Marvel Legends Spider-Man
Infinite Series Carnage Review

We’re running a little behind this week. My brother had a baby this weekend (Yay!), so we’ve been enjoying his newfound Dadness, I’m working out this Uncle thing, and my wife is quick to point out that it’s my little brother, seven years my junior, that now has kids. I think she’s trying to get at something…

There are a few other things going that might also cause my schedule to become as seemingly hectic as Vault’s, but hopefully we’ll keep our Daily Update Train going as we get ever closer to Toy Fair! I’m actually excited for Toy Fair this year, but I can’t figure out why for the life of me – what do I even buy at retail anymore? It’s all Matty subs and BBTS pre-orders these days. Well, there is one line that I’m still snagging when I’m lucky enough to run across it – you might have even guessed what it is by the subject of this review.

I will admit that I’m tempted to purchase whole Marvel Legends waves online. I did that with Rocket Raccoon, which proved the smart thing to do because I’ve never seen a single figure from that wave in person. The downside is that Hawkeye & Scarlet Spider are still sitting here, unopened, waiting for me to get industrious enough to sell them off. It would be the same story with Hasbro’s newest waves released to coincide with Amazing Spider-Man 2 & Captain America: The Winter Soldier (albeit way too early!). I may yet build Cap’s Mandroid, but the Spidey BAF Ultimate Green Goblin is about as interesting as a New52 Collect & Connect. It’s a shame as he looks to be a solid figure, but I just don’t feel a pull. Not enough to buy 2-3 figures I don’t want anyway.

So, I’ve been good; making my frequent brick & mortar stops. I missed twice: a travelling collector cleaned out my TRU and I was just a little too late at Target a few weeks ago. But I scored big last weekend. I had the whole wave in front of me, I waffled on Beetle – he looks like a 90s figure threw up everywhere, which is totally awesome, but I stuck to my “budget” choices, Black Cat & Carnage.

I kinda love Carnage, but I really couldn’t tell you why. While I consumed Spider-Man comics as a kid in the 80s (BlackCostume4Life!), I didn’t really read any in the 90s when Carnage debuted. What I know about him is largely informed by the old 90s Spidey cartoon, right down to the unnecessary use of Baron Mordo to give Cletus Kasidy the symbiote instead of getting into the whole spawning thing. As such, I don’t even always think about Carnage being a serial killer (he never killed anyone directly in the cartoon). Maybe I just like the look, or the idea or Carnage, I’m not sure. I bought Carnage toys several times over in the 5” lines and I think I picked him up as an ML (or Spider-Man Classics anyway) twice, but I settled on the Fearsome Foes version (still one of the best ML Box sets ever).

And that version has sufficed for years. I was never completely in love with the figure, but I’ve been happy. My Collection was: Carnage? Check!

But I’m getting old. See, it makes sense to me when a toy company updates Super Powers 25 years later or there’s a 30th Anniversary Transformer. I get that. I’m no spring chicken. But, now I’m getting old enough that figures I bought as an adult collector are coming back around and getting irresistible updates. That old Carnage is still great – it’s a unique Carnage sculpt for one thing, but the joints are kinda ugly, it’s a little gangly, and the head sculpt looks like he’s more gums than teeth. I still enjoy it though. And I can’t believe I probably bought it over a decade ago. Continue to Page 2…

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Infinite Series Carnage Review

  1. So you passed on the Beetle because he looked too “90s EXTREME!!!”, then turned around and bought Carnage? Irony, thy name is Noisy.

    1. Haha. No, you misunderstand! The fact that he looks like the 90s threw-up is why I waffled! I have no idea what version of Beetle that is or why he looks that way, but he was screamin’ good vibes from that old 90s Spidey toyline at me. I almost caved! I still might… 😀

        1. Ultimate Beetle (who yes, the figure in question is) is a dude.

          Beetle II (Leila Davis) and Beetle IV or VII (Janice Lincoln — depends how you count) were both ladies though.

          1. Thanks, guys!

            I looked at the figure again tonight when I stopped by Target. I just don’t need it, but it still looks like the reincarnation of a Spidey: TAS figure!

            Ultimate Beetle means Mark Bagley I’d presume. How just so happened to also craft Carange AND the Green Goblin above. Heh.

          2. I only read a year or so of Ult.Spidey and don’t recall Beetle ever appearing, so I had no clue. I was taking the word of others who claimed they kept up with Marvel in general.

            At least this armor is better than the “reveal” of Harness’ identity/gender back in the 90s:

            Like I said below, (s)he looks like a good Mach-1 base, and considering Bagley designed both Mach-1(-5?) and this Beetle armor, the design similarity is no surprise.

