Marvel Legends Infinite Series
Amazing Spider-Man Review

I have never reviewed a comic-based red & blue Spider-Man figure here at IAT. I had several ML/SMC versions over the pre-IAT years, but none ever quite struck the right chord and I sold them off at various times. It’s true that I prefer the black costume just as it’s true that I used to prefer DC Comics, but in both cases there was always a soft spot for Spider-Man, and that includes his classic costume. I’d been looking at eBay for an older ML to fill that gap in my shelves, or hoping Hasbro would simply make a new, bestest one.

Late last week, I was at Target way too early before work. You know the time, when everyone there is buying much-needed toiletries or rare Hot Wheels. I was hoping to find some Marvel Legends Infinite Series Captain America 2 (isn’t that a clunker to say) figures, but found only the same WW2 pegwarmers hanging around. I did spy the similarly packaged Marvel Legends Infinite Series Amazing Spider-Man 2 figures however (they really ought to narrow the name down).

The Spidey figs had been similarly picked over. No sign of Black Cat & Carnage. There was a Superior Spider-Man, but exceptionally sloppy paint had made his forehead sport an unknown kanji-like symbol instead of painted webbing. And then there was this guy. Now, there’s some egg on my face here. It was early. I was tired. In my A.M.-fogged brain, I thought “Superior Spider-Man” meant Doc Ock and classic “Amazing Spider-Man” meant ol’ Peter Parker. It wasn’t until later at work that I realized he was actually the new movie costume. The suit is remarkably comic-like after all. It didn’t change anything though – he was awesome enough to buy either way.

When the figures for the first Amazing Spider-Man movie came out, they were well after the fact, months later, so it was nice to get this version early. I did finally get around to catching that movie on Starz or some such, and I enjoyed it enough. I was glad I had the figure (& similarly glad that I had passed on the Lizard). In a way, I’m a little saddened that the movie costume now closely resemble the comics – I liked them being distinct like the Avengers are for the most part. But I can’t argue how good this one looks. I love it as a figure. Heck, I kinda hope that Hot Toys makes their own version for ASM2 just as a nice get around to a really high quality comic-like sixth scale figure. It just has a little bit of movie touch with the symbol and the texture while really evoking the cool, classic garb.

The figure evokes that classic look too. Heck, I was confused it for a bit. The sculpt captures the costume particularly well. The lines are all in the sculpt, not painted on. The sculpt also has a great build. It’s a little smaller than the average ML buck, but not so much so that it looks tiny. It’s the right amount of lean. And that head sculpt – that walked off the page, didn’t it?

The real winner here is the articulation though, I think. Lots of ball-joints with great range: the neck, the shoulders, wrists, inverted ankles, hips. There are swivels at the biceps, waist, thighs, and calves. Double hinges on the elbows and knees. The ab crunch. About those shoulders though – there’s a little more than just the nicely done ball-joints. Those ball-joints are embedded in a swivel join that allows the whole shoulder to flex forward and backward. I’m usually not a fan of this type of articulation – it can be really ugly. I’m torn a little. It’s integrated into the figure much better than I’ve seen before and because it gives the figure such amazing range though, I think I can dig it. Continue to Page 2…

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Amazing Spider-Man Review

  1. Ohhhh, I didn’t realize his body had texture too! I’m even more excited for whenever I pick this up from the person who got it for me. I love this wave so much, the only one I haven’t gotten is Jamie Foxx, and I was tempted to just never get it but I didn’t want my Ultimate Green Goblin missing one arm.

    I guess I could put an extra Mandroid arm on him …

    Hmmmm …

    Nope arm is a little short on him. Guess once I find an Electro at Target I’ll get him too, LOL!

    Nice review, you got some great poses out of him.

    1. DC Comics has grown to be like Ecto-Cooler, the Apple Newton, Sega Channel, Pizza by Stout, Crystal Pepsi, & Polaroid cameras. They were awesome for their time, but now that they’re gone, I just take wistful enjoyment from remembering them. 🙂

  2. Didn’t know had all of that. Okay hunt is on. I just have one debate. Use my gift cards or save them for a new PS3 game (yeah behind so what, loving Arkham Asylum)

    The extra hands easily a plus and agree about time. Somebody maybe has a figuart/figma/revoltech in the offices and said “Hey we gotta do this!” or just somebody said its time to do the extra hands.

