Matty on Facebook:
Leech & Hurricane Hordak Debut!

WonderCon kicked off today in San Francisco and it’s the second stop on Mattel’s 2011 Collector Appreciation Tour. At each show, they promised a few reveals and today Mattel posted an image on their Facebook page of the September’s MattyCollector Offerings: Club Eternia’s Leech & Hurricane Hordak!

Here’s the image from Matty’s Facebook Page:

Leech looks pretty awesome in my estimation and it looks like he’s coming with a suction cup net & crossbow (which I’m sure he has a clever way to hold??). I’m not as excited Hurricane Hordak. He looks pretty cool, but $20 for some different colored armor, a new arm, and 3 accessories? I enjoyed Battle Armor Skeletor, but I would like to see Mattel add in something extra when the quarterly variants require so little development. That gold armor is pretty swanky though…

25 thoughts on “Matty on Facebook:
Leech & Hurricane Hordak Debut!

  1. LEECH LOOKS AWESOME!!! I don’t know how well those hips are gonna work, but he’s beautiful. The Horse is finally getting a decent membership. And Mantenna’s gonna rock, I just know it!

    And yeah Hordak is okay. Haha.

    1. He does give me hope for Mantenna being awesome. I’m also wondering who else can benefit from that torso. Probably need some clearer pics for that.

      1. Ram Man and Sagitar? It kinda looks like a loincloth from the pic… Hopefully it is a Loincloth and not a special crotch like Hssss

        1. I hope so. That Hssss crotch stinks the place up.

          The torso could be used for any of the bigger fellows, we just need to see what’s part of the torso mold and what’s added on.

  2. Wow, those look really good. That was the Hordak I had as a kid, so love it just from pure nostalgia.

  3. I worry for his leg articulation there. More or less a v crotch isn’t it? They do look great though!

  4. You guys know what would have really made that Hurricane Hordak rock?


    Seriously, that would’ve been a great update and it would’ve made a lot of sense to boot.

      1. I’m not comfortable with Buzzsaw Hordak really. Where are his organs?

        But, yeah, he could have the plates there instead. I don’t know that we’ll ever get him though.

    1. Leech is my all-time favorite! This was a great April Fool’s Day!!! Wait…

  5. I think Clawful just got bested in the “Goofiest Head Sculpt” category . . .

  6. Excellent choices. Keep more Horde members coiming. Leech–got teeth ctfu!!!

  7. I absolutely loved hurricane Hordak when I was a kid!
    Very fond memories of my grandma taking me to the toy store and I saw him and she bought it for me! I had this one before the regular Hordak. I’m very happy to see this in the MOTUC line!
    Leech looks awesome as well! I love the Horde!

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