DCClassics.Com: Wave 7
(Atom Smasher) Retro Review

We've been a little busy lately and one of the projects that has fallen by the wayside is the completion of our DC Classics Review Archive. For the next few weeks, barring a few current reviews to keep us relevant, we're bringing back our Retro Review as a regular Wednesday feature. This week's look into the past takes us back DC Classics 7, the Atom Smasher Wave.

Mr. Rant’s Post Holiday Complaints

Waiting, waiting, waiting is all I seem to be doing lately. I ordered a case of DCUC11 from Matty on December 23rd. I realized when I ordered them that it was too close to Christmas to expect them anytime soon. To Matty’s credit, they had them ready for shipment rather quickly, but UPS dropped the ball. The tracking number told me my figures arrived in my hometown on New Year’s Eve’s Eve, and there they sat, until yesterday. Apparently UPS didn’t feel obligated to deliver residential stuff so close to either holiday. And picking them up myself would just be too easy for them to allow. So there they sat, a few miles from my home for six days.

Sometimes I have a need to get my toy fix by buying a little something, even though I know more will be here soon. This usually happens in the few months that exist in between waves. Even though I knew my toys would be here soon, the junkie in me demanded something to tide him over. So, off I went to the local stores to see what I could scavenge after Christmas clearance.