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DCClassics.Com Review:
Robin & Variant Robin


Bane Week rolls on with what was likely the most anticipated figure from the wave: Robin. Robin was also the variant figure for this wave; getting packaged with either a Bronze or a Golden Age head. I should warn you before we get into the review,, there’s been another broken joint.

DCClassics.Com Review:
Azbat / Azrael Batman


Bane Week continues with a look at “Azrael Batman” – at least that’s what Mattel calls him on the box. In the comics, he’s simply the second Batman, referred to by fans as “Azbat”. I don’t really care what he’s called, he’s a cool figure and it’s particularly fitting that he’s included as a character needed to build Bane.

DCClassics.Com Review:
Mercury of the Metal Men


Bane Week kicks off with a look at Mercury. Mercury is important to your collection if you’re trying to build Bane or complete your Metal Men team and that’s about it. I wanted to be excited about him, but I was disappointed by some of the design choices. And then, he broke. Kinda put a damper on things…

DCClassics.Com Review:
Riddler & Jonah Hex


An odd pair to be sure, but with theme waves coming I figure I should take advantage of the dissimilar characters offered in DCUC16. I’ve been looking forward to picking up this version of Riddler. I wanted Hex too, but I had fears about how Mattel would handle him. Sadly for Hex, both figures met my expectations.

Costume Consensus:
DC Classics Elongated Man


Whether it’s for a few years or a few panels, all comic book characters change costumes over the course of their publishing history. In Costume Consensus, we poll our readers about which costumes they’d prefer to buy when their favorite characters are finally turned into action figures. This week: Elongated Man!

Green Lantern vs. Sinestro Review


Normally, I gobble up DC Classics releases as soon as possible. I like DC and I’ll buy figures of just about anybody. Add that to the fact that I’ve only seen some figures once or twice, and I’ve learned to buy ’em when I see ’em. But this 2pk? I left it at TRU plenty of times. It just didn’t seem worth it.

GL Classics Manhunter Review

We’re closing out our Green Lantern Classics reviews with a look at the wave’s armybuilder, the Manhunter. I have no love for the concept of the Manhunters, the figure’s rather bland, and you’re probably going to be wondering why I actually bought two Manhunters by the end of the review.

Black Hand & Abin Sur Review


We’re still making our way through Green Lantern Classics reviews and today we’re looking at the two Black Lanterns from the first wave: Black Hand & Abin Sur. Well, it’s not really a figure of Abin Sur, but I have to call him that in the title so folks can find the review. Don’t worry, I’ll explain it all after the jump.

Updates to

With Toy Fair about a month away, I figured I should go through each IAT Checklist and make sure they’re all up to date, so there’s no backlog when the news and updates start rolling in from New York over Valentine’s Day weekend. First up, a big update to DCClassics.Com.

Costume Consensus:
DC Universe Classics Huntress

For 2011, we’re kicking off a new feature here at IAT to replace the semi-retiring Most Requested column. On Thursdays (usually), we’ll be polling our readers about which costumes better deserve the plastic treatment. This column will be open to any character in any toy line. And, as always, we’ll be taking your submissions.

DC Classics vs MOTU Classics
Wave 2 Review


Last year, someone at Mattel got this crazy notion to package MOTU & DC Comics figures together. Honestly, it’s the kind of oddball idea that I have to appreciate, but I wish the final product were as cool as the idea. Today, I’m looking at Aquaman vs. Mer-man & Hawkman vs. Stratos.

DCClassics.Com: Sinestro Corps Mongul Review


I was going to pair Mongul up with the Manhunters for a “figure I like” versus “figure I don’t like” review, but the holidays and trips to see the in-laws have changed my plans. Mongul is getting a solo review, but is he the figure I liked or the I figure I didn’t? If you’re a DC Comics reader, I bet you already know.

Site Update: DCUC Wave
17, Panthor, & King Hssss


Mattel is at it again with Facebook updates! Giving us our first look at packaged shots of Panthor & King Hssss as well as our first glimpse of DC Universe Classics Wave 17 featuring the *yawn* Blackest Night Lantern deputies and a collect & connect of the modern version of the Anti-Monitor.

DCClassics.Com: Green Lantern
Kyle Rayner Review


For a line based on Green Lanterns, it’s kinda funny that the first wave included only one. And an interesting one at that, with five Hals, 2 Johns, and 1 Guy already in the line, it was Kyle Rayner’s turn. The modern costume wouldn’t have been my first choice, but at least there’s crabmask.

Low, Maash, & Arkillo Review


The so-called Green Lantern Classics (it doesn’t actually say that on the packaging) is the newest subline of DC Universe Classics. The first wave is chock full of modern takes on characters from the GL mythos including the three Yellow Lanterns in today’s review: Low, Maash, & the Collect ‘N Connect Arkillo.

