Mattel reveals Buzz-Off’s Bio
+ Notes on Upcoming Figures

At SDCC, Mattel revealed all the MOTU Classics bios through November, so we haven’t had many updates coming through Facebook lately. This weekend Mattel had a few updates for us – Buzz-Off’s bio and an info on Grizzlor, the Palace Guards, and Battle Armor Skeletor.

Here’s what Matty had to say:

Hey gang,

A few new MOTUC updates for you.

1: We just got in early samples of Buzz-Off in package. Note that we will see if there is time to turn his helmet around in package. Still pending.

2: Got some new images of Battle Armor Skeletor as well with the chest plates and axe. Still not 100% final, but getting closer. Check out those purple feet just like fans demanded!

3: Grizzlor’s head is removable. Earlier we had thought it would not be. Looks like I spoke to soon!

4: The Palace Guards are slipping out a bit due to some logistics (yes we know how you feel about this word…). Look for them now at the start of 2011. Note they are not part of the 2011 subscription even if they slip out to early 2011 avail.

A lot more MOTUC greatness is coming in 2011. We should have the April figure to reveal soon. The sculpt just came in and looks fantastic. Once it is painted we’ll reveal this next figure to the fans. Here is a hint, he is a member of the Masters….

That’s it for now, see you in the toy aisles or on!


My two cents…

1. Buzz-Off looks good. The helmet being backwards is funny. Hopefully, that’ll get sorted out for MOCers.
2. I still don’t get the toenail paint on the “boot” and I kinda wish they were metallic to match the armor. The armor looks fantastic though.
3. The head is removable – that’s step one. Step two is getting that other face…
4. My wanting the Palace Guards ASAP is now in conflict with my wallet. I really don’t want to buy the Guards in January…

Buzz-OffHeroic Spy in the Sky, Real Name: Tzzzzt zz zzTTTzz
Heroic King of the Andreenids, a bee-like species closely related to both the Kex insect people and the Arachna Spider-Warriors, Tzzzzt’s race evolved into fierce warriors, guarding their home and their ambrosia honeycombs with stubborn dignity. Although he initially preferred to keep his people’s neutrality, a sky war initiated by Skeletor gave Tzzzzt more than enough reason to ally himself with King Randor’s Masters of the Universe. He often partners with Mekaneck using his wings for airborne spying missions.

Buzz-Off’s Bio has been added to MOTUClassic.Com’s Bio Page.

14 thoughts on “Mattel reveals Buzz-Off’s Bio
+ Notes on Upcoming Figures

  1. Trying to get the Palace Guards in January is going to suck. Bow and the Shadow Beast are already due that month, and I wanted to get 2 Beasts. I would like 2 PG sets as well, so that’s just going to be too pricey for me. Plus, the PGs not being in the ’11 sub is a real kick in the nuts to everybody that was hoping to have an easier year and we’re going to have to start it off by scrambling to get the 1st army builder. Lots of UGH there…

    1. I’m not sure what date they will be, but it’s scary. I think I have to resolve to take $80 in December and put it in an envelope and hide it from myself until whenever it comes out. 😀

      1. Yeah, I’m going to have to start scrounging away money now for 2 PG sets…hide a few bucks here and there until then.

  2. Im glad that Palace guards pushed to early next year. Im not gonna get Buzz off in November gonna be very expensive month because I’m gonna get King Grayskull, Grizzlor and unslimed Peter Venkman.

  3. This is gonna suck! Guards or Shadow Beast? I know I’mma getting She-Ra’s “Special Friend”…

  4. Oh and here’s some semi-good news: The Horde Trooper Army Builders got a big closer to reality with the the Arachne Spider Warriors trademark being mentioned in Buzz Off’s bio. So I’m guessing no Webstor twins next year.

    1. how…exactly do you figure that?

      Seriously, do share….I really do want to know cause I really want Horde Troopers! 😀

  5. What I don’t understand is why not include the Palace Guards in the 2011 sub if they get pushed to 2011? Why not include them in the 2011 sub and then make more to cover the non-subers. Wouldn’t that make more sense? These things will sell out no matter what.

    1. because it would change the overall cost of the sub.Something something Mattel Legal trying to protect their backs. It would also be a Logistical nightmare.

  6. is it just me…or does Buzz Off’s head bear a bit of a resemblance to the late King of Pop?

    And I still want SpyMonkey to make a new head; it’s the first thing from him I’ll gladly buy.

  7. December is around the corner so Buzz Off great,pushing Palace Guards back for the second time again very bad but nothing we can do about it right now.I hope April figure is Mekaneck!!

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