Vault Review: S.H. MonsterArts
Little Godzilla

I’m following up our Reviewapalooza II week with a figure from one of my favorite toy lines, Bandai of Japan’s S.H. MonsterArts.  I never expected the line be so extensive that I’d get a Little Godzilla figure.  But I’m certainly glad they made him, even if he isn’t entirely perfect.

Little Godzilla here isn’t technically a regular release in the MonsterArts line.  He’s technically the third Tamashii web exclusive, following the Godzilla and Mecha Godzilla effects parts.  But unlike those first two, Bandai of Japan allowed Bluefin to import Little Godzilla and sell him on Amazon so that US fans wouldn’t miss out on a new figure.  Definitely a very cool move on BoJ’s and Bluefin’s parts.

Little Godzilla has an all new sculpt, and it’s just as nicely detailed as you’d expect.  His entire body is covered in bumpy scales, similar to Big G.  The spiny outcroppings along his back are small and rounded, looking more like rocks than armored plates.  Even the bottom of his feet have been given sculpted details.

Probably Little G’s most impressive area is his head though.  He has similar features of Godzilla, but they’ve all been smushed down into a movie accurate chibi-like look.  His mouth only has a single row of teeth along the top and bottom, while his tongue is round and smooth.  But it’s ultimately his huge round eyes that give him his childlike look.  Out of the various different versions of Godzilla’s kids, Little G here is probably the cutest.  Or at the very least, he’s not as disturbing as the others.

One of the odd things about this figure is his construction.  The different pieces of the figure fit together in a way that looks like a suit over a person.  This is a similar construction to the line’s first Godzilla figure, and it makes me wonder how early on Little Godzilla was designed.  The biggest issues are his diaper-like crotch and upper chest, which look a bit like boobs because of how they’re sculpted.

Like the body design, Little Godzilla’s articulation has its good and bad points.  Like the other MonsterArts figures, the majority of his joints are ball joints.  Even his lower jaw is attached with a ball joint, it’s forced to move like a hinge through the limitations of his sculpt though.  His torso is articulated at the upper chest and waist.  His arms have shoulder, elbow and wrist ball joints.  But his legs have the most articulation with hip, double knee, and ankle ball joints.  The ones in his leg are done so well that he can actually sit down.  Continue to page 2…

6 thoughts on “Vault Review: S.H. MonsterArts
Little Godzilla

  1. Agree Leon that is adorable. Now I wish I didn’t toss my old dino erasers if I find him. Honestly the first pic of Big G and Lil G together has a ” You making fun of my kid! Don’t make me come over there and kick your arse” vibe. Which works well with these.

  2. Aww, he’s a cute ickle snookums, yes, he is! Great review, adorable final shot.

    Still not smitten enough to drop that kind of wonga, especially on something where I won’t be collecting the rest of the line. But thanks for sharing in your usual excellent way!

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