Wave 14 Zatanna Review


Zatanna has been a favorite of mine since I was a wee tot. Her origin is one of the first things I ever read. And I don’t mean comics, I mean out of everything. As a toy collector, a good Zatanna has been a long unfulfilled wish – she’s been cursed with bad figure after worse figure. I had my fingers crossed for this one.

DC Classics Update: Wave 16 Packaged & Renegade at TRU


On Facebook today, Mattel showed us our first packaged pics of DCUC Wave 16. I was expecting this delayed wave to be in the Super Power packaging (with buttons!), but it now serves as our first look at the 2011 packaging – the nice part? It’s bigger! Plus, some early TRU finds of that exclusive Renegade after all.

DCClassics.Com: Validus
& Ultra-Humanite Review


This year, I’ve only had the opportunity to review two C&Cs – Darkseid in March & Trigon in July. That’s it for the whole year. After some serious delays, waves 15 and 14 came out virtually ontop of one another. That means this review has a double dose of C&Cs in today’s review: Validus & the Ultra-Humanite.

Wave 14 Tyr Review


Even with being a lifelong DC Comics reader, there are portions of the DC Universe that I haven’t had time or, at least, made a point to get to. The Legion of Super-Heroes is one of those areas. I know the basics, the characters, the history, but I can’t say I’ve ever read a Legion comic that featured Tyr.

Kamandi & Alan Scott Review


Today, I’m stepping in for Noisy to continue our DC Universe Classics Wave 14 reviews. In the spirit of the greatest Brave and the Bold comics, I’ve decided to throw two characters together that you wouldn’t normally see: Alan Scott, Earth’s Golden Age Green Lantern and Kamandi, the Last Boy on Earth.

Wave 14 Hourman Review


DC Universe Classics Wave 14 is a wave without variants, so that means one figure gets a solo review. I picked Hourman because he’s a favorite of mine and because he has a ton of comic potential. He’s a smart character, but he’s still a brawler at heart. Plus, he only has powers for an hour. That’s kinda cool.

DCClassics.Com: Gold
& Obsidian (Todd Rice) Review


Before we get to DCUC15’s Validus, we’re going to jump into some DC Universe Classics Wave 14 reviews. Today, we’ll take a look at a character from one of my favorite teams, the Metal Man’s Gold, and a character from one of my least favorite teams, Infinity, Inc’s Obsidian… er, I mean Todd Rice.

Sortable Checklist Added

In IAT’s ongoing efforts to update and expand the DC Universe Classics Checklist at DCClassics.Com, I’ve added a new page with a text checklist. I can hear you now… “text is so 2000s, Noisy”, but there’s more. This new checklist includes C&C information, accessories, and release dates, but the best part is… it’s sortable.

Raven & Jemm Review


Our fifth DC Universe Classics Wave 15 Review focuses on the last two regular figures in the wave, Jemm, Son of Saturn & the New Teen Titan Raven. They’re an odd pair, they’ve probably never met before today, but they do have one thing in common. They’re both DCUCs that don’t have double fists. How rare is that?

DCClassics.Com: Sinestro Bats
& Golden Pharaoh Review


Our fourth DC Universe Classics Wave 15 Review focuses on Golden Pharaoh and Sinestro Corps Batman. These two are alike in that neither has a true spot in the DC Universe, but their translation into DC Classics is a tale of two toys. One a fantastic update

Starman (Jack & Ted) Review


Our look at DC Universe Classics Wave 15 continues with not one, but two Starmen figures – the Golden Age Starman and his son and successor, Jack Knight. As a big fan of the Golden Age and its legacy characters, I was excited for both figures, but only one really met my expectations.

OMAC Review


Our DC Universe Classics reviews keep on trucking with today’s look at fan favorite OMAC! At IAT, we feel obscurity is in the eye of the beholder and if you’re us, lifelong DC fans, the line hasn’t gotten anywhere near obscurity yet. If you’re not familiar with OMAC, fear not, we’ll cover his history along with his review.

Upgrades to DCClassics.Com
& MOTUClassics.Com


Some of you might have noticed that we were a little light on the updates last week. There were a couple family birthdays and some crazy wedding preperation adventures, but mostly, I was neck deep in photographing all of my DC Classics and coding CSS/HTML for the biggest updates to our checklists yet.

DCClassics.Com Iron
& Mary Marvel(s) Review

I like to do these DCUC reviews in groups of two because it lets me get them on the schedule a little quicker. Usually, I try to group the figures in sensible duos just because it makes them easier to write about, Darkseid and Desaad, for example.