Vault Review: Club Infinite
Earths Mirror Master

With DCUC currently MIA and DC Direct focusing on video games and all things Nu, the Club Infinite Earths subscription has been my only link to the comics and characters I love.  And now with Rocket Red out of the way, it’s pure character gold for the rest of the year!

Mirror Master isn’t the most glamorous DC Classics figure, but he sure goes a long way in helping flush out one of the sparser corners of everyone’s collection: Flash’s Rogues.  I’m not sure how many years the DC sub will be around, but I have the feeling it’s going to be a challenge completing the core members of the Rogues in their most iconic forms.

Luckily for us, Mirror Master’s costume never really changed over time.  A few small details were added and taken away, but his design has remained mostly the same even when the characters underneath the mask were changed out.  So even though this figure’s bio calls him McCulloch, he could just as easily be Scudder.

Mirror Master uses the same standard buck body that we all know and love.  Like the rest of the Club figures, his body is a bit taller than his DC Classics counterparts.  I don’t really mind that Mattel has switched to a slightly taller buck because it adds a bit more variety to the shelf.  But I do think they need to definitely keep this in consideration depending on the character.  There’s really no excuse for a figure like Superboy Prime to be taller than Superman.

MM’s new elements are comprised of add on pieces.  There’s his belt, which has a few sculpted lines to give it more detail.  His two mirror gun holsters are large, but they can be removed if you’re not a fan.  There are also the folds of his cowl that rest around his neck.

The figure’s best new feature is obviously his head.  The Four Horsemen did a good job of reproducing the details of the figure’s look.  But what really impressed me was the expression they sculpted on his face.  He has this perfect sly and smarmy look that really gives the figure a definite personality.  Of course I might feel this a bit stronger from my figure since eyes were painted leering slightly to the left, so he always looks like he’s up to something.  Continue to page 2…

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Earths Mirror Master

  1. Great pics for this one Vault. I really dig this guy and my first read with the charactet came from a Secret Origins ishbwhere they all teamed up to stop Grodd. Was a fun book too. Always made me think if theybdidn’t become villians they would be an fun team book to read with guest spots of the flash.

    I keep him on the shelf with the other two and Reverse Flash. Just in seperate spots. Waiting on the classic Digger as well. Bring on Heatwave, Weather Wizard, Piper, and Trickster. I need to get Grodds arms and legs.

    1. Thanks J!

      A good portion of the Rogues went straight after they got their souls back from Neron in the 90’s. It didn’t last long, but those were some good stories. But I’m a sucker for the “bad guy tries to go good” storyline.

  2. Its always a pleasure adding another Rogue to the shelf! Im glad they went all out with the mirror guns, he would be missing something without them and the open and closed barrels is great.

  3. Great pictures, Vault! This figure turned out really nicely, and I’m hoping we see at least a couple more Rogues before this line inevitably wraps up. Weather Wizard in his “Modern” costume and classic Trickster get my vote. Girder would be cool too (not because the character is any good, but just because the 4H would sculpt the Hell outta him.) Nice review, as always.

    1. Thanks TC! I can’t say I’m a fan of Girder as a character, but the 4H would definitely do a kick ass job on his sculpt.

      1. Thanks, Logan & DR! I’m glad people are liking them. There was definitely a lot of trial and error…

  4. Seriously awesome pics in this review! I’m so mad my sub got messed up that I missed Mirror Master and Black Mask!

  5. MM is okay, considering he’s a few new bits on a basic buck, and technically an “army builder” if you’d like, even if it’s just two for Scudder and McCulloch. I think I’m keeping my older DCD on the shelf for the SA Scudder.

    James Jesse Trickster has usually been at the top of lists, so the fact he was overlooked again for the “simpler design” of MM is annoying. This guy is okay, but the fact his design IS so simple means he’s an easy figure to keep doing in various lines, unfortunately.

