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Marvel Legends / Studio Series
Avengers 6″ Hawkeye Review

After Vault snagged Loki coming home from a convention five hours away, and After I snagged a Hulk on a business trip three hours away, all that was left was little Hawkeye. I never thought I’d want a Hawkeye so bad, but between the movie and the hunt, things got crazy.

After weeks of searching for Hawkeye and coming up empty-handed, I’d gotten more than a little frustrated. I started to think about grabbing him online. When I needed two or three of the Avengers figures, it didn’t seem like a good option, but getting down to just one more? It seemed more and more worth it.

I had one business trip scheduled last week and I thought I might get in a last search for Hawkeye before finding a way to grab him online. Then the trip details got switched around and I found myself carpooling with co-workers from another part of the company. Ewww. I couldn’t drag them through fifty-dozen Walmarts and turn this two-hour trip into a proper toy hunt. Still, I waited and fate shone upon me.

In a smallish town about halfway between home and our destination, it was decided we needed a break from driving, to get out of the car and walk around. It was over a hundred degrees, so indoor was a must. Enter Walmart. I had expected to find nothing and, honestly, that’s what it usually seems to take these days. I walked into a fresh case and immediately texted my wife with a pic of Hawkeye in hand! The search was over!

I felt lucky. It wasn’t until a few days later that I realized that nearly every Walmart in the four state area was resetting to a planogram that included three pegs for six-inch Avengers. That did deflate my sails a bit – if only I’d know I could walk in and get these easily, but I don’t care. I found ‘em all. And until Hasbro announces more, and they’d better, the search is complete.*

* – As these new cases are hitting, a few collectors have found some paint variations to Loki, Hawkeye, and Cap. Loki is in brighter colors while Hawkeye & Cap are more muted. I don’t really have a need for any of them, but Cap might look better. So, ah, the hunt begins anew…

Throughout the entirety of my hunt, but more so when I was down to Hawkeye, I had to laugh at all the trouble I was going through to get a Hawkeye figure. Four months ago, I wouldn’t care one lick about getting a Hawkeye. I’m familiar with Marvel’s resident archer, but I just never really cared about him. If you’re a Clint Barton fan, and I know they’re out there, I’m sorry. I’m sure there are lovable things about him, but I have trouble finding them in the past. I’m going to pick up his new ongoing though and try again.

That all changed when I saw the Avengers film. I don’t think the movie changed him in any substantial way, but it made me able to appreciate the character for the first time. The script, and more importantly Jeremy Renner, made me care about Hawkeye after the movie. I think Newsarama put it best in one of their never-ending, banal top ten lists, this one being “Things We Learned from the Avengers Movie”. Right there at the top, “Hawkeye can be cooler”. Based on the first issue of his new series, I think that’s what they’re aiming to do. Anyway, of all the Avengers figures, I would daresay I wanted him most. It’s still funny to me. Continue to Page 2…

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14 comments to Marvel Legends / Studio Series
Avengers 6″ Hawkeye Review

  • Brainlock

    Okay, now I’m curious what “convention” Vault was at up here? Contamination? (I could usually be found hanging at my friend Steve’s table, right behind John Wesley Shipp and across from the “pose in a coffin!” guy.)

    The one I snagged up here at WA,MO store yesterday seems to be the same version you did? I almost went to the Onion store, but it was still warm enough that groceries needed to be dropped off and I had no other reason to run back out. I wish I had AND filled up, as gas jumped $.25 today! D’OH! I had thought about going out to hit it and do laundry, but last time I looked at the clock this AM, it was after 4. :[

    I’m holding off on opening my Hawkeye until I find another, “just in case”. yes, one of my many OCDs, but he can also sub as “Ultimate Hawkeye”, and I think I saw him in the AvX ads wearing a similar costume to his movie appearance?

    I can’t tell if he has any part re-use, other than obvious shoulders, elbows, and ball hips. not sure about biceps? I don’t think the legs have been used before, but they do look like the Punisher/Sam Fury legs a bit.

    It looks like a good figure and likeness of Renner, but in package, mine seems to have a large gap at the torso swivel, much like the pic you have with the chest strap covering the SHIELD logo. so maybe it’s nothing?

    • Brainlock

      finally checked out Onion WM this afternoon, looks like they had two cases, but no Hulks and only one Hawkeye? It looks like their was enough peg space, so someone got to the Hulks and a Hawkeye before I did? I counted 15 figures when I got there.

      checking out the figure out of package: I take back the biceps and joint re-usage as it looks like an all new sculpt. Sucks that the quiver is “closed” at both ends. I’m not sure which end is up, the end with the pointy bits or the end with what may be the …arrowhead rotor (??-as seen in movie)?

      Shoulder strap: superfluous and annoying in that you have to line up the hole in it and on his back to insert the quiver peg. it does appear molded for a better fit on the left shoulder, tho.

      and is it wrong I’m playing with base configurations more than checking out the figures? LOL

      • I thought he was all new, he looked it.

        And, no, I played with the harness quite a bit before I opted to just remove it! I kinda want the harness with the SHIELD logo on it.

    • It was back in late June or early July, right around when he posted the Loki review. I forget the name. He and his “wife” go up there for one con in the Summer normally, I just forget the name.

      I think both the Ultimate and regular comic versions have adopted a costume similar to the movie.

      • Brainlock

        Contamination was mid-June, wkd of 15th, to be exact.
        Ron Jeremy, Seka, Booth Brothers, Peter Mayhew, J LaRose, Ari Lehman, some zombie dudes, Ivan Cryptosis, Jeffrey Combs, one of the original movie TMNTurtles, couple authors, like my friend Steven LaChance (where I was hanging out), the burlesque show, and my dealer, Brendan, is buddies with the guy who ran it, Dave Dyer, and helped him out with security and such.

        Not sure of any others, other than the Metropolis Celebration the wkd before Contamination?

  • X

    Good news for you, Figma is making an avengers and amazing spiderman line of their own.

  • davy

    the size issue with Thor is more obvious with Hawkeye. Thor is like another Hulk to Hawkeye.

    • I do wish both Hawkeye & especially Loki were a little bigger, but I seem to be a little more accepting of the scale on these – I’m not sure why.

  • I wasn’t the least bit interested in this line before, but that Hulk and Hawkeye really get me interested..Great job

    • Thanks! I had to get an older Iron Man (though I wish they’d make a Mark VII), but it’s been a fun to have (though it wasn’t fun to collect…).

  • dayraven

    i was genuinely worried that the film would end up making hawkeye look less than impressive… i was happily delighted. the design of the costume was cool, he was smart and skillful, and kept up easily w/ the more superhuman characters. that, as a very long time hawkeye fan, made me very happy indeed. the fig is a great likeness too.

    • I loved the movie made sure to showcase everybody, particularly by letting Cap, Tony, & Thor just “be themselves” for the most part and letting the three “new” characters shine.

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