Ask Matty
October 15th Edition

Ask Matty
October 15th, 2010

1. SilntAngl asks: Green Arrow is one of the coolest DC Classics so far, particularly because of the wrist articulation and the cool poses it allows for! Is this an articulation point that Mattel would consider using more openly? Or at least on figures that use weapons/martial arts and could benefit from the jointed wrists?

We do not want to over-articulate figures, but for those who need special articulation to hold weapons or strike iconic poses, we will do all we can to make this happen. The sculpts are too beautiful to interrupt with unneeded articulation!

2. Mr. Rant asks: I liked the recent Webstor release, but I wasn’t happy with the weaker plastic used in the grappling hook shaft and the gun. My Man-At-Arms figure had a similar problem with some of his accessories too. Was this an attempt to make the weapons more durable or just factory errors? If I had a vote, I prefer the sturdier weapons from the other figures.

It was done to help the weapons fit better in the figure’s hands.

3. Manekochan asks: On that same note, the material used for the Human Mantis cape was a surprise to me. Many of the other figures in the line end up with a bulky/heavy cape that weighs on the figure (i.e. Superman) and sometimes can even make the figure not stand well (i.e. Cyborg Superman). Is there any chance the material used for Mantis could be re-used on other caped figures?

This is something we are looking into.

4. Adventure Vault asks: At NYCC, Mattel displayed a modern Guardian figure that later had to be dropped due to cost considerations. This reminded us of the very beginning of the line and the modern Red Tornado variant. Does Mattel keep these dropped variants top of mind or should fans of those versions move on?

We do have plans to get to these variants eventually. Likely in a multi-pack.

5. Noisy asks:I’ve been trying to think of a JLU question, but I give up. I guess I’ll join the pack and ask a DC Classics question. I love the figures, but so many of the figures end up with two fists, that it’s starting to be somewhat silly. It’d be great if some figures, like Black Canary, would have an open hand to pick up another character’s accessory or if Black Adam could hold his necklace instead of just wearing it. Has Mattel given any thought to sprinkling in more open hands to increase pose & play value for these figures?

Yes, this is something we are looking into. We always strive to create variety in the line!

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25 thoughts on “Ask Matty
October 15th Edition

  1. “The sculpts are too beautiful to interrupt with unneeded articulation!”

    A swivel wrist is not unneeded artic. Of course to Mattel, the head looking up and down could be unneeded.

    “It was done to help the weapons fit better in the figure’s hands.”

    We appreciate your attempt, now stop it. Sturdy is better than droopy.

    The other three answers are non-committal, but at least you got the ideas out there.

  2. Okay, so if Guardian is in a multi-pack. I have the most obscure request yet!! The modern Guardian, Waverider, Thorn, Gangbuster, and Sinbad!!

  3. For red tornado….why don’t they do “The Tornado’s Path” and give us that Tornado in red, green, blue, yellow, and black…the five colors we saw of him in that story. Or am I the only one who would want that?

    1. No, you’re not the only one.

      Considering they’re pure repaints though, I’d prefer that said pack be no more than $50.

      (Yeah, right. 🙁 )

  4. I totally agree with the philosophy of ruining awesome sculpts with articulation.

    But in the case of the wrist, they’re already being interrupted with the cut joints anyway.

    True, the joint might look odd on characters without any cuffs or wristbands, but they should try it on more figures where they can.

    Works great on GA.

  5. The joints on Ollie work and look fine with the figure. They should be on all the figures!

    The real answer “we have a lot of bucks with cut wrists, so no” /.

  6. I feel like I’ve been wanting that Red Tornado for years.

    For the record, I still don’t think we’re getting those two. Or white-faced Harley. Or all-gold Dr. Fate.

  7. Between you and Poe all we learned about the crapyp motu weapons was that it as them and they did it on purpose.


    But did they learn not to do it again.

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