    MM and Cold both have DCD, JLU, and now DCUC versions, and Cold has had multiple DCDs on top of that! Reverse Flash almost counts, as his JLU Lord Flash was really an android(?) Wally created by the Lex/Brainiac fusion. He’s not really Thawne or Zolomon. :/

    Grodd tops that list with the recent Brave & Bold line, as well as multiple DCDs.

    What would it take for:
    Trickster: redeco Alan Scott body, new head, switch calves/feet for Deadman’s? I’m sure we can muster up a few widgets for him to play with?

    Golden Glider: Star Sapphire base, skirt (Supergirl?), new feet (Robin with skates?), new head

    Heatwave: hmmm…he would be pretty much an all/80% new sculpt, wouldn’t he? He’s basically wearing coveralls, not skintight outfit, so we need the looser clothing with boots (flat top) and gloves. plus the gun, holster, and backpack.

    Piper: Deadman with Alan’s arms? new head, pipes, satchel.

    Weather Wizard: Deadman, new head, regular feet, wand.

    Zoom/Zolomon: seriously, WHY wasn’t Thawne 50/50 with Hunter? one slight head/belt deco away….but then look how long it took to get WALLY.

    Magenta: full mask = basic F buck (Katma?) and new head. unmasked Frances is basically same with new hair/head.

    Rainbow Raider: basic buck, new head, rainbow gun (too much to ask for a (vinyl) rainbow slide?)

    1. There’s a rumor that Trickster was scheduled to be released in the DC Classics line (Not sure which wave, Noisy might remember though). Supposedly he ended up being cut because DC would only allow Matty to do Johns’ modern version and not the classic Silver Age character.

      Don’t know how accurate that is, but there’s definitely a pattern with the figures that favors Johns’ interpretations and characters.

      1. Oh wow, that’d anger a lot of people. I hope it’s not true.

        Great pics! And like many others here, I too would like to see more Rogue figures.

  6. I know Johns gets alot of flack these days, but I really did love his Wally West run on Flash, especially towards the end with Howard Porter. Wally West was the kind of slacker superhero I could relate to. He was so fast that it just wasn’t all that much trouble to foil a bank robbery or fix your car when you’re broke down on the side of the road. A big part of the reason I enjoyed the book in this era though was all the cutaways to the Rogues. Really you could have called the book “Flash and the Rogues”, but I just loved it, and amongst the Rogues Evan McCulloch was my favorite by a decent margin.

    I don’t collect this line, but I do hope they manage to get through Weather Wizard, Heat Wave, Trickster, Piper and a proper Captain Boomerang before the sub ends. I would definitly try to get them if they were all available. I’m not confident they’ll get there but a guy can dream!

    I’m interested to know if I’m the only person who would prefer Trickster II. Much like McCulloch vs Scudder, I feel that Axl Walker has had better characterization work done on him than James Jesse and is basically more interesting than Trickster I. I imagine most people will be in the James Jesse camp but I’d like to know what actual collectors of the line think.

    Wally and the Rogues for me were definitly the biggest heartbreak of the Nu 52. Barry for me should never have come back. He essentially gave his life to bring us the Post-Crisis DC continuity and while I was always greatful to him for it, I never really knew him. I suppose it is apropos that he should come back to usher us out of that continuity, but I don’t think I’ll ever love him for it. 🙁

    1. I definitely side on team Jesse. Not so much the early stuff, but I loved him in Underworld Unleashed. And like I said in an earlier post, I’m a sucker for the “bad guy going good” storyline.

  7. Love, LOVE the photos you did Vault:) You sir, are the man when it comes to stuff like that. I tip my hat off to ya’:)

    And no selling required on my part. I love the way the 4Horseman really did a bang-up job on ol’ McCulloch. As the Brits say, Do want!!!!!!

    I also agree with most, if not all of you guys that it’s long over-due to finish off the rest of the Rogues.

