Ask Matty
April 1st Edition

Ask Matty – April 1st Edition

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MOTUClassics.Com: When should we be looking for the next wave of DC vs MOTU 2pks to hit retail?

For retail product, there is not an exact time line. The faster current product sells through, the faster our retailers will order new product.

DCClassics.Com: What will the MSRP for Batman Legacy figures be?

The SRP is $15.99

MOTUClassics.Com:Some non-Horde characters like Rattlor & Tung Lashor make appearances as members of the Horde in various media. Are there plans incorporate their Horde status into the bios or to maybe include extra Horde armbands when they’re eventually released ?

You’ll just need to keep reading the bios won’t you?!?!

Editor’s Note: I wonder if the bios will tell us if they might include armbands or not?

DCClassics.Com: How is the Legion 12pk coming along?

The target is now (we hope) final at early fall. This pack was a lot of work and kept getting bumped due to the Horsemen needing to work on other items that had set release dates (such as MOTUC figs) or retail needs (such as DCUC waves). But it is coming well before the holiday season. No later then late fall we hope!

DCClassics.Com: Why is Stel so tall? He’s clearly a normal sized character in the comics, but the figure towers over Kilowog. Is there a specific reason Mattel opted to make him larger than he appears in the comics?

He was designed to share parts with some other upcoming Collect and Connect figures and we cut the difference.

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26 thoughts on “Ask Matty
April 1st Edition

  1. So… “we knowingly effed up Stel so we could share his parts with someone else”. That’s horse!@#$.

  2. Love the armband question! They should do that! Didn’t love the answer, but it’s your own fault Noisy, you said “bio”. LOL

  3. If Zodac is only coming when the previous figures sell out, I’m going to be in for a long wait. My TRU has gotten TONS of Skeletor figures.

  4. who does stel share parts with? it doesn’t look to be anti-monitor.

    1. We’re not certain yet, but the general rumor is that he’ll share parts with S.T.R.I.P.E., who is the rumored C&C for the GA/JSA themed wave (DCUC19).

      1. yeah but, STRIPE is a thick-bodied *ARMOR*, not a lean robot.

        maybe they’re planning the Wally-Flash wave with Girder? I always thought he was an odd choice for that poll last year.

        1. I agree that it’s not a clean fit, but Girder should be similarly wide though.

          A lot of Stel is softer plastics applied to the base body, I can see them doing similar pieces to pull off a Stripe… particularly the Big O look he’s had of late.

          It could be anybody, but I haven’t been able to think of another giant robot for him to be.

  5. I can’t find Merman & Stratos anywhere!!! Stupid Skeletor. Stupid TRU. Stupid Matty.

      1. I *mostly* blame TRU. I do hold Mattel accountable for not making the packs appeal to DC fans in anyway – they’ve done some dumb things over the years, but that has to be near the top of the list. Not trying to motivate the much larger DC fanbase into picking up those 2pks with SIMPLE redecos is pretty stupid…

        TRU trying to sell them for $5 more during XMas didn’t help though.

        And they probably shouldn’t have been equally packed judging from Skeletor and Luthor not pulling their weight against Supes and He-Man…

        I could go on all day. LOL

    1. Actually, they usually do April Fool’s answers and waste them today. I’m surprised they didn’t.

      1. Actually, they only did that once. They sent real answers the next day, but it was pretty much universally unappreciated, so it’s no surprise they didn’t repeat.

  6. Since they are using the base body as a modular unit like they did with the Parademon & SP Mantis, maybe they will use him to make a Rocket Red.

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