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Captain America Review

The aforementioned articulation includes just about every major point you want in a 6” figure. Ball-joints at the neck, shoulders, wrists, hips, & inverted ankles, swivels at the biceps, waist, thighs, and boots, double-hinges at the elbows and knees, and an ab crunch with fantastic range. There’s very little I want this figure to do that it can’t. Maybe some side-tilt on the neck. That’s basically it.

Paint is the one area where the figure shows weakness. The heads are painted pretty well, though mine does sport a dent in the eyebrow on the unmasked head, but the body is not as well. The silver paint appears to be really prone to flaking or scratching off the textured blue plastic. I had to look through a few Caps to find one that had the shoulder stripes and star this well-covered. The red & browns work great though and gives the figure a great finished feel.

What really brought this figure home for me though was the accessories. Yes, we get a Mandroid leg. And yes we get shield (which is a huge upgrade from Avengers as well with fitted straps instead of those annoying straps where I guess I need tweezers to pull them through the buckles. The extra head is great too. Yada Yada Yada.

No, the prize is the hands! Cap has his fists. He needs those! But to alternate hands are included too: one for saluting (or doing an Alan Davis pose) and one for pointing. The pointing is surely more about an Uncle Sam poster, but it has turned my Cap into a finger-waving fool! I even double dipped on that joke in the pictures. Oops.

Overall, I love this figure. It could be better: an actual likeness on the face sculpt, the shield could fit on his back in some way (I do miss the threaded straps for that reason), and… well, no I only got two. The rest of the sculpt, the articulation, the overall figure is fantastic. It makes me just wish Hasbro would do more. We never got the Mandarin from IM3. And while I’m stoked we finally got Widow, we didn’t get Falcon! I’d love to own Falcon – he basically had all the good lines in the movie. I have a whole new appreciation for the character. I only hope Hasbro keeps getting better – we could get some seriously sweet figures for Avengers 2 if that’s the case. Ideally, that would include a great Chris Evans likeness… if I don’t get that, I may just have to buy the Hot Toys one… Gulp.

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27 thoughts on “Marvel Legends Infinite Series
Captain America Review

  1. Not a fan of this costume and not liking the masked head, but I wanted a complete Mandroid (or 2), so he had to be purchased.

    I didn’t think the unmasked head looked much like Evans until I put it on the body and something clicked for me, and I do think he looks better this way. I still think it needs more red. tempted to paint one set of stripes, at least. He’s still growing on me.

    I am glad they gave us another set of hands, if only to make up for the lack of accessories in the WW2 Cap, which I do realize is the previous movie’s WM exclusive re-released…with a poorer paint job, IMO. So this guy is the best of the THREE Caps we got in this line, for me.

    Not sure about the shield. We get no explanation in the movie as to why the colors change, and it just got annoying to see it magically “click” onto his back, repeatedly. as for this one, didn’t they have a ML Cap who had arm straps for his shield, but also some fold down clip to insert into his back? Not sure why they don’t reuse that idea for all the Caps they’ve been pushing out the last few years?

    btw, Winter Soldier is still up on HTS. try and see if Friend14 code still works? Widow sold out immediately, of course. He’s worth it.
    (except for the unmasked Goth eye shadow, but he makes a decent base for a movie-style Cable, as we aren’t getting him or any DoFP figures.)

    1. RE: The shield attaching to his back, in the film I noticed that at times it made a metallic “CLANG!” sound when he slapped it on his back. Could be there’s a super-magnet in the buckle thing on the back of the shoulder straps that holds the shield in place on his back. It would be strong enough to hold it when he’s out jumping around and stuff but not so strong that Cap, with his super strength, couldn’t remove it easily. Just a thought.

      But yeah that’s the only thing that’s bumming me slightly about this figure. I have the set of 5 of Wave 2 preordered from BBTS. At $25 a pop its pricier than I’d like but it beats the hell out of running around town being disappointed at not finding these anywhere.

      1. yeah, esp when the nearest store that carries anything is 30m away. I jumped on that HTS sale the other week, then got flack for blowing money. I’m not the one who decided to move to BFE, not that she realizes how much she spends on gas or anything….but I digress.

  2. Noisy if you still need a Winter Soldier there a couple just hanging around here they been there for about 2 wks you will just need to wait on shipping from Korea

  3. Welcome back, you Rickrolling fool! I start to see more and more how different other collectors look at the same figure. I actually really like the Evans likeness on the unmasked head – admittedly it’d look better with a little more shading in his blond hair.

    I haven’t seen the movie yet, but the new shield with this figure looks a bit big – comparing it with past figures, it’s actually quite a bit bigger. It doesn’t bother me, I just don’t know the reason. As for the attachment points, I may be the only guy to miss the elastic straps on the Face-Off figure (still my favorite classic Cap).