    I second @Brainlock’s really good suggestions on how to make them. Here’s hoping Mattel/DC/4Horsmen follow your advice.

    My thing is, and I’ve long suggested this, but make 5-pack collector’s set of the Rogues.

    1). Weather Wizard
    2). Heatwave
    3). The Trickster w/ a Trickster II variant
    4). Pied Piper
    5). The Top or Abra Kadabra
    With build in pieces to make either classic Capt.Boomerang(which should’ve already been made instead of the newer version) or the Rainbow Raider

    make it happen please:(

    1. Thanks, flame! Really appreciate the compliments.

      It would be awesome to get a Rainbow Raider! And the rest of the Rogues would be ok too 😛

  8. Those pics told a terrific story in just a few panels. Excellent job, Vault!

    The head sculpt for MM is practically McCulloch but he could easily pass for Scudder. Brainlock makes a good point about army building the dude. Great parts rundown, too.

    I wouldn’t mind either version of Trickster but not giving us Digger in his classic costume was a huge mistake. That Brightest Day look didn’t last a couple of years before Flashpoint rendered it moot. A classic Digger is a must for both the Rogues and the modern Suicide Squad.

    1. Thanks, Clutch! I had some dialogue to go with it, but I think the pics turned out good enough to not need it.

      Personally, I want the classic Trickster. And a proper Silver Age Boomerang is definitely a must. Hopefully it’ll happen in the club line.

    2. I don’t know, Clutch, I think Digger’s been sporting that look over in the NU52 “Suicide Squad” book. And I think I like the Longshoreman skull-cap better than the 70’s-era-McDonalds-fry-cook-hat, to be honest. But I understand; the line was called DCU CLASSIC, so stick with one era, Mattel!

      1. Actually, I think it was meant to be a military style cap (Marines/AF), if not an airline style (like stewardesses wear), NOT a paper McD cap. I’m not up to date on Australian military styles, but I know these were still in style in US military when Digger was introduced. I think the USAF might still wear them, unless they switched to berets like Army?

        And you could argue dc “Classic” and Marvel “Legends” all you want when there’s a “HOT NEW THING!” or “updated/modern look” that could make the company money faster. I remember all the hubbub when X-23 was announced shortly after she made the jump from X:Evolution to comics and was still too new to have any depth other than “She-Wolvie!CLONE!” The only comparable DC character would be Harley, and her only complaint was “too blue!” for her face deco.

        Having a “modern” Digger is better than NO Boomerbutt, imo. Then again, look at CnC Metallo and ML Ultron, who were both given “new improved” looks by sculptors. Luckily, Jesse and the ToyBiz crew were able to give Ultron a more classic head, but Metallo was too far along to correct anything. Not that Matty would ever change anything we complain about (J-Legs Unlimited!)

        1. Well, I’m not sure saying the hat is “like what stewardesses wear” actually helps make the case for the classic costume. It may have been originally intended as a “military style cap,” but when paired with a flowing scarf, a tunic with a pattern of tiny boomerangs, and the whole kit-and-kaboodle belted and cinched, resulting in a “blouse” effect, well my friend, you’ve just gone from “Green Beret military-look” to “Michael Jackson faux military look.” I’m not a big blouser, personally, and even less a fan of blousing in general. Also, I think I’m just going to keep saying the word “blouse.” Blouse blouse blouse blouse. Hey, it’s a funny word. Sue me. 😉

          1. IT’S A HIGHLANDER SHIRT!!!
            scroll down and it’s advertised as such! right there next to my cuz Mac and his husband! (not the shirtless dude or Braveheart wannabe.)




            okay, not really, it was a loose blouse-y jacket, but the first image of that cap that popped into my head was Tegan Jovanka, who was a stewardess on Doctor Who. Military came right after, tho, honest! LOL

              1. LOL! Nice, I see what you mean now. Also, I’m glad Digger is keeping the tradition of Scottish boomerang-hurlers alive and well!

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