September Review Index Update
& Top Reviews for September

Another month has come to a close here at IAT and that means it’s time to update the Review Index with our September articles (& to update Battlegrip’s Review Index too). In addition to the updates, I also thought it’d be fun to look back and see what the top reviews were this month.

When I was putting together BattleGrip‘s Review Index, I kept running across a cool feature at the end of every month that recapped the recent reviews and highlighted the top performers. I thought it might be a cool feature to start up here at IAT so I’m stealing it.

There were 18 reviews at IAT in September with eight from me, five from Vault, and five from our fabulous guest reviewers: Michael Crawford, Poe Ghostal, Phil Reed, Daytime Ninja, & Robert Baldwin! Another huge thanks to each of them for helping out with Son of Guest Review Week!

Here are the Top Ten for September in order:

The August Avengers Captain America review and, strangely, the March review of ML Future Foundation Spidey also cracked the Top Ten, but I figured we’d keep the list to the September Reviews.

It’s no surprise that summer movie toys topped the list, but I was pleasantly surprised to see the two 3rd Party Transformers reviews perform well and check out the Armorvor at No. 6! Nearly half of the September reviews were 7th Market thanks to Glyos System Week and I’m excited to see the Armorvor rise up and duke it out with the big boys to make the Top Ten!

Finally, while we had two theme weeks in September, the aforementioned Son of Guest Review Week and Glyos System Week, I was kinda shocked that we managed to go an entire month without a MOTU Classics Review… and no one mentioned it! Granted, there was only one MOTU Figure in August, Sir Laser Lot, and I’ve admittedly been dragging my heels on him. Look for my review of SLL soon as well as reviews from both Vault & myself on the September MOTU offerings (We could almost do a MOTU theme week this week, but Doomkick.Com beat us to it!).

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& Top Reviews for September

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