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I love Kobra Khan. He’s probably my favorite evil character. Why’s that important? Well, him and Webstor used to hang out together. A lot. In the cartoons. In the mini-comic. Heck, I think they were in She-Ra together too. The one place they weren’t together? Well, my house. Yeah, I never had everyone’s favorite arachnid evil master. I just didn’t like the toy back then. I remember being at Sears and passing it up more than once. There’s a handful of toys like that: the G.I. Joe Swampmasher, Metroplex, Astrotrain. Toys, for some reason or another, that my child mind passed on.

I know, here we are, the second paragraph now and we’re still not talking Webstor. Well, unlike the Swampmasher and Metroplex, I don’t remember passing Webstor up with regret. I didn’t want him then, and I kinda didn’t want him this time. It’s not his fault though, and maybe by the end of the review, I might learn to love him…

Webstor benefits by not being one of the original villains. That makes him a little brighter than the other Skeletor lackeys. In fact, a lot of times, I don’t remember him working for/with Skeletor at all. I remember him mostly with Kobra Khan, who didn’t really work for Skeletor either. That’s cool in my book. In the 2002 series, I found some more love for the character. I liked his episodes and that he was the last of his people. I always wondered if he took part in imprisoning the Snakemen (hey both Hordak and Zodak seemed to do it, so why not?) and that he hung out in Snake Mountain to keep vigil in case they escaped. Again, cool in my book (even though I made it up). When the staction came along, I thought I’d finally seen Webstor fully fleshed out. He was easily one of my favorite stactions. But going into a version in this line? Well, I wasn’t interested in him reverting to his classic from. Luckily, the 4H, might have had similar feelings – this Webstor borrows a bit from the staction. I’m kinda startin’ to feel the love, but it’s for the character, not the figure.

As before, Webstor is built around the Skeletor body, but in a darker shade of blue. I like the choice of base color, but I’d like to see some highlights on him for added depth. He does have purple boots (with the painted toes, I wish they’d stop doing that) and the red belt to brighten him up a little, but he ended with a really dark color pallet and it kind makes him blend together. His one new part is his head. It’s an all-new sculpt and isn’t just a straight update of the classic verion. The 4H added extra eyes to really sell the spider-look. The head sculpt is easily my favorite part of the figure.

I don’t really view the armor as an accessory, but with the hook attached I’m willing to blur the lines a little for this review. I love the front of his armor, but I’m not terribly enthused by the back (I think Vault and Rant are even going to display him without it). The backpack is just really bulky and my shelfspace is getting tight. The back of the armor isn’t without appeal I guess. I love the staction, so I love the extra arms (each is ball-jointed), but the extra rope doesn’t really do it for me and it doesn’t help that the super-soft plastic of the grappling hook shaft was warped by the package. I’ve been straightening it out and the rope can wrap around the pack, so liking him is a work in progress. The tab (with his symbol sculpted in, nice touch!) can be hooked on to the grappler’s claws so it all stays in place. I would’ve liked to see the rope be removable or for it to feature the classic pulley though. That would have really sold me on the necessity of the bulk back there.

Webstor also comes packaged with an update of the classic rifle. I like the sculpt (even the barrel detail). I like the metallic orange paint. Unfortunately, it was made from that same supersoft plastic and the gun came bent in the package. Again, I’m straightening it out, but I hope future figures will get plastic like the original grade. The He-Man re-issue will suck if the sword is as soft as this gun or MAA’s mace.

The paint work is mostly good. All of the ones we received had one issue or another. Vault took the one with messed up teeth, I took one with a spot on his eye, and Rant got the best one with just some slop on the belt. Still, I think these are minor issues that were unique to ours, so I’m not going to knock it too much. The paint on the gun and the armor is well-done. I really like the metallic purple highlights on the armor and grappling hook. I’d drop the toenails on the boots though.

Overall, this is a good figure. I know I may not sound like it, but I just didn’t get bit by the nostalgia bug this time. For me, this had to be a figure that got hit out of the park to overcome that. And while it’s a good figure, it’s not a slam dunk. The gummy weapons bug me for one. The sloppy paint on mine is another issue. If you love Webstor, though, you should be happy. It’s a good rendition. If you prefer the classic look, the front armor can stay on while you remove the backpack – a nice touch there. I may learn to love him, but for now, he’s just going to fill the ranks somewhere in the middle shelf while I happily look forward to Teela, Zodak, and Scareglow.

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  1. I like the gummy weapons. Reminds me of old times. Sorry, I used to sneak into my brother’s room and play with is action figures.

    1. am i alone in thinking that’s kind of hot?

      back on topic though, the thing that bugs me most about the gummy weapons is that the grapple’s hook themselves are a separate piece, made of the kind of plastic all the accessories should have been made from!! GAH!

  2. I think it’s like you said at the org. You’re just not feeling this one. He’s not hella cool, but he’s not disappointing.

    1. Exactly, he’s just a middle of the road villain. His head sculpt is awesome, but the rest I just don’t get excited by. Next month should be better.

  3. I hear ya. He just doesn’t do it for me. I think he’s one for the more hardcore MOTU fan. I want them all though.

    I love the rope caption. That’s exactly how I felt.

  4. I’m excited to get my hands on ‘ol Webby. He’s def not an A-lister, but I think he’s at least a B-lister. There was something cool about him being all sneaky and treacherous.

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