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6″ Amazing Spider-Man Review

Before I start this review, I should point out that I… uh,never got around to seeing Amazing Spider-Man. July was kind of a blur, the whole summer has been really, and it ended up falling through the cracks. Heck, I didn’t even know 6” toys were planned when I found them at the store.

A large part of the reason I wasn’t expecting there to be 6” Amazing Spider-Man toys is also because of the timing. The movie came out over two months ago and that’s a bit of a gap between film & figures. It is kinda par for the course as Hasbro seems to be a little off in regards to their 6” movie offerings though. So many of the figures hit well after the fact and we can never seemingly get to much needed “Series 2” for any of the films.

So between Hasbro’s odd timing and my own crazy summer, I had no idea there was even going to be Studio Series figures for Amazing Spider-Man until I stumbled across them in my local SW Missouri Walmart. I found all three figures: Movie Spidey, the new Ultimate Spidey, and the Movie Lizard. The Lizard has some potential – he looks huge in the package (and he is, check this pic from reader FakeEyes22) and he’s got a fun feature – reptile sidekicks! The package points it out twice and there’s even a reptile sidekick printed on the top right corner of his card to help him stand out. But alas… I kept my $16.47 and am currently Lizardless.

I also left Miles Morales behind too. It’s mainly because none of the six I found so far had good paint jobs, but also because of this size. Hasbro did use the Tarantula body so he’s smaller, but he’s not 12 year-old kid small. I’m not sure if I ‘need’ that figure or not. I do like the costume and the character…

So anyway, I did buy one – the Movie Spider-Man. I didn’t really need this figure either, but I got the inclination that he’d look cool hanging out with my Avengers figures. I was right (though shame on me for not throwing War Machine into the shot!)

While scale in the Hasbro movie line is a little off, I find that it works for the most part. I don’t need Hulk any bigger, I don’t mind Thor “god-sized”, etc. (though I hate that Loki isn’t as tall on Thor). Spider-Man fits right into that being good-sized, but a little shorter and leaner than Hawkeye. This actually has me excited for the prospect of more movie figures, should Hasbro ever get to a second assortment of anything or should they work them into future Marvel Legends assortments (with stands, not BAF pieces, of course!).

The sculpt itself, like the Avengers figures is really top notch. There was no likeness to catch here, but the detail on the suit is great throughout. Judging from the pics, it seems to have captured the movie costume nicely, the only deviation being a necessary one to the hips. The only thing I don’t like on the sculpt is where it blocks the hip articulation. I’m not sure if I should blame the lower torso being too wide or the height of the hip swivels, but I’d like him better if I could close his stance up a bit. Continue to Page 2…

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6″ Amazing Spider-Man Review

  1. Maybe Hasbro was timing this to be more in line with the DVD/Blu-Ray release of ASM?

    Then again, since this is a Wally exclusive, this series probably saw the same distribution issues that the 6″ Avengers had.

    Anyway, thanks for the review Noisy. Assuming I can find him, I’ll pick this figure up.

    1. Is the DVD release soon? That’ll prolly be when I see it.

      Good luck in your hunt! I’ve only found these at 2 WMs here so far (and not a nice painted Miles to be had!)

      1. It’s still a bit of a ways off. Amazon has the release date for the DVD/Blu-Ray as November 9th. I thought it was coming out this month, but I was confusing it for the Avengers DVD/Blu-Ray, which is set for September 25th.

  2. i picked up miles yesterday. and he is quite a bit shorter than your average marvel legend(more than a head shorter than big-time spidey) had the good luck of finding one with a great paint job. i don’t know, if you go by the spider-men limited series he’s pretty much the right size(although he’s 13 by then, so maybe he grew a little?) the only fault i found with the figure is that while his head turns 360, it doesn’t have the neck joint like big-time/FF spidey. they did something really cool with his eyes too, they have this cool gloss to them. also they got the back spider, something the marvel universe one didn’t get.

    1. The Tarantula body is smaller, but I forget why. The eyes look cool in the package, but I just couldn’t find a good one – messed up line, red splotches on his torso, all of ’em were a big mess.

  3. I saw these last week at WA,MO WM and wasn’t impressed.
    A- I still don’t like the design of the costume. something about it just seems “off” to me. (Meanwhile, I love the Ben Reilly/Spider-Girl costume variants! go figure!)

    b- that red plastic. I don’t know why, but that color has always screamed “CHEAP!” to me? It’s doing this figure no favors, imo.

    c- I wasn’t that impressed with the movie. It starts out good/decent, but midway through, the whole story starts falling apart for me, like a paint-by-numbers script. Maybe if those missing scenes shown in trailers playing up the mystery of Richard & Mary, or that Indian dude had been left in, it would have been a stronger movie?

