SDCC Fri RoundUp –
Armchair Coverage Day 3

Day 3 SDCC coverage was dominated by the large toy company panels. Hasbro held their big Star Wars panel while Mattel held two panels, one for DC Comics and another covering their Ghostbusters and Masters of the Universe lineups. In addition to the panels, plenty of site photographers were still making their way from booth to booth and filling out their photo galleries.

And if you’re a regular over at AFI, they’re dealing with a DDoS attack. If you can’t get through, try their Facebook page with links to the latest news. Even if you’re not on Facebook, you can still head over there and catch the latest from the folks at AFI.

Here’s the links for Friday so far, but we’ll probably find a few more links to add as the night goes on…

  • MOTU:

    It was a great day for MOTU fans, even with the reservations about the accumulative shipping charges associated with being a subscriber. Mattel showcased 10 new figures at their panel, and later in their booth. Here’s the list:

    • October: Teela (as shown at WWPhilly)
    • Oct Bonus:Zodak (200x version / Zodac Repaint with some new parts)
    • November: Scareglow
    • December: King Randor
    • Dec Bonus: Green Goddess (Teela Repaint w/ Modified Accessories)
    • January: Adora
    • Jan Bonus: Battle Armor He-Man (with interchangeable damage pieces)
    • February: Trapjaw (with Kronis head and arm)
    • Feb Bonus: Battle Cat (5pk Stands will also be a Feb Release)
    • March: Moss Man (flocked figure, with Beast Man head new head)
    • Subcription: Wun-Dar (Savage He-Man w/ Zodac armor) and Eternian Map (March)

    These are some great pieces. I’m excited about Scareglow in particular, but they’re all great looking. Wanna see ’em? He-Man.Org poster Evenflow has some great pics in the SDCC thread on the Org (Scroll down for images). Julius Marx’s Twitter lets us know that Mattel intends to sculpt new figures like Ram Man “somewhere down the line”.

  • Mattel/DC: Mattel debuted three new waves of DCUC in addition to some DCIH, JLU, and BatB product. Some of the DCUC product was the most jawdropping…

    • Wave 10 (Wal-Mart) Beast Boy (purple/black Teen Titans), Robotman II (head opens to reveal brain), Batman (all black – Keaton goodness), Power Girl, Joker, and Man-Bat with a C&C: Imperiex.
    • Wave 11 John Stewart (with green energy attachments!), Katma Tui (with attachments), Shark, Deadman (with clear variant), Question, Cyborg Superman (Sinestro repaint w/ new hand), and Steppenwolf (with an amazing Super Powers variant) with a (hulking) C&C of Kilowog.
    • Public Enemies Wave (Target) Superman (w/ metallic variant), Blk/Gry Batman (w/ blue/gry variant), Silver Banshee, Major Force, Black Lightning (light blue costume), Icicle, with a C&C: Brimstone. This wave will be in McGuiness style.
    • MattyCollector 2pk: B’Wana Beast and Animal Man (!)
    • MattyCollector 2pk: Sinestro Corps Romat-Ru and Karu-Sil w/ yellow energy construct
    • Wal-Mart 5pk: Superman, Batman, Luthor (Super Friends), Two-Face (Silver Age), Catwoman (Modern costume in purple-?)
    • DCUC Kyle Rayner was said to be a priority.
    • Finally, the panel ended with a teaser shot of DCUC Eclipso

    A major announcement from Mattel about a new line turned out to be a blast from the past: MEGO! Mattel is resurrecting Mego figures. Michael Crawford has images near the bottom of his DC coverage. While you’re there look for the 12″ Christopher Reeve Superman (that goes with yesterday’s Zod) and the crystal accessories.

    For JLU, we got news of a few more figures. Most exciting for me was the announcement of a Matty 4pk of the Justice Guild (A fake Golden Age group featured in the cartoon). MWCToys has images towards the bottom of his JLU coverage. Julius Twittered about an Eclipso 6pk (Eclipso and “eclipsoed” JL members) and a Thanagarian invasion 6pk, but I haven’t seen booth images yet. TNI does have the JLU Firestorm though.

    For other BATB and DCIH news check TNI’s or ToyArk’s (reg req’d) coverage. A lot of the DCIH product specifically mentions Wal-Mart, so they might be getting more involved in the line. One thing’s for sure, Wal-Mart has rescued that Teen Titans 6pk with Mallah and the Brain. They also announced an Infinite Crisis 6pk (Superman, Wonder Woman, Max Lord, Booster Gold, and 2 OMACS) and a Death of Superman pack 6pk (Oversized Doomsday, Fire, Ice, Guy Gardner, Battle Damaged Superman, and Bloodwynd… (I have to have a Bloodwynd). In additionto 6pks, there was some new info on singles and 3pks and DCIH fans can hope that the Public Enemies characters (Also in this scale, and with new articulation) can pump some blood into the line. For video of the panel, check out AFI

  • Hasbro/Marvel: I haven’t seen too much coming out of the Marvel arm of Hasbro since preview night. Marvelousnews did add a small gallery of new 3/4″ pics. Check them out to see Luke Cage’s crazy necklace, but be warned there are some Marvel Legends pictures that don’t belong in there.

