Vault Review: SH MonsterArts Godzilla 1964

While my wallet isn’t quite ready to jump headlong into the deep end of the SH MonsterArts pool, I have been able to dip my toe in and pick up a few figures that I really love.  The one figure that I was most disappointed to miss out on was the first Showa era addition to the line, Godzilla 1964.  So who better to start it off with?


The MonsterArts line is only a couple of years old, but it feels like I’ve been waiting for this figure (or one of the many other Showa costumes) for much longer.  Before Bandai took a stab at super articulated Toho monsters, Kaiyodo actually did it first with their Sci-Fi Revoltech line.  My collection technically started with these great little figures that were unmatched when it came to sculpt, articulation, and accessories.


Even thought their run was unfortunately cut short, Kaiyodo still produced a nice amount of figures that focused on the golden age of monster movies.  Rodan, Anguirus, and Mothra valiantly battled Gigan, Mogeura, and Baragon on my shelves.  While that’s still pretty cool, it always felt a little incomplete without the Big G in the middle of it all.  Even though this new figure is a little bit too tall, he still does a damned good job of rounding out that shelf.


This particular version of the Godzilla suit is from his 1964 “Vs. Mothra” incarnation.  He’s got all the standard Godzilla traits, like the craggy skin, long tail, and huge back spines.  Then there are the interesting bits that you might not have caught while watching the movie, like how his feet are really flat and almost webbed.  He’s also got a very pronounced sternum and the underside of his tail is smooth even though his stomach isn’t.


Compared to the newer figures, this Showa-Zilla has a bit more range with his facial expressions.  This is mostly due to his distinct eyebrows and large eyes.  From straight on, or even looking up at the figure, you can see a normal or even quizzical look.  But once his head is tilted down a pissed off expression appears as he glares at you from underneath his slanted brow.  I love this kind of range of emotion in a figure.  It makes taking pictures particularly fun.  Continue to page 2…

9 thoughts on “Vault Review: SH MonsterArts Godzilla 1964

  1. so I took that “Which Kaiju are you?” quiz and got Mecha-G.

    I do remember watching all (most?) of the classic G-films on one of the local syndicated channels (now CW? or is it ABC?). altho, firstborn had the Shogun Warrior Godzilla…which got repainted into “Super-Godzilla”. ugh.

    This guy does look cool and reminds me of those classic films.

  2. Hope you saw Jet Jaguar in the current Godzilla title. He kicked arse in it. A whole alien race is scared of him. More is talked about his character too. Check it out ” Godzilla: Rulers of Earth”

    Many of the showa era I saw on television. Think first had King Ceaser in it. I know if have the cash and saw would buy this guy. (Along with Showa Riders and Showa Sentai)

  3. Love this guy. He hits all the right nostalgia chords, and if the other Kaiju sass him for being Revoltech-sized, he’s got 200X Gojira to whup ass for him.

    However, his lack of accessories really hurt, especially at the price he was sold. I know he was an exclusive, but still a beam weapon or a ray-gun tank to squash would have been keen.

  4. This guy is one of my favs. Regarding effect parts the official answer is Japan doesn’t care, so it’s not worth the added production cost for them.

  5. I’ve honestly never much been one for camp, so the really goofy Showa era Godzilla movies don’t all do much for me. I’m not saying I don’t find any value in them, but even as a child I gravitated towards the more serious elements, the monsters fighting (though not the kung fu or dancing), the action and adventure and the peril and all that, rather than the bulging eyes and seams and cheap effects.

    Now, if they release a ’54 Godzilla, I’m all over that one.

  6. Oh baby.
    I remember when you were reviewing the SciFi Revoltech monsters, and they all looked so sweet, and now to see the big G mixed in with them – that picture you took is just a thing of beauty.

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