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Avengers 6″ Hulk Review

Only one Wal-Mart within an hour carried 6″ Avengers figures. It was about half-an-hour away and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t waste a bit of gas hitting up that Walmart repeatedly. Sadly, only two of my Avengers figures even came from there. Toy hunting is such a blast…

I don’t know how many times I’ve been that to Walmart in the last few months. I don’t want to know. When the first case hit that WM, I was beaten by a scalper and got to watch how much they sold for on eBay. When the second hit, I was at least happy to never see any more go up on eBay from my favorite reseller. Anyway, I snagged a Cap from there and passed on the kinda-sorta-battle damaged Iron Man. Then, I waited as a third case slowly started to seem like it was never going to happen.

In the interim, I drove around a lot. I snagged Thor in the next state over. Vault scored me a Loki while he was coming home from a convention in St. Louis. I was making good progress, but then I hit a wall. I made a few out of town trips for work, but I had trouble even finding another Walmart that carried these guys. Hulk would eventually find his way into my collection while I down in Arkansas looking for him.

And you know what sucked? I was mad. My wife was quick to point out the absurdity of it. I had just found one of the two figures I’d been hunting for for weeks and I wasn’t the slightest bit happy. I bet some of you might even know exactly what I was annoyed about.

Yep, I’d missed Hawkeye. I wasn’t done.

My wife, wonderful that she is, set me straight by calling attention to my ridiculousness. I’d eventually find Hawkeye (his review will be up later today), but that wasn’t the point. I’d searched in four states for Hulk. I wanted this Hulk. I’d found it! And I was being a chump that focuses on what I don’t have instead of what I do. I was that guy.

Luckily, it didn’t take long for Hulk to join in and sooth my rage. He started on me from inside the package. I knew he was big, but seeing him stuffed in the blister. His knees and hips bent into that old “He-Man” or wrestler pose – that was awesome. I think I tweeted a picture of it because it was so awesome.

Then I freed him from his packaging and I was sold. In leaner times, I’d had to purge most of my MLs and I always regretted not keeping a Hulk (either the First Appearance in green or non-screaming Face-Off I think, and adorned in that torn white lab coat from the old WM exclusive… I might go hunt for that lab coat now that I think about it). This is my new Hulk for the foreseeable future.

Despite his massiveness, I’ve seen some folks think he’s not in scale with the group. I don’t know about that. I think he’s just about perfect in terms of scale. I’m always down for a massive Hulk (that Avengers Marvel Select one was mighty tempting), but I think this Hulk, clocking in at roughly 2” taller than the group, works great for me. Continue to Page 2…

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Avengers 6″ Hulk Review

  1. “Puny god”

    Nice line-up! Wish I could even SEE these in a store. I’m half tempted to hit some of the sellers on Amazon.

    So, where’s Nick Fury and Black Widow? 🙂

    And there does need to be an Agent Coulson figure. Yes there does.

    1. I’ve been writing to Hasbro about why they didn’t make the new Iron Man armor or a Black Widow for this line for months now, all I get are “the decision was made by the marketing department” and a thanks for my business 🙁 but anyway great review Noisy! I have to agree that this is probably the best figure this year so far!

        1. I just figured there wouldn’t be. which sucks because based on the recent Marvel Legends, they could without doubt make a Black Widow figure that would blow Mattel’s Anne Hathaway Catwoman figure out of the water.

          1. I’d imagine we’d know by now, but there’s a couple unreleased items for the 6″ movie line like an unmasked Cap head and Thor in his more casual blue outfit.

            And Walmart has expanded the peg space for ’em. We can dream…

            1. I just find it odd that this very hard to find EXCLUSIVE wave is pretty much unique sculpts (Thor is same release as last year, with new head), while they can’t do a few new parts for the full retail line of Marvel Legends?

              as for “missing” figures:
              Sam Jackson’s Fury was released last year with the combined 6″ Cap/Thor movie lines, which is probably why we didn’t see him in this wave.

              I know they got a lot of flack for giving Thor his helmet, which he only wore in one scene, which explains his nearly identical figure, here. I know I wouldn’t have minded his sleeveless and capeless version, tho, esp after most of the MU scale figures didn’t have his cape!

              Widow: “Girls don’t sell!” even when they’re played by ScarJo? please. to be fair, they did release the Widow+WS/Bucky 2pk about the same time as IM2, so there is that figure….not.

              Coulson: maybe they assumed there were enough of us customizers out there that we have a choice of 6″ “suit” bodies and could find a decent head for the Son of Coul?
              (I know WWE are a bit thick, and Mattel’s MM lines are a bit small for 6″ scale, but still….)

              1. “Girls don’t sell!” yeah if the head sculpt looks better when you steal the paper bag from the last Cody Rhodes figure and put it on them ::COUGH MADAME HYDRA COUGH COUGH UPCOMING MYSTIQUE COUGH::

        2. Even if there isn’t gonna be a Wave 2, maybe Hasbro will work the ScarJo Black Widow into the Marvel Legends line, kinda like they did with all those X-3 figures from a few years ago. Here’s hoping they give us an Agent Coulson too!

    2. This ended up more in my Hawkeye review, but all the Walmarts near me reset for Fall and all added 6″ Avengers pegs, so they should be getting easier to find.

      Hopefully that also means there’s a future for the line cause I’ll buy all of the ones you name.

  2. Even though I’m pouring all my cash into the Hot Toys Avengers, these figures are still pretty tempting, especially this Hulk. I knew I should have bought him when I saw him for only $18.

    1. They’re showing up in greater numbers here, so you might see ’em again!

      And the Hot Toys ones are impressive, I’d snag ’em if I had the cash!

