Marvel Legends / Studio Series 6″
Avengers Captain America Review

The sculpt of the figure below the neck is great. The layers and the texture throughout really sell the look and help him fit with the 5/6ths of the Avengers Hasbro has sought to release. The boots and gloves are crisp and technical while the cloth of the costume is detailed from neck to boot. And there’s boot treads on the bottom of his feet! That’s always fun. For more depth, the belt is a separate piece too. It does annoy me that it moves around a bit, but I’ll take the trade off. And, yes, the head does get in on the action with some nice detail -the wings and “A” are raised parts of the sculpt instead being relegated to paint details.

The articulation present is very nice. There are two-piece ball-joints at the neck, shoulders, hips, and ankles, swivels in the biceps, forearms, and thighs, double-hinges in the elbows and knees, and the ab crunch. The ab crunch has some great range and the ankles make posing him a ton of fun, but I’d still like to see waist joints in all my figures and some type of joints in the wrists would’ve come in handy here too. Basically, he can get into some fantastic poses, but he’ll still trip you up on occasion, particularly with the one-piece gloves.

Paint is probably the only area where Cap does falter a bit, particularly on the face and silver painted areas. Cap should’ve been the first figure I purchased once I decided to buy. Both him and Iron Man are double packed and finding them as leftovers to the one-per-case figures was pretty common the last few months. The problem I had was finding one with nice symbols and a sharp line on the cowl. Ultimately, I opted for a Cap that’s not quite as nice as I would like. Initially, I had hoped I could scour the edges and clean up the cowl line a bit, but his head is molded red. Doh.

In addition to the groovy “heroscape” base, Cap includes his trusty shield. This is a new sculpt to match the movie details and it’s a good fit for him, but I wish it’d been done a little differently. I applaud the concept here, the use of actual “straps” so that he could wear it across his back is cool. I had a little trouble getting the connections through the first time, but it worked find once I had a method in place. The downside though is that getting him to hold the shield requires a bit of weird “rope” tying skills so that it can hang from his arm firmly without having the straps run everywhere.

Overall, Cap is a solid figure. I would like to have seen a nicer head sculpt, possibly even an unmasked one for how he appears throughout most of the film though. The all-new body sculpt are articulation help overcome the shortcomings of the head sculpt though. If you watch out for the paint when you’re picking him up, then I think you’re bound to end up with a figure you’ll enjoy, particularly if you can gather up the whole set now that these are showing up more prominently at new Walmarts.

And since they’re showing up more at new Walmarts, since they’re getting designated space in more stores gives me some hope that this isn’t the end, but it seems unlikely. We know everything so far in advance, that even these new pegs don’t seem like they’ll fill with any new figures besides the running changes now showing up (which does included a more darkly colored Cap). As I’ve said before, Hasbro not doing Black Widow here is a colossal mistake. It’s unfathomable that we’re still at a point where toy companies still get the one woman on the roster. I know they had to hit a number for the case assortment, but one less Iron Man surely wouldn’t have hurt (not that they could’ve know that when they decided it) But my disbelief doesn’t end with Widow. I want an unmasked Steve. I want Mark VII Iron Man. Maria Hill. Updated Nick Fury. Agent Coulson! C’mon!

It’s not all bleak though. I’m not opposed to sneaking those guys into Marvel Legends as Toy Biz once did. And there is, of course, a bright future for the Avengers on film and that will undoubtedly lead to more figures too. Hopefully we can get a Black Widow by Avengers 4. Hopefully.

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14 thoughts on “Marvel Legends / Studio Series 6″
Avengers Captain America Review

  1. I bought all the available figures, but found the Thor and Iron-Man figure disgraceful – Essentially just repaints, and lacking the articulation that the “newly sculpted” heroes give us. Total disappointment. I find Thor and Iron-Man difficult to put into dynamic poses with their sub-par ankle articulation, and “battle damage” was a cop-out meaning “sloppy black splotches” on a perfectly good figure.

    I’d like to see an all new Thor, and Iron-Man (with the new ankles) to go with a Black Widow (Nick Fury et-al) in the future. I doubt it’s EVER going to happen though.

