Who are The Outer Space Men?

This weekend, the Four Horsemen announced the acquisition of their first license, The Outer Space Men. The 4H provided some images of the figures in the line and, as usual, amazed us with their work. While we were looking at all the pretty pictures though, we realized we weren’t quite sure what we were looking at. Who were The Outer Space Men? We didn’t have much more than a passing awareness of them, so we hit the books. And what we found out only made the 4H versions more awesome.

ItsAllTrueReview: 7th Kingdom Akkuli (SDCC Week Continues!)

When you can't attend SDCC, you usually spend the next couple weeks anxiously anticipating the exclusives from the show making their way to you. That's how I've spent the last few days. Starting with the middle of last week and continuing into this week, I've come home every day to find a new package on my doorstep. I don't normally pick up as many exclusives as I did this year, but SDCC seemed to offer a neverending supply of interesting things this time around. You've already seen my review for the Ghostbusters Video Games Minimates and He-Ro. Today, ItsAllTrue's SDCC Exclusive Week brings something a little different: Akkuli from the Four Horsemen's Seventh Kingdom toy line.

SDCC Fri RoundUp –
Armchair Coverage Day 3

Day 3 SDCC coverage was dominated by the large toy company panels. Hasbro held their big Star Wars panel while Mattel held two panels, one for DC Comics and another covering their Ghostbusters and Masters of the Universe lineups. In addition to the panels, plenty of site photographers were still making their way from booth to booth and filling out their photo galleries.

And if you're a regular over at AFI, they're dealing with a DDoS attack. If you can't get through, try their Facebook page with links to the latest news. Even if you're not on Facebook, you can still head over there and catch the latest from the folks at AFI.

Here's the links for Friday so far, but we'll probably find a few more links to add as the night goes on...