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New Glyos & OMFG!
Figures Drop Tonight!

Onell Design is trying out some new things for 2014, chief among them is some smaller releases in-between major drops. Today’s (Sunday, January 19th) drop, or tonight’s rather, at 9:30pm is the first of these smaller batches, but it looks to pack a big punch! First up, Onell will be releasing their pheyden-blue versions of OMFG 2 & 3 as well as the Zombie Pheyden and an Armorvor to match!

What really has me double checking the alarm on my phone is a beautiful deep green Buildman (you might look around and notice some green hues here at IAT). It’s a color that I don’t get enough of from my Glyos-system friends, and one I’ve simply got to snag tonight!

Matt will also have some more Stealth Armorvors in the Buildstation and, as usual, one special surprise that won’t be revealed until the drop! See you there!

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4 comments to New Glyos & OMFG!
Figures Drop Tonight!

  • mkultra

    I’m totally new to Glyos. Are these things prone to selling out? I don’t see the green guy on their site this morning.

  • dayraven

    yes, there is a very short “sitting around in stock” time for new pieces, but then, some pieces, usually new colorways of existing pieces, do sit around a little longer and available most of the time.

    • The Green Argen did sell out particularly fast, mkultra! Usually, the Armorvor goes first, but this is smaller release kinda changed the game. In the future, I’ll try to do a better job of posting the drop times. There’s usually one or two items it’s best to be there right at the beginning for, but there are plenty of items on the Buildstation page year round.

  • mkultra

    Thanks! I looked at some of their other items. I ordered a “NEO GATEKEEPER STANDARD
    NOBOTO” just to try them out.