SDCC Sat RoundUp –
Armchair Coverage Day 4

Coverage is a little later than normal tonight. The ItsAllTrue Crew travelled to Oklahoma City to attend the Grand Opening of Oklahoma’s first Lego store! We had a few pics of the outside of the store and the R2D2 Build event at ItsAllTrue.Net’s Twitter, but check back on Monday when we’ll have AdventureVault’s full article with high quality pictures of the Grand opening! Now, on to San Diego…

Day 4 SDCC coverage saw the toy portions of the show winding down. The biggest panels on the day were the Hasbro/Marvel panel and the Diamond Select Toys Minimates panel. Also, there were a few nuggets revealed on twitter and a few more galleries updated, so the casual toy fan might still have a few things to catch up on. But with SDCC winding down and toy news starting to become non-existent, Day 4 coverage will likely be the last Armchair Roundup.

I wanted to take a moment and thank everybody for stopping by and helping make this endeavor a success! When I started consolidating links on Wednesday, I had no idea what the next few days would bring. Even though I wasn’t there this was the most fun I had on an SDCC weekend in years. Thanks again! Now, on to the links!

  • Minimates: We’re leading off with minimates today because DST announced their acquisition of a new license that I think a lot of folks will be interested in: Battle Beasts. I wasn’t the biggest fan of these growing up, but I know a lot of other fans that are and now that DST *owns* the Battle Beast license, I think some good things will be in store for those fans. The best Minimate coverage seems to come from the fans themselves at the MinimateMultiverse. Lobsterman, in post #190 (about halfway down), has some more notes from the panel. The only word on Ghostbusters (Click here for the Wave 1 It’sAllTrue Review) was that they were doing well and a third wave might be possible. For images of some of the minimates on display at the booth, check out post #26 by Ivan. AFI has a couple images of some new Marvel mates from the panel.

  • Hasbro/Marvel: Hasbro’s Marvel panel was one of the two big panels today, there is a lot of information to digest about it. For Marvel Legends, we have word that the Nemesis wave will filter out to the rest of the country in the next month. Build-A-Figures are DOA after Nemesis as MLs will only be done in two packs going forward. Most of today’s information centered on news about the 3 3/4″ scale and Superhero Squad. For the coverage of the panel as well as images, check out or (reg. req’d).

  • MOTU: MOTU coverage has probably been some of the most thorough at the Con, but it seems that a couple of items from yesterday’s panel went unnoticed! In the video featured at AFI, ToyGuru confirms that some of the planned bonus figures are army builder 2pks. No word yet on what armies Mattel would look to build (I’d put some money on Palace Guards though), but hopefully we’ll hear more about them in the coming weeks.

    Rechecking Julius Marx’s Twitter feed of the Mattel con against other site’s coverage, revealed this tidbit: “MOTU accessories packs coming next month”. After watching the video feeds at of the panel, I did hear that Accessory packs will be offered once per season. I’m not sure about them being available next month since we haven’t seen them though. If anyone has clarification on that, please let us know.

    Finally, if you’re still looking for pics from the con, He-Man.Org poster Evenflow has some great pics in the SDCC thread on the Org (Scroll down for images) and in the second post on this page there is some nice video of the new figures in the Mattel booth.

  • Mattel/DC: Nothing new today, but the best images of the new DCUC, DCIH, BatB, 6″ & 12″ Movie Masters, and the Mego line, can all be found in Michael Crawford’s Updated Mattel/DC Gallery. JLU images can also be found on Michael’s site here. TNI has the slideshow images of the Eclipso 6pk (Eclipso and “eclipsoed” JL members), the Thanagarian invasion 6pk, and JLU Firestorm & Silver Captain Atom.

    For video of the panel, check out AFI

  • Fantastic Exclusive: Michael Crawford still has the best images of the Four Horsemen’s booth.

  • DC Direct: A new Harley statue popped up at DC Direct today and AFI has a great shot of her. today. For the rest of the pics, I’m still recommending Michael Crawford’s galleries.

  • GIJoe: SDCC Joe Coverage is all but wrapped up, but apparently a ROC Snow Serpent was snuck into the booth today and HissTank (reg. req’d) has the images.

  • Star Wars: Video of the panel is all the rage this year, andJediTempleArchives steps up with video from yesterday’s Hasbro Star Wars panel. If you want to stick the hi-res images of the slideshow, check those out here.

  • Ghostbusters: Nothing new from Mattel today, but Michael Crawford updated his strong coverage of the Mattel Gallery with Ghostbusters images. For specifics from the panel, check out the slideshow coverage at (reg req’d).

  • Sideshow: CoolToyReview attended Sideshow’s SDCC panel and posted a comprehensive list of their announcements.

  • For any other quick coverage you’re looking for, you might check Michael Crawford’s coverage to see if he has been by the booth you’re looking for yet. If he has, chances are he’ll have some great pics of what it is you seek. Also, keep checking the image directory of Figures.Com, or the frontpages of, and (reg req’d for more than thumbnails).

    In terms of quick coverage, I’m keeping an eye on Michael Crawford’s Twitter and Julius Marx’s Twitter for some quick updates of what’s going on at the Con..

    Remember, if you know of something I missed, please post them in the comments section! We all tend to stick to the sites and forums that we’re used to, so if you see some stuff I’ve overlooked for please post it and let us know!

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    Armchair Coverage Day 4

      1. So far, I can only confirm the announcement. But if you check the link for post #26 by Ivan the picture with the Crocodile-head minimate is widely thought to be a glimpse of what to expect.

    1. Oh, and what’s the deal with no more Ghostbusters minimates after series two?

      They can’t stop with what they did. They didn’t do Egon in his dark grey “II” uniform… and Walter Peck? Even Mattel made him… :p

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