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Rawshark Studios’ Callgrim
& Warp Bike Spectre (12 Pics)

To try and justify that review tag atop this article a little bit, I should point out that we’ve got the same quality materials we’re used to with Onell. The Glow Bike is quality vinyl and the three central components separate and reattach easily, changing into any of the three bike configurations so far. The “spectre” paint apps are sharp, look great in normal light, and provide contrast while glowing in the dark. I still haven’t come up with a great way to incorporate the Callgrim-inspired fork with the Rig yet, but the pieces are, as always, compatible.

The Spectre Callgrim is made up of the same quality plastic as previous Glyos, but he does feel a little tighter in the joints, more like the DRT version than my old silver Centurion. The 27 parts all pop apart easily. I’m still not a fan of the bent knees on the basic build (which is easily fixed with some spare Glyos parts), but they do work great with the Bike poses, so I’m going to leave this guy be. I should also note that I’ll be displaying this guy as a member of the Order rather than Callgrim proper. (Though, now that I’m thinking about it, he could look cool as a Caliber Dome or Hollow – check out the Callgrim Archive for those builds).

I’ve got a few GITD pics in the gallery. I’m still working on that kind of photography, but I think I did a decent job capturing the green this time around (though my machinations caused the red GITD/Solaris figures to like red blobs). Still I hope you enjoy the small gallery for the Glow Bike. Oh, and I almost forgot… my whiny future colorway request? We need some Blue GITD!

Currently both the Spectre Callgrim and Spectre Warp Bike are sold out. If you’re looking for this colorway, you’ll either need to hit up the trades section of the October Toys Forum. If you’re in a need of a Callgrim in clear colors (clear, purple, or yellow), hit up the Callgrim Shop and check out what’s in stock!

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9 comments to Rawshark Studios’ Callgrim
& Warp Bike Spectre (12 Pics)

  • I think I mentioned this before, but try using a ‘black light’ bulb as your key light for photographing glow items. It’s easier to find those at Halloween time but Spenser’s Gifts usually have them year ’round.

    • I tried that this time, but I wasn’t happy with the results. Next time I’ll have to schedule a little more prep time and get this Blacklight stuff sorted out.

  • dayraven

    damned rawshark, making perfect toys… showing the “big two” how it’s done… making me wanna play… what a bunch of douches.

  • Great Warp Bike review!
    great job with the glow pics

    • Thanks! The glow pics really kick my ass. Especially Stay Puft – if Onell can do blue, I hope they can make it as obnoxiously bright as the Solaris stuff!

  • Bigbot

    Man, I wish I had got that warp bike in time. I didn’t even realize they had a drop so by the time I did, the bike was gone but all the Callgrims were still in stock. I saw no point in getting the Callgrim Spectre without the ride.

    • I’m really bad about checking Jesse’s blog too and almost had the same thing happen. I want to get better organized and have more “news” here abou tthe releases and such, but my plate is heaping full already.

  • […] For this round, the Solid State is white while the vac metal is “Shining Gold” and combined with clear parts. As most of you know by now, I love me some vac metal, but there’s something I love more and SMC took care of me there too with a third colorway: “Toxic Glow” (a.k.a. Glow-in-the-dark!). I should note that the Toxic Glow set features aqua paint apps that match up with the colors used on the Glyos & Callgrim Spectre deco. […]