Marvel Legends Nemesis
Wave (WalMart Exclusive)

When I first heard about the wave, it seems like forever ago now, I was excited. I couldn't wait to finally add a Nova, a Tigra, an Astonishing Cat-Beast, and a Nemesis/Holocaust to my condensed Marvel Legends collection. I admit, I had some reservations. I've never been completely happy with Hasbro's offerings for Marvel Legends. There were some gems: She-Hulk, Hercules, Shanna, Xorn. But for the most part, I've passed on a lot of HMLs. I had yet to complete any of the eight previous Hasbro BAFs for one reason or another. Figures I had really wanted weren't always up to par. These were all warning signs I guess, but like any good collector - I had hope.

SDCC Thurs RoundUp – Armchair Coverage Day 2

With Preview night being the first reveal of new product and Fri/Sat hosting most of the panels, Thursday seems to have gotten a little lost in terms of new links. And if you're a regular over at AFI, they're dealing with a DDoS attack. If you can't get through, try their Facebook page with links to the latest news. Even if you're not on Facebook, you can still head over there and catch the latest from the folks at AFI.

Here's the links for Thursday so far...