    Black Cat would be tough to find. Why scalpers always kidnap the ladies.

  3. Oh on a black suit. Maybe redoing the Superior Spidey? (Want one for my Dark Avengers vs. JLA display)

      1. I’m pretty sure the Superior Spidey is built on the same body that every Hasbro ML Spidey has been built on, including the Miles Morales, evergreen Stealth, Future Foundation, and, yes, the Black costume (from the Red Hulk wave).

        1. Miles isn’t built on that body. He’s the Tarantula body, which is a scaled down Bullseye / Quicksilver body.

  4. I hated One Moronic Deal and if wishing for a man dressed up as Spider-Man to Sparta Kick Joe Quesada in the gonads is wrong; I never want to be right!
    The toy looks cool, but I kinda wish the extra hands were with poseable fingers. Nothing beats having Spidey flipping off people from the shelves.
    Looks like McF Spidey has some competition now!

  5. I really enjoy this spidey figure, and it works great for a classic-suit spidey. For me, he’s just a little overshadowed by the Superior Spider-man figure. It seems like that guy just moves a little better in every direction.

  6. That packaging is awesome. I don’t care much for Spider-Man, but Carnage and Black cat appeal to me. Really good pictures, too; particularly Spidey doing the Spider splits!

    And yeah, the Stan Lee gag was hilarious.

  7. A new symbiote suit on the Superior Spider-Man body would be awesome, now that you menton symbiote Spidey.
    Hopefully these new ML hit harder soon so I can pick up Spidey and Carnage!

      1. be careful, Warshingtn WM finally got in new ML, with the Jean Grey/Raccoon wave last month and went through three cases before I was finally able to snag her. Only problem is no one wanted the red Spidey, who is now clogging the pegs with 2 Hope and Drax from the refresher they got in for Hallowe’en. their first restock in almost a YEAR. FML.

  8. With Carnage I really want that Sentry. Pull a Joker scteaming for Batman to help him where as Cassidy is.doing this to Spidey.

  9. Looks nice enough to pass for a comic figure. The head sculpt reminds me of the early 80’s cover corner box on the Marvel Tales reprint series.

  10. Is it…is it wrong that I was effortlessly able to hear Stan Lee’s voice in my head as I read Standar’s words…?

  11. the final comic clinches it for me. it states everything you need to know.

    I haven’t seen these, but I’ve been in a frozen/toxic sick fog since NYE, thanks to my sister. Moving half an hour out from Warshington didn’t help. only a lone DG with TNBA Batman figures, and that’s still 10+m away! only new stuff I did see before then was the Mashables, which I saw you posted above.

    I don’t have a problem with these hips, but I do the shoulders being in 3-4 parts. I know TB had similar attempts to get that full range, and I think they pulled it off better, with a smoother sculpt. I guess the etched webbing here helps hide it in person?

    Not a big fan, but my personal favorite Spidey was the TB version that came with the expanding building wall section. There were a few decent “artist interpretations”, but that “plain (Mary)Jane” version did it for me and was still the prime Spidey in my display.

  12. The shoulders: “Those ball-joints are embedded in a swivel join that allows the whole shoulder to flex forward and backward. I’m usually not a fan of this type of articulation – it can be really ugly.”

    That’s true. They are not alwasy done well.
    But for a while there, Marvel Legends (ToyBiz) wanted to put those into a LOT of their figures. And I am very happy that ML6 Brown Wolverine, Bullseye, Ultimate Cap, Parachute Spidey (biggest range of motion of any of them), and McFarlne (Campbell) Spidey have them. They provide this really great possibility for expression and extreme poses that I just adore.

    And this figure is using them in a way never before seen. And alternate swappable hands. And a unique sculpt meant for Spidey and ONLY for Spidey (maybe we can get the Superior Spidey repainted into a Black csotume for us, huh?) – those are awesome. AWESOME. How often do you see that kind of love/effort nowadays?

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