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Matty on Facebook:
Swamp Thing’s Closeup

SDCC 2011 Exclusives:
Official Images from Mattel

Since Attack of the Show’s strangly decided not to focus on the He-Man items last night, it fell back to Mattel to give us our first good look at the 2011 exclusives. They’ve come to our aid early this morning with images and information on the upcoming San Diego Exclusives for MOTU Classics, DC Classics, Voltron, etc.

Matty on Facebook:
Leech & Hurricane Hordak Debut!

WonderCon kicked off today in San Francisco and it’s the second stop on Mattel’s 2011 Collector Appreciation Tour. At each show, they promised a few reveals and today Mattel posted an image on their Facebook page of the September’s MattyCollector Offerings: Club Eternia’s Leech & Hurricane Hordak!

DC Classics Update: Wave 16 Packaged & Renegade at TRU

On Facebook today, Mattel showed us our first packaged pics of DCUC Wave 16. I was expecting this delayed wave to be in the Super Power packaging (with buttons!), but it now serves as our first look at the 2011 packaging – the nice part? It’s bigger! Plus, some early TRU finds of that exclusive Renegade after all.

Mattel Non-NYCC Coverage:
MOTU & DC Classics Updates

Even though Mattel couldn’t make it NYCC this weekend, that didn’t stop them from making a splash in the headlines. Amidst the great pictures being beamed back of DC Direct’s Batman, Inc line and MU Cable (complete with Baby Jean!) came a slew of pics and updated info on Mattel’s collector lines.

Mattel Comments on Roboto + MOTU Schedule thru April

Toy Guru chimed in on Facebook with the official word on Robotogate – they’re all misassembled. Toy Guru offers up his mea culpa, mentions a few others successes and some hope, and, to tide things over, gives collects an update on the MOTU Classics schedule through April.

Mattel reveals Buzz-Off’s Bio
+ Notes on Upcoming Figures

At SDCC, Mattel revealed all the MOTU Classics bios through November, so we haven’t had many updates coming through Facebook lately. But, time marches on and Mattel had a few updates for us over the weekend – Buzz-Off’s bio and an updates on Grizzlor, the Palace Guards, and Battle Armor Skeletor.