  3. Darn fine review, as per the norm. I’m just thankful I’ve never been a huge comics fan, otherwise I’d have no money at all and in search of a house just to store all these cool comics toys you’re reviewing.

    Keep up the sterling work!

  4. I found a Hulk last night at a Wal-mart far from where I normally roam, stopped in for something I needed and saw it, picked it up because it is too rare to just sit there. This will be the 3rd I’ve seen and sold for cheap now, I may keep this one.

  5. Great review, and wow, I can totally relate to the hassle of trying to track this guy down at a series of very distant Wal-Marts. I too was angry about it to the point of absurdity as well, lol. I finally had to resort to becoming “that guy” who browses through the boxes while the stock crew was putting up the new reset at Wal-Mart, lol. It paid off though and I managed to beat the other collectors and the multiple scalpers who seem to snag the hard-to-find stuff.

    1. Man, I know some folks hate toy subscriptions (& have good reasons), but it’s so much easier to get my stuff from Mattycollector. My newest MOTU & DC figure just showed up at my doorstep today. No hassle. So much easier than assembling the Avengers!

      I’ve snagged some things out of the pallets before too. Sometimes you gotta!

  6. I scored a fresh case in the WA,MO reset yesterday! Luckily, they were “hidden” on the bottom shelf where not many would think to look.

    I already had Thor and Cap from the store in StL’s West County, @Manchester/141. I passed on IM again, as I wasn’t aware he had a non-scorched version? or is that figure from the IM2 line?

    Hulk I debated on before tossing him in the cart. He was too dark for my tastes, and the top pic of p2 is probably the truest shade of olive tone he is. He’s one character I don’t really follow, but each version does bring something new to the table, be it comic or movie styles. I think the Face-Off(? roaring, more Buscema style) is probably my favorite in scale version, after the ML Valkyrie 2pk version (which was the Red Hulk body with new head), then the first movie version, which is too small for ML scale. Smart hulk was one of my favorites, and the head is the only thing throwing me from liking the ML Gladiator Hulk, much like the Val 2pk version. I missed out on most of the Hulk Classics line when Hasbro took over, so I can’t really compare those.

    I just wish Hasbro would decide on a proper “standard” shade of green, so swapping parts to create a personal “ultimate” Hulk would work better, but most of the molds are pretty unique unto themselves. Rulk/2pk Hulk being a rare exception where the body was re-used with a new head.

    I still haven’t opened this Hulk, or the uber-scarce Hawkeye, but I was messing around with Thor (head hides a big paint rub under left jaw), Cap (ugh! totally prefer the Classic movie Cap over Avengers style), and Loki (minor quibbles, best so far) last night, and Cap with Loki’s helmet looks like Ant-Man, imo! I now expect to see that character wearing a similar helmet style (sans horns) over a Cap-like mask when we get him on the big screen. I might go grab another Cap and custom a “movie” Ant-Man…or just sacrifice this one? hmmm….

    1. That Iron Man looks like either the Iron Man 2 Mark VI or from the 6″ in Armored Avenger line (it’s pretty much the same one).

    2. Are they still scarce up your way? All the pegs filled up around here and have since sold through, but I’m hoping this trend of more WMs carrying the figs isn’t local.

      1. it looked like the only StL area store to get any before now was Manchester/141 until the other day. Washington got a case in, and Onion looks like it go two cases in, but somebody swiped the Hulks and a Hawkeye before I saw it.

  7. living in new york, with no walmarts to even try to look at near by, I basically have to pretend these don’t exist to keep from getting depressed… and you ruined that…

    thanks noisy, now I’m going to be hurt and bitter than I will never have Avengers Cap, Thor or Hulk in this scale… great

    I’m going to go cry now

      1. are you implying that this person, who’s name, I suspect, rhymes with “Boise” might be able and willing to help a walmart-less person out?

  8. Will only ever be an internet legend to me, this line. No Wal-Marts in Australia. 😛

    I went with the Marvel Select ‘Vengers, though. I reckon they look better anyway. Have the CA film Cap, Thor film Thor, Avengers Hulk and IM2 Iron Man. My only quibble is the horrible hip articulation on IM, permantly trapped in a “holding it in” position with his legs. Maybe if I get brave enough, I’ll modified it as he can get a more impressive stance going. Any tips?

    On the plus side, I’m happy just to have the 4 main heroes. I’d love a ScarJo, but won’t die if she never comes. Keep thinking of getting the CA film ML-style Fury but not sure if he’ll fit in scale wise. Not fussed on Hawkeye. For some reason, the actor just irritates me.

    1. The MS ones do look pretty cool. I’ve been tempted. I will be getting that awesome Venom soon!

      I didn’t really notice Renner which I watched The Town, but I enjoyed him quite a bit in Avengers and that got me to watch Hurt Locker. And I want to see the new Bourne, I’m just too busy for the movie theater.

  9. Great review! I still dig the Marvel Select version more, but this is still a top notch hulk figure. Like you, I’ve been seeing these guys around a LOT more with Hawkeye and Hulk sticking around longer than Loki now.

  10. Knowing this was a Wal-Mart exclusive, I think there’s no reason to feel sorry for having felt impatient. I also came across a whole batch of these Hulks, three to be precise, from which I grabbed one for my Avengers collection, but I did so while visiting my in-laws out of state, in Delaware (I live in NJ). I still haven’t seen a complete set at any of the Wal-Marts by my house; but then again, I’m not looking for them as much as I did back when they went for sale. Looking back, maybe I should’ve saved gas and effort in searching for this Hulk by just waiting, but in the world of toy collecting, that could either mean being a happy person or ending with empty hands and having to resort to Ebay and scalpers.

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