  2. hmmm…I gotta go with the older Carnage on this one. It’s the smooth body and lack of white teeth that ruin it for me. of course, the older one doesn’t have white teeth, either, but the head is “scarier” than this one. Wait, did he ever have white teeth, or was that just the other Symbiotes? GIS says….yes, no, sometimes, only white inside his mouth, etc. I guess it depended on the artist and colorist?

    I almost thought his tongue went thru his jaw, from the right placement of the top p2 pic being cut off right below the chin. If it had, that might have kicked him up a notch for me. Damn that tendril…and where are the Hentai jokes????

    so…yeah. I’ve had pretty much four strikes on finding these, aside from Beetle (this Ultimate version is a female, I understand? Might be a good Mach-1 base?) and the extra case-packed Spideys, which I can pass on. I was told new cases of Spidey & Cap were due this past wkd at Target, but only MU came in (scored Angel and Puck!), now computer is only showing “on order” yesterday? Next time, I’m calling in, so I don’t waste time/gas. Still nothing at WM, but they did mark down the Scarlets and Hopes (and black Supermans!) to $11. I was already pricing the cases online, earlier.

    I think Felicia is the only one I want from this, as I have no interest in Ultimate “horny flaming Hulk” Goblin. oh, and Arana and Boomerang “running changes” are already hitting, so there’s that, too. Apparently Arana is a different character than Julia Carpenter’s Spider-Woman? her TB variant figure is one that I saw ONCE upmarked at the mall, so a definite pass on that fugly TB Jessica Drew body variant.
    Anyway, Congrats to the new family. Was this James or another brother? Hope mama and baby are doing well and y’all aren’t getting the snow we are up here to ruin things! I was seriously questioning my trip into town and had two close calls on 100 today, and it had just started!

    1. I think some of the figures had white teeth. I’m not sure about the comics.

      And thanks! James is the new nephew! Everyone is doing great. They got to go home before the snow hit and the weather has given them all a little time to adjust.

      1. That’s the best name ever. I told my best friend when he had kids, if it’s a boy, name it James, if it’s a girl, name it Girl James. He named his kids Kylie and Parker. I call them Girl James and Little Jimmy P.

        1. I thought about you when he told me. James Lynch has run in our family for a long time: my cousin, uncle, grandfather, great grandfather, and even earlier have all alternated James Earl & James Patrick. My cousin didn’t stick with that, but my brother has now picked James back up at least. I don’t have the first clue on baby names.

    2. If you look at these two pictures, the figure’s actually the closest we’ve ever come to Mark Bagley’s original Carnage design. Granted, the mouth’s open wider than it has to be and he doesn’t have the insanity that is *claws on his claws*, but it’s fairly close.

  3. Hi Noisy!

    Will you post Black Cat? (I see the goblin torso so figure you have her).

    She’s the star of the line (maybe). Best black cat ever released. Just her thigh-articulation–she can’t lift her legs to the sides, do splits, or other “roof top landing” poses.

    1. Hi Tim!

      Black Cat will probably get reviewed here pretty soon. Not this week, but next is a good possibility. I think I like reviewing comic-based toys best (too bad I don’t get the chance to buy as many anymore).

  4. Nifty review, and great pics and comics! Always liked the symbiotes, but I’m just not enough of a comic book guy to collect ’em. Is Carnage’s jaw a separate piece? If so, is it articulated, or just glued on there?

    At the very least, that so-called “Green Goblin” would make for an excellent demon for He-Man to fight . . . .

    1. Ultimate Goblin wears Pants IIRC, but yeah, one small repaint and he could work as a generic Flaming Demon for the MOTUC guys to beat up.

      1. He is a pretty good generic design. The component figures are part of the issue though – I’m convinced a well-painted Superior Spider-Man does not exist. I just don’t need that Beetle and Movie Electro even less. Boomerang might get me, Arana too, but no help there, but even then Movie Electro. Eww. lol

  5. Ultimate Beetle is a man. Read the books and even in the game referred as one. Too me he reminds me of a Rider. Only she-beetle is the current one. Unless made the U Beetle a chick in the toon. Mixing universes, thats Mysterios thing.

    Carnage, well I.started this era via Maximuim Carnage (okay the Infinity war and dangiit I still want doppelgangers) so easy buy for me. I just need that MS Venom now.

    Okay on Ultimate Green Goblin, yeah thats his look, he did have clok but when the Sinister Six fought the Ultimates he ditched it and kept the look even when he killed Harry with his barehands. Yeah Harry was Hobgoblin. Also he killed Doc Ock and that was gory. I do want to make him but have not seen any. That $20 price is tough too. Wishbsaw when was $15.