    I looked over the other two and Lizard is just ugly. I gave him a once over and put him back, then looked for Miles. I don’t need *every* Spidey/Wolvie/Cap/IM/fillintheblank variant, and I do recognize this IS the current Ultimate Spidey (for now?), but I couldn’t see myself buying him either. If I had to buy one of these three, it would definitely be Miles, tho.

    It could be I’m losing touch with Marvel happenings (I haven’t read a single Ultimate comic in years, and only know of Miles from reading monthly solicits), or it could be my dissatisfaction with comics as a whole right now, plus the rising cost of figures. These were $16…1/2?(.56?) each, which is a good dollar more than WM wanted for the ML figures (Target was -$15) and I want to say slightly more than the Avengers movie figures?

    1. I’m still waffling on the Lizard despite the running gag in the pics. His size and articulation make him impressive, but I’d have to paint over his blue eyes. Some gold or red in there and I think the figure would be a lot more sharp.

      And they were $16.47 like the Dark Knight figures, a little bit more than Avengers. We’re frogs in boiling water, my friend.

      1. you know, I went to double-check that Lizard when I was at WM the other day and totally forgot when I saw they got another refresh of Avengers and was glad to see another Hawkeye so I could custom a Movie Simon Williams. (switch arms with beefier and a few dashes of paint!)

        Yes, I already have a sequel plotted out with how to add several new long-time characters, playing off the alien tech found in the rubble. ;p

  4. I need to pull out my Spidey 1 and 2 figures from Toybiz and see how they fit in with the movie Avengers.

  5. nice… I’m curious to see how bad the Ultimate figure was, paint-wise… but this figure looks nice, much better than the Select one. great review as always

    also, thanks again!

    1. Thanks, Jedi!

      The Miles were terrible. I’m not limited to 140 characters now… the eyes have a cool sheen to them, but the lines around them were sloppy, the lines on the torso were sloppy, it’s a complicated paint mask to be sure, but damn. There was one that had decent head paint, but he had red paint splotches all over his torso. Fail!

  6. I too wasn’t impressed by how flat/2D the figure looked. I differ from other die hard fans of Spidey in that u thought the movie costume looked great. Love the 3D poster/display that was in the the theaters. Made the costume look even more awesome. The web accessories are the real gem of this fig! I’d buy tons of those little webs. So much fun to wrap the around figs to web em up.I did get the Lizard and it has something. Looks great with the rest of Spidey movie rogues. Heres hoping there is a movie version of Electro in near future.

    Your reviews are always so much fun! Love the Hulk holding Spidey pic. The too figures look awesome together. Hulk like bug man!


    1. Thanks!

      The web accessories are the great thing. It was so awesome to open him up and have two more of them pop out. They’re fun.

      And yeah, I’m wavering on Lizard despite the pics I posted. It’s his size that gets me. He’s huge. Much more worth $16.47 than the fig I did buy.

  7. As if I needed more proof that I need this Spidey. Hope my local Wal*Marts get them in soon. Also I figgin’ love your reviews and pics! This site is awesome and always is a good read. 🙂

  8. I did see the movie (it was okay, not great. Not any worse than the Raimi ones, I guess), and have been following the figure news, and I still didn’t know these things were coming. I suppose I should keep an eye out for them. The problem I have with the Mile figure (saw pics on another review site) is not that he’s too tall, but that he’s way too muscular. Spider-Man’s never been drawn that brawny, no matter who’s in the costume or how old they’re supposed to be, so having a 13 year old (still can’t believe they made him that young and we’re supposed to take him seriously as a superhero) be proportioned that way doesn’t work. It’s worse than the DCUC wave 3 Robin fiasco.

    1. I saw the unmasked Spider-Man somewhere in the SDCC pics I think, but I’ve also seen the unmasked Cap and the ‘casual’ Thor, so it’s not saying much from Hasbro at this point (Or heck, the unmasked 4″ War Machine!).

      OAFE has a review of Miles up right now and his musculature is a big part of it too. He’s just not quite right, but he’s likely the only Ultimate Spidey coming in 6″, so it’s a hard decision.

