeemed that character after several years of severe mistreatment), but his run on Thor has been ****. The new “Mighty Thor” title is worth picking up just for the art (there is no better artist on Thor than Olivier Coipel), but it seems like he set out in his first arc on “Thor” to undo every bit of development that’s been done to the character in the last ten years.

    1. Thanks for the insight, James!

      I may be making it sound like this was a whimsical decision, and while I don’t deny I could certainly be in over my head, we did crunch the numbers and it will take about a year and a half to get caught up to modern times. I’m not too worried about the quality, I do have to keep in mind the time period but you’ve got Lee, Conway, Wein, Thomas, Simonson, DeFalco, Jurgens etc with some equally great artists over the years. I’m sure there’ll be some stinkers, but with that author list and my preferences this seems to be a natural fit.

      As for other Thor issues, I’m hoping that by the time we get to the six hundreds we’ll have gotten plenty of suggestions via The Reading List. We set that page up so that readers could suggest great one-shots and mini-series. We’ve talked about Avengers and the jury is still out, though we might chronicle them one the Thor solos are done. As for Beta Ray Bill… I’ll leave that up to Vault. He loves him quite a bit.

      I read Mighty Thor #1 and really enjoyed it, though I downright loved Gillen’s Journey into Mystery. I’m happy to read ’em in tandem because even if I end up not liking Fraction’s Thor, it’ll get pulled along by Gillen’s Loki in my eyes. I don’t much like all 3 GL titles right now, but I still buy all three as they interrelate to some degree.

  4. Wow. I did this with X-Men a few years back. I can tell you from experience, it is a life-consuming task. Good luck!

  5. Love the idea, dude! After this you’ll be just in time for the Avnegers movie, if not then Thor 2. ๐Ÿ™‚ All the best!

  6. Remember Noithy, is it gets Thor, just rub it ’till it feelth better, thilly! =)

    Wait ’till you get to the Simonson stuff (they just released the HUGE Simonson Thor Omnibus), that’s the quintsential Thor read! It’s a few hundred away, but oh so worth it!

    1. The Simonson stuff was the first given to me. I was going to read just that, but I think big and ask questions later… LOL

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