  • Fantastic Exclusive: Michael Crawford made the rounds today and yesterday and one of the places he found himself was in the Four Horsemen’s booth. Check it out for some of the best images of Scarabus yet! Meanwhile, the O-Dawg on the FanEx forums has created a central thread for Fantastic Exclusive News and Pics. The O-Dawg is the public liaison for the 4H, so his thread will be the best place to keep an eye on for updates.

  • DC Direct: Michael Crawford added a ton of close-up DCD shots to his galleries today. He has separate sections for props, statues, and figures. Check his stuff out, I’m pretty sure he got a crisp shot of everything in there.

  • GIJoe: HissTank (reg. req’d) had added a few more photos to their ongoing SDCC coverage. I’m not buying all the movie items, but it’s interesting to see how Hasbro shuffles around the 25th parts around to make movie product. One of the images here has an ROC Night Adder that comes with a dog (using Junkyard’s sculpt).

  • Star Wars: Hasbro held their big panel today. JediTempleArchives has hi-res images of the slides from the slideshow. One of the items that caught my attention was an all-new AT-ST that could hold two figures and has incredible articulation in the legs. And some interesting character choices on the figures too: Jacen & Jaina Solo.

  • Ghostbusters: Part of the Mattypalooza panel, Mattel showed off three 6″ figures and revealed details about their release schedule. We got our first looks at December’s Winston Zeddemore (packed with Trap and light effects), March 2010’s Walter Peck (packed with the basement wall/containment unit opening), and May 2010’s Slimed Venkman (not sure of his pack-in). Overall, it’s exciting to see the lineup. Pics can be found at (reg req’d), but Michael Crawford has some great pics without registration in his updated Mattel Gallery. They do have Venkman’s head on display and it’s look good. Plus, it feels great to see all the figures together. Even Walter Peck. If you’re excited by 12″ news, (reg req’d)has you covered too. News of when all 4 guys will be released after the jump.

  • Neca/Mezco/Sideshow/Hot Toys: These might not belong together, but the best place for the newest pics is all the same place: MWCToys. Michael had great coverage of each booth. Highlights for me were a Johan Krauss Mez-Its from Mezco, The 9 figures (looks like a crazy movie) from Neca, and I’m still loving that unmasked Darthvader head that Michael is using to lead off his Sideshow coverage. Also, CoolToyReview made their way back to the Hot Toys section of Sideshow’s booth and took a fresh round of pictures.

  • For any other quick coverage you’re looking for, you might check Michael Crawford’s coverage to see if he has been by the booth you’re looking for yet. If he has, chances are he’ll have some great pics of what it is you seek. Also, keep checking the image directory of Figures.Com, or the frontpages of, and (reg req’d for more than thumbnails).

    In terms of quick coverage, I’m keeping an eye on Michael Crawford’s Twitter and Julius Marx’s Twitter for some quick updates of what’s going on at the Con..

    Remember, if you know of something I missed, please post them in the comments section! We all tend to stick to the sites and forums that we’re used to, so if you see some stuff I’ve overlooked for please post it and let us know!

    15 thoughts on “SDCC Fri RoundUp –
    Armchair Coverage Day 3

    1. I am more than satisfied with the GB figures. What’s the deal with the three month break after the first of the year? That bee-ess didn’t happen with the MOTU line.

      1. I noticed that too. At first, I thought it was them skipping months for the 12″ figures, but then I realized none of them are coming either.

        Kinda strange.

      1. I figured I’d list him as the “sub bonus” since he’s called the subscription bonus by Mattel, but you’re right in that they shouldn’t mix the terms since the other bonuses aren’t included. Thanks for the input.

    2. really, that’s a good point… you’re paying for wun-dar, so he’s a bonus, he’s just another figure… and really, since he actually, if extrapolated out for the year, costs MORE than a standard figure, he should be called the Club Eternia Burden, not the Club Eternia Bonus.

      Man At Arms would NOT approve!

      and yes, i always ask myself… WWMAAD?

      1. Since his actual cost will be determined by how many times subscribers have to pay extra shipping on a bonus figure, I liked “I Wun-dar how much he’ll end up costing us.”

    3. How much money does Mattel think we have? Everything there is six months out at most. Sometimes just buying Mattel product at retail is like buying it at SDCC: too expensive, sold out, too many, and lots of waiting.

    4. Mattel figured out that He-Man fans have been saving all their money since the original line was canceled. Sure, some of them may have bought the 200X line, but it was mostly just kids and moms.

      Now, with the Classics line, Mattel wants to give all those fans that have been saving their money for 20 years a chance to finally spend it. 🙂

    5. Those MOTU figures are wicked!!! And our first POP figure is Adora??? @.@ Woah. Happy January!

    6. to be honest, the faster mattel wants to pump motuc product at me, the more picky i have to be for budgetary reasons, and the more i pull recoil personally. it bugs the crap out of me that they’re being bolder and bolder about their level of greed. i get it, they want to make money… but by thor’s bristling beard, they’re cramming so much motuc at me at once it just feels like “hurry up and buy before you you don’t care anymore!” well, i’ve cared for 20 plus years now, take your time there sonny jim!

    7. Thanks for the links! You definitely found the best Ghostbusters images I’ve seen!

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