    2. James – he can’t be any more ripped than the Kenner Total Justice/JLA line. People were joking that they were all skinned and the costumes spray painted on, they were so obviously over-muscled.

      Noisy – the first pics of Thor 2 were released this morning and it looks like Chris won’t be wearing sleeves again? A small change, but one I liked in Avengers.
      or maybe he is, as SHH used a sleeveless pic on FB, but all the photos come from a battle scene with Jamie/Sif and he has them, so maybe he switches like in Avengers?

      1. I hated sleeveless Thor. It made him look weaker. The rubber sleeves aren’t perfect by a long shot, but he looks better with them than bare-armed. I’d have preferred if they’d tried to get something a little more metal-looking like in the comics (in the comics they’re chainmail, the criss-cross pattern is an artistic shortcut).

        Back to the ASM figures, I was hit over the head today with the realization of just what a f***ing frustrating hobby toy collecting is today. I didn’t even know these figures existed until yesterday, I planned on hitting a few Walmarts on the way to work, and then I found the whole wave at the first stop. The frustration set in when I realized I couldn’t remember the last time anything like that happened. Early Toy Biz Marvel Legends, maybe?

        It usually takes multiple stops and many stores across weeks or even months, if I can even find the figures at all (there are some DCUC figures I know I’ll never see with my own eyes), and sometimes hunting for things that I’m not even sure are out there yet (YJ Kid Flash and Batman, Movie Masters John Blake and R’as Al Ghul). It took me weeks just to find a Walmart nearby that even carried the 6″ Avengers line, and several months to actually complete the line-up (as complete as it can be. Thanks, Hasbro, for leaving us one team member short). And I never saw the 6″ Thor and Cap toys.

        1. I’d rather have him sleeveless, so the audience can see he might actually have the strength to back up his attack rather than have it implied through the bulkiness of the costume. Of course, he did spend half his first movie without that armor, so…?

          I do know the comic design is an armor shortcut, like Cap’s “fish scales”, but it looks like Marvel is updating it by having half-chainmail, half costume? Check out the latest Avengers #1 on Newsarama or some other site promoting the latest Marvel NOW! relaunches. Even his helmet is being lowered to protect his face for some inane reason.

          I do agree that we had almost no advance word on this summer’s Avengers figures, and I hadn’t heard a thing about these ASM figures, but I’m down to here and maybe the AFi frontpage for news, with the occasional bit from ENI or other collectors on FB. btw, did you hear ML s3 is already hitting? yeah.

          I just complained on the Ra’s review that I haven’t found him, Blake, or Selina (or regular Gordon with intact Bat-signal) yet due to the “exclusive” case mixes, and I did manage to find the YJ Kid Flash …loose on the ‘bay. I really would like the full box set for the accessories, as I got some little clear yellow triangle thingie which apparently plugs into his back? I also only saw the Superboy and sportsmaster sets a few times and grabbed SM, then wound up buying Sb loose on the ‘bay as well.

          It’s not just the lack of word on some of these, or even “secret spoilery figures” like Ra’s and the Chitauri, as I found out about a new Classic Who set coming out in a few weeks and Character Options has been guarding their releases like they were nuclear launch codes. We knew there were prototypes for Rory, Jamie, and…Jo Grant(?), and we finally got word on Rory and an exclusive Forbidden Planet variant a few weeks ago, but now they announced the unexpected Sutekh and Mummies 3pk yesterday, which took Classic Whovians by surprise. Still no word on Jamie or Jo, tho, much less the Brigadier or any number of classic companions. (Or modern, as this summer’s SDCC release of Churchill just needs a few tweaks and a rubber muumuu for Dorium Maldovar! LOL)

          1. The problem is no mortal man can possibly be as powerful looking as Thor is supposed to be. Hemsworth is buff, no doubt, but he’s not really any more muscular than Chris Evans. Standing Thor and Cap side-by-side, there needs to be some way to bulk Thor up a little bit. Cap is the ultimate human specimen, Thor is more than human.

            I found Catwoman the same time I found the rest of wave 1, at a TRU about a week or two after the figures first dropped, and I haven’t seen her since. They had one each of the goggles-up, goggles down versions, and since the eye paint on the goggles-up version was pretty bad, I went with the goggles-down version, thinking that if I really ended up wanting the other one, I could pick it up later when I could look for a better paint job. Silly me. I haven’t seen her in stores since. Alfred I saw once after that (a week or two later at a Walmart), and John Blake and R’as Al Ghul I can’t testify to even being released, though my area is somewhat notorious for being poorly stocked and scalper heavy.

