Teela Review

If you've been buying MOTU Classics since their debut nearly a year ago, your MOTU shelf was starting to look more like the He-Man Woman Haters Club than Masters of the Universe. But, Mattel took a huge leap forward this month with its first all-new figure since last December's Beast Man: Teela. Fortunately, Mattel saw fit to not try and make a Teela using the He-Man buck and charged the 4H with making a female buck for the line. This new body is (hopefully) going to be seeing repeated use for the large catalog of She-Ra characters, but it all starts here with Teela.

Zodak Review

I like new stories coming out of old ideas. When creators take an old continuity or a basic concept and find ways to reinterpret it, I'm usually first in line to see the result. When the announcement about a new Masters of the Universe cartoon came along eight years ago, I had to try it out. And while not everything in that redesign lived up to my expectations, I loved the new Zodak. When Matty announced that they would continue to "Classic-ize" some of the 200x designs beyond Grayskull, Zodak was at the top of my want list. Luckily, he was at the top of Mattel's list too.

Webstor Review

I love Kobra Khan. He's probably my favorite evil character. Why's that important? Well, him and Webstor used to hang out together. A lot. In the cartoons. In the mini-comic. Heck, I think they were in She-Ra together too. The one place they weren't together? Well, my house. Yeah, I never had everyone's favorite arachnid evil master. I just didn't like the toy back then. I remember being at Sears and passing it up more than once. There's a handful of toys like that: the G.I. Joe Swampmasher, Metroplex, Astrotrain. Toys, for some reason or another, that my child mind passed on.

Mr. Rant asks “Why does the gun barrel point sideways?”

So Webstor is here, and Noisy will have his review up soon, but I wanted to comment on a disturbing trend I’ve noticed in the last few MOTUCs. One of the benefits of having friends that like similar things is that you can split the cost of shipping. It also works out for the site. If one of us gets a figure that didn’t fare too well on the factory floor, maybe it was badly painted, or maybe it somehow broke in the box, or in shipping, then we have a couple other versions of that figure to choose from for the review. It’s a pretty good arrangement, at least until everyone gets a figure with problems.