    Other than that, what a MARVELOUS Hulk figure we got, huh? I bought two of them because I was so impressed. My next “great hope” is that the Legends line will produce something that may fit in with these movie series figs.

    Tks for the review!

    1. agreed on Hulk! It is a very well executed figure..looks like most of the movie figure budget was spent on him and Hawkeye

  2. Isn’t Widow supposed to be a lot taller than that 😉
    Though she will keep all the Avengers happy at that height

  3. Oh man, series 2 of Avengers (4″ guys) will never come out here – at least that’s what the pegs are telling me in stores. I hope to see a BW someday.

  4. I’m still not a fan of the floating chest joint. It may look better at some angles, but I just prefer the ab crunch. That being said, this figure is pretty cool. You have a real way to have him stash his shield on his back, and it looks a lot better than just a peg back there. He also comes with the awesome ankle joints all figures need going forward.

    One thing I noticed is this looks more like Cap than Cap did in the film because in the film his entire back was just blue (at least in the Helicarrier scenes, I can’t recall during the New York city scenes). This figure at least has a look closer to his comics counterpart.

    1. yeah, i hae to say, the development of the ball torso, and it’s slow phase out of the ab crunch & waist twist, is one of the sadder developments of toys for me. the ball torso is, on VERY few figures i own, adequate to replicate that range of motion. and it doesn’t look any better, as the torso appears to hover over the trunk. admittedly, not ever ab crunch was created equal, but by and large, that, for me, was a more satisfying bit of articulation for posing.

  5. Not into the movie lines myself but I am waiting to see the Marvel Legends Miles fig. Digging the costume and hoping to find him in both scales.

  6. I do agree that this is a great sculpt…of a bad/gaudy costume. I didn’t like this costume from the day I saw the first trailer, preferring the superior “real world” take of what we saw in the Cap movie. The segmented chest is too busy; the texture feels wrong, mixing body armor and cloth; and one thing that really bugged me about the film: mask on = helmet, mask off = cloth. ARRGGHHH!

    The boots and gloves look like they belong on Iron Man, and like I said in the other review, just putzing around, I put Loki’s helmet on this guy and went “ANT MAN!”, or at least, a close approximation of what we could get in his movie if you trim off the helmet horns and torso stars.

    TBH, I didn’t even realize the gloves were a solid piece and he basically has two elbow joints. I do agree the head sculpt is “soft”, especially compared to the detail of the rest of the body. the helmet wings, otoh, feel more like thick paint than sculpted on?

    One other thing I did notice is that in the movie, the costume is blue for the section covering his spine, while on the figure, we get the comic version of red/white stripes all the way around his waist. (and I do believe the comic version is supposed to have 13 stripes? this figure has 10.)

    I tossed the shield with those straps. I replaced it with the ML version, the main differences being the movie’s segmented star and rounder curve to the shield, and a slight size difference (ML is maybe 1/8″ taller?).

    Add me to the chorus hoping for more movie figures in ML, but I already have the Fury from last year’s Cap/Thor wave, so he’s not a priority for me. Maybe Hasbro will kitbash the Sam head onto the Steve Rogers body for Nick III or Sam Fury or whoever that’s supposed to be in the current books? (I know Nick Jr became Scorpio, so…?) Just give me ScarJo Widow, sleeveless Thor, and son of Coul, maybe Robin Hill, and I’ll be happy. I’d have to see that unmasked head sculpt before I decide if I want it or not. Too bad the F4 figures aren’t in the same scale so we could head swap. (or pretend they exist in the same movie-verse like we can with Avengers and the X-movies and Blade.)

    So yeah, great adaptation of the costume, but a few quibbles bring it down. On my Marvel movie shelf, this guy is getting tucked behind helmeted Hemsworth in the back and the other versions will be out front. that includes the custom movie Ant-Man made from this figure.

  7. Just remember–Coulson said he had input in designing Cap’s modern costume, so if you don’t like it, BLAME THE FANBOY!

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