            Finding a figure on eBay doesn’t really count as “finding” it, though, and that’s one of the things that gets me so frustrated about this hobby. I know if I really, really want KF and Batman, I’ll probably have to go to eBay, and there’s a good chance that’s the only way I’ll ever get John Blake and R’as. I’m sure at some point I’ll even go back and get a 6″ movie Nick Fury. It’s just frustrating as hell that “mass market” figures are often only available at high premiums on the secondary market.

            By the way, what accessories did your Kid flash come with? I wouldn’t mind buying one loose, but at the very least I’d want both sets of antennae. Some of the auctions have pictures of the figure with no antennae at all.

            1. I got my Kid Flash loose, and he only came with the yellow “blur”-? that plugs into his back. I can only guess it’s the peg that holds the “speed motion” banner attached to him.

              As for more “comic accurate” muscles on Thor, look at Scott Steiner, other WWE/MMA/wrestling-type actors, or some of those really freaky muscle men. I stumbled across a link to some last week and it looked like photoshop, with biceps wider than their chests, and thighs/calves just as thick, with tiny looking knee and elbow joints and even small waists below big chests, and tiny little heads on almost all of them, except for the guy who looked like a humpback with his bulging neck/back. It was fascinatingly gross.

              Just google “extreme weight lifting” images and the first two pics that show up are prime examples. I think the first one is the hunchback I saw?

              1. The problem there is that those guys can’t act. You need someone who can act, which Chris Hemsworth can, and he can get pretty damn buff for a normal guy, but he’s not going to be able to turn himself into one of those types. So you get a guy who can act, who can get into really good shape, and then you make him seem “more than mortal” through costume, make-up, camera tricks, etc.

                It’s why they had a black Kingpin in the Daredevil movie. They tried out all kinds of pro wrestlers and the like, guys who looked like the comic book Kingpin, but none of them could act their way out of a paper bag. They ended up going with a guy who was big enough and is a great actor, who maybe looked a little less like the character in the comics (though he still looked a heck of a lot more like the Kingpin than John Rhys Davies did in “Trial of the Incredible Hulk”).

                1. I was less annoyed by Thor’s leaner build than I was by the guy who just came off Punisher: War Zone and played Volstagg by putting on a big beard and padding to play “fat”.

                  JRD claimed had he known the Kingpin was bald, he would have shaved. uh, dude. there were comic chops all over then and we’re sure someone at Marvel would have given you copies of whatever reference you wanted.

  9. I grabbed Miles over the weekend, and the figure is just as disappointing as I had anticipated. However, I love the Ultimate Spidey comics, and even though I’m still upset about the decision to kill Peter Parker, I have enjoyed Miles as Spidey (so far, anyways), and I really wanted a figure of this character, no matter how much of a letdown the figure is. Also, as everyone keeps saying, it’s unlikely that we’ll ever see another Legends-scale figure of this character, so, basically, I felt obligated to buy him. I wasn’t even tempted to grab Lizard. I wasn’t impressed by the character in the movie, so I didn’t even look twice at the figure. I did, however, want an Andrew Garfield Spidey, since I thought he was a great Peter Parker, but all of the movie Spideys had terrible paint applications. The eyes were horribly sloppy, and every figure had stray black marks on the torso from paint that wasn’t applied correctly to the Spider-emblem. Luckily, the majority of the Miles I saw were in good shape. Only a couple had paint issues (of course on the eyes and emblem). I still want an Andrew Garfield Spidey, so I’m tempted to pick up the Marvel Select figure instead.

    1. yeah, that’s part of my questioning: is this Miles’ only shot?
      maybe is we had gotten more Ultimate characters before, he’d be a “must buy”, but we haven’t had too many and even movie Fury has to do double duty is you want a Marvel Movie shelf and an Ultimate(s) shelf display.

      1. There was an Ultimate Nick Fury in a 2-pack with a WW2 Ultimate Cap a couple years ago. The movie Fury is mostly reused from that figure with a new head.

