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G.I. Joe: Pursuit of Cobra
Wave 6 Crazylegs Review

G.I. Joe Review: Pursuit of Cobra
Wave 4 Low-Light

I got really into 25th Joes a few years ago. The figures weren’t always perfect, but with a healthy dollop of nostalgia, they got the job done. When the movie figures eclipsed the anniversary, I bought some. The verdict? Better figures, but not better designs. This weekend, I bought a Joe that had it all.

Vault Review:
POC Cobra Commander

Who thought that Tommy from 3rd Rock would actually play a convincing Cobra Commander? Not I. But I was wrong. So, after the movie was over, I went out for an action figure of the Commander in his newest duds. But none were to my liking, until now. Say hello to the new face of Cobraaaaa!

Vault Review:
GI Joe Wolf Hound

When my TRU finally received the Pursuit of Cobra HISS Tank, I had to have it. My year-long wait was finally over. But there was another vehicle at TRU that day. It had a new name and a new driver, but I knew it from my childhood. I had to have the Wolf Hound too.

Vault Review:
GI Joe HISS Tank

A little over a year ago, the IAT crew trekked to Kansas City to cover the annual G.I. Joe convention, Joe Con. During the Hasbro panel, the convention room was treated to a surprise: the unveiling of the brand new H.I.S.S. Tank. After a year, I finally got a chance to own one.

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