    I can’t blame you for wanting the Hot Toys version of this costume, that’s some craftsmanship. As for the final costume from the first movie, I wish Hasbro would re-do it. It’s tiny, narrow-shouldered and not to the level of these awesome new ones.

    1. LOL only because the first “Ultimate Cap” (WW2) had me repaint him into my first 6″ Joe, then it started to snowball from there after seeing numerous others making ML Joes.

  4. i wonder if this cap’s got enough hip motion to give the black widow a thorough rogering?

    man, that mandroid looks cool as hell… building it will be a giant pain though. i wonder, given the number of relatively cheap mandroids on ebay from chinese sellers, if the extra mandroid parts will see lots of placement on that body? honestly, i’ve considered it myself, given that i don’t intend to get the entire cap collection to build the whole thing myself

      1. hey, that was a dirty, naughty sex joke interlaced with a well executed and subtle play on words… you don’t get this stuff just anywhere! and i’m giving it away!

        1. You don’t get it just anywhere because intelligent people recognize sexism and don’t abide it; but then, you’ve demonstrated you can’t even do an internet search, so I shouldn’t be surprised when you behave like an idiot.

            1. Don’t like it, don’t read it. Don’t like getting called out for your stupid shit, get educated.

  5. I keep.waiting on a new stock up at my local that is cheaper than $20. Still a lone Marvel Now cap hanging around their. Also.awaiting spidey figs. Which Cap would work out of these three for a Cataclysm #4 cover remake?

    Wish I woulda popped on this when saw but its always when not shopping for me. XP Still not seen any female figs in either line as well. Black Cat and Widow would be a great pair to buy at once.

  6. Wow, that’s the first time I’ve seen Black Widow look good with the Winter Soldier hair. It’s all in the angles.

    I ordered the Stealth Suit a while back and received a figure with one incredibly loose boot swivel and ankle. But I’m not one to waste, as I imagine they just chuck those figures upon return, so I stuck with it, hoping super glue would help. It didn’t. So now he just stands on the shelf, too loose to really enjoy. So it stung a little bit when I happened upon gobs of these guys the other day at Target — and on sale!

  7. I’d skipped the Black Widow review – I avoid movie figures – so I hadn’t processed that Hasbro has started including additional hands.

    This is one of the reasons I’ve started picking up Japanese toys, specifically Figma, Super Robot Chogokin, and S.H. Figuarts. Now, I’m really excited to see whether they start doing this for comic-based figures. I might have to re-evaluate my dimming interest in Marvel Legends (due to classic designs being relegated to build-a-figures and “running changes,” so I generally can’t buy what I want.)


  8. I’ve thought about picking this figure up if I saw it but I think I’ll probably just wait for the Marvel Select version. I like the regular version of the shield better anyway.

    I don’t think anyone other than Hot Toys has done a really good Evans likeness but it looks like Hasbro didn’t even try.

  9. Found one in the wild just about two weeks ago – really dig this guy. Not too bugged about the likeness (or lack thereof) as it just means it can work with my comic character display as well as with other movie figures. Its certainly the pick of the Cap figures in the current line, but I honestly think its the best movie Cap overall, as well.

  10. Since Mattel has wussed out with DC figures (those new 4 inch things? Wow, terrible. Way to 1986, guys), I fear I must turn my Eye of Ire ™ upon Hasbro.

    He looks pretty good, but it’s SUPER ANNOYING about the packout. And the price.

    Hasbro might well consider that Marvel sees these movies as ONE BIG THING and get off their corporate butts, we need the Falcon, we need Agent Coulson, blah blah blah. And not one to a case. We need the missing Avengers figures, we need Iron Man 3 figures. Black Widow needs her pistols. Cap needs a shield that clips to his shoulders.

    All these things need to be done.

      1. see? This. And Hasbro’s web store should ENCOURAGE this. Case of 6 AIM minions for a discounted price. Maybe sans BAF piece and including some goofy science weapon thing.

        Tell me they couldn’t sell a goodly amount of SW Stormtroopers (Black series) in case lots.

        Toys at retail are all but dead now. Rumor has it both Target and WalMart will be shrinking their Toy sections about 20% this coming Christmas. Toys R Us is a heartbeat from bankruptcy. The companies HAVE to start thinking outside of their collective box.

    1. Since I come from a part of the world (the Philippines) that’s probably at the low end of Hasbro’s distribution chain, I can sympathize with fellow toy collectors/buyers who can’t find the figures they want (although a part of me still wonders, “Wow, there’s also an action figure shortage in the U.S.? How did that happen?”). It really is frustrating.

      To be fair to Hasbro, though, I did see the Marvel Now and First Avenger Captain Americas, along with Baron Zemo and the AIM Soldier, appear a month or so before CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER was released here (which was on March 26). They didn’t last all that long at the mall nearest where I live (there are more collectors around here than I thought) and restocking the pegs will likely take a while.

      As someone or another said, life is like that sometimes.

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