        1. oh yeah, I forgot about them. My Marvel shelves don’t stand as well and I just got tired of picked them up so they’re all in piles now. LOL

      2. Lol, it’s funny that you mention the terrible lack of Ultimate figures. Just a few days ago, I was complaining to a friend that my 4 random Ult. X-Men characters look so lonely by themselves. I love the Ultimate U and it’s been discouraging that both Toy Biz and Hasbro gave us so few Ultimate characters. And to add insult to injury, most of the Ultimate figures have been so tragically disappointing (like Hasbro’s weird-looking goateed Wolvie, and the awful shiny “SilverHawks” Ult. Iron Man figure). If memory serves, most of Toy Biz’s Ultimate figures came from those hit-or-miss “Classics” lines that were never as high-quality as their Legends counterparts.

        1. It’s funny that you should say that, because when I think of Ultimate figures, my first thought goes to the Ultimate Captain America figure from TB ML wave 8. Which, in my opinion, is a fantastic figure of an absolute crap costume (to me, every attempt to “modernize” or “make realistic” Captain America’s uniform has failed, including the films and the upcoming “Marvel NOW!” version). I couldn’t wait for it to get retooled as a proper Captain America, which it thankfully did in the Face Offs series, a figure that, aside from the goofy giant-flared gloves, is probably still the best 6″ Cap ever made.

          1. Oh yeah, I had completely forgotten about that Cap figure! Yeah, I agree, that was an excellent figure. I never picked one up (not really a Cap fan, or even much of an Avengers fan either), but I’ve seen it in person (a couple of my friends managed to snag the figure years back). I wish that Toy Biz had designed their other Ultimate figures that well :p

        2. Ultimate Abraham Logan! LOL
          I was actually eying his arms for Hawkeye to make a movie Simon Williams, but wasn’t sure if I had an extra spare or not to swap limbs. I can’t get to the box with the spare Hasbro MLs at the moment. :/
          (swapping arms with the TB Wonder Man is ok, but his arms are “tanned” and the brown skin tone clashes with the shoulders and head/neck of Renner’s figure. I could always paint the long sleeves, tho.)

    1. I was against that at the start too, but once I realized that in his first appearance, Lizard didn’t have a snout like we’re used to , I was a little more ok with it, and once I watched the movie and realized that the Lizard seems to not quite be done mutating all the way (four fingers on one hand and five on the other) I decided that I was fine with it, because not only are they homaging his first appearance, but they’re not completely ruling out the possibility of him having a snout later on in the franchise.

    2. Forget that he has a human face, I just loved that they went through the trouble of making a bid budget CGI Lizard look as much like a guy in make-up as possible. There’s Caucasian flesh tone around his eyes in some shots.

  10. I love that the details on the prototype pic on the back and the actual figure are MASSIVELY different. while the production figure is textured very nicely, the prototype was just a smooth suit with a few sculpted lines, and the prototype actually had better articulation by one point. the one is that they proto had a waist swivel. also, am I the only one that’s kinda intrigued by the fact that the wrist articulation doesn’t match on Spidey and Hawkeye?

  11. My view any version of that movie Lizard. Get rid of the tail, put some ragged pants and presto custom.classic Killer Croc. I did like the film but admit the gloves to the costume.I didn’t care for and have yet to see these here but Miles would be the buy for me. Still hunting the ultimate duo to get for a cousin that is a big Marvel fan.

    Need a pick up Spidermen.

  12. I’m surprised these are only now turning up in the States. In Australia, a local retail chain here (Big W) had these when the movie was released, maybe even before.

    I think they’re still at most Big W stores, too. They look pretty average.

  13. I’m floored that these have actually been selling in my area! Most likely it’s just scalpers capitalizing on the “new-release frenzy” that is still surrounding these figures, but there are NONE still in stock. I was at 5 different Wal-Marts, looking for the new Marvel Legends wave, only a few days after buying my Miles, and all of the Amazing Spidey figures have been purchased. The Avengers figures (well, all except for Hulk and Hawkeye) have consistently been in stock and have never sold like that, and those figures (and the corresponding movie) are definitely superior. AND there were quite a few re-released wave 2 Marvel Legends in stock too. I just can’t wrap my head around why anyone would leave perfectly adequate Marvel Legends on the pegs and snag a bunch of mediocre Spidey figures :p

    1. If there’s one thing in the toy aisle, it’s never underestimate Spider-Man!

      I think these will still ultimately pile up (the second wave was announced, it’s the same figures with the unmasked head thrown in and – surprise – it includes the regular head too, so this figure is a dumb buy now), but Spider-Man can move a lot of units… though the massive 4″ section doesn’t look to be going as well.

      But yeah, people don’t care about good toys as much as favorite characters. Sad really.

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