Updated Checklists
& Review Index

I took some time out last night to get a little more caught on the various site checklists. Most of the work was on a couple I can’t announce yet, but we’ve got changes to the MOTU, Marvel, DC, & Spy Monkey checklists. And the Review Index has been updated too.

Updated: 08-30-12

Updated: 08-30-12

Updated: 08-30-12

Updated: 08-30-12

These updates were mostly just recent or technical in nature. The Upcoming Releases page of MOTUClassics.Com is ready for the September sale and the 2012 & Reissues Page pages have been updated as well. I’ve still got to sit down and get the SDCC Bios added to the Bios Page, but otherwise MOTU should be good to go.

DCClassics.Com is still a work in progress as the line is changing over to Unlimited. It’s still in need of a 2013 page (which will likely have a new non-Super Powers look) for the newest reveals including nu Wonder Woman DKR Batman, Zur-en-Arrh Batman, & Injustice Batman and then I’ll move the 2013 Club Infinite Earths offerings to that page as well. For now, most everything is on the 2012 Page

The Marvel Universe checklist had some dates removed for now and some new images added of upcoming product. I just got an e-mail in last night about some missing variants (namely the lighting deco modern Thor and bluer WW2 Cap) and I’ll have those added here soon.

All signs are pointing to a big update on the Spy Monkey front being in our near future, but today’s update is adding some cool builds from around the web to showcase what can be done with the gear. The invitation is still open for folks wanting to have their own builds added to the archive. I’d love to see more on that page.

Finally, as I mentioned in the opener, the Review Index is updated through yesterday’s Captain America review.

Updated: 07-18-12

Updated: 04-15-12

Complete: 01-01-12

Updated: 02-03-11

Complete: 09-30-11

Complete: 09-30-11

Complete 09-30-11


7 thoughts on “Updated Checklists
& Review Index

  1. I wonder if what you worked on has to do with that new line SpyMonkey will unveil in the fall?

  2. err….i thought for September there was a Weapons RACK….it didn’t say anything about Weapons PAK….i am so confused.

  3. Hey folks…the Zodak reissue entry looks like it mistakenly got Scare Glow’s details. At least I hope so, ‘cuz my Zodak didn’t come with a reliquary and a scythe.

    Thanks for keeping up with these, I use them to remind myself every month!

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