    My big question, hoping a new Mysterio comes but with him now a big threat as he is in prison in the Ultimate verse and he is the same a the 616 and broke the barrier so he could go to both worlds. Should he come in a box set with both looks. Read Spider-men to see this.

    1. MS Venom is rockin’. Hope you can snag him! Spider-Men was pretty great. I’d like a Mysterio update…

      Actually, of all the MLs I’ve sold off over the years, Spidey villains are the ones I tend to regret the most. Sandman, Mysterio, Scorpion, Rhino, etc. I’d be happy to see any of them get updates.

  6. I had the same loose legs issue with my new HYDRA agent. I thought it was just my figure since I haven’t seen anything with other figures using the same base (Archangel/Black Panther).

    1. Hmm. I wonder how the construction is inside the figure. Maybe the barbell piece is a glued in piece and we’re finding figures without the glue or broken seals? Interesting…

  7. My Carnage doesn’t have the same issue with loose hips. He seems to have the exact same construction as Bucky Cap. Yours may be a QC issue :/

  8. I have seen every character from this wave twice EXCEPT carnage and black cat, the 2 I want. So infuriating…great review though!

    1. Same here. A buddy of mine broke down and picked up those two from a comic shop for $40 each. I was *this* close to getting their last Black Cat, but I passed at the last minute. Good thing too; maybe because I’m not a Felicia Hardy fan, but that figure felt really underwhelming. I have the Thunderbolts set so I’m used to the new female body, but it doesn’t move as well on Cat.

  9. I have the same issue with this line. Half the figs I want and the other half I pretty much don’t want no matter how hard I try. Why does Hasbro do this to us?!?

  10. The biggest improvement I’ve ever seen between old and new figures is black cat. The old black cat is an abomination and the new one is spectacular. Carnage is a Huge upgrade though. I also got beetle even though the design isn’t the best just because we don’t have a proper 80s smaller style beetle yet and who knows if we will ever get one.

    1. Poor Beetle. I did always like that big, giant robot one in.. was it Hulk Legends or just Spider-Man? Hrm. Either way, a proper one would be so easy to do and yet… nada.

      1. the previous Beetle was in SMC.
        I seem to recall he had a light up visor and windup moving wings?
        sigh… the god old days. :/

        1. i love that fig. i actually cringe a little every time i see him used as a custom base, cuz i think he was that well executed that he shouldn’t be used as fodder. but customizers have a different view on their figs from that of the standard collector, i think…

          carnage definitely looks nice, and i’d like to pick him up, if i find him… and if if the operable term here. had no luck thusfar. but i actually don’t own the ML/SMC carnage, so this would be my first one, not an “upgrade” so it’d be nice to have him, since i did enjoy SMC a butt-ton back when that line was running. i do have toxin though, and the jury is still out for me on whether or not i invest. i have a nest full of venoms from the last decade and a half, and i love that character, but his fellow symbiotes never felt as necessary for me… we’ll see. at some point though, awesome upgrade or no, i have limits, and i have to start making choices. toxin might have to go into the big PAA bin for me…

          1. I haven’t really been interested in anything beyond Venom & Carnage either. I’m done with these guys until whatever awesome figures come out in 2024.

          2. I think part of the “rare for custom” falls under two options:

            A- local availability – I have two Mecha-Hulks just because they were so awesome, and I don’t know how many Hulkbusters. two HBIM for Box customs (red and blue), two all yellow Mandroid customs, and a few spare. I’m thinking eight HBIM all together?
            I knew MH was rare, but HBIM was fairly plentiful around here, as were TB Juggy and Deadpool for a time. then the ML-X wave got over-ordered BIG time at a smaller WM!
            Heck, I once saw what seemed like six cases of ML6 at one store after the “scarcity panic”, and I thought all those Tom Jane Punishers would sit for a year before they cleared them out. A month later and they were gone and on to w8!

            B- what is the planned custom going to be and if that customizer is a seller or making them for their own collection. Look at some of the custom ebay prices and decide if that “rare” figure is worth whatever you have planned for it or not.

            I listed numerous MLs this past summer for retail prices, and my two TB Blades went for $25 and $30, I believe? Then my TF “good” planet guy (Unicron’s blue counterpart) was listing for $50-150. I listed it for the lower price and sold it for $80. Were they worth that to me? I needed the money at the time, so I was grateful for any sale, so it was up to the buyer to determine if they wanted to pay that much.

        2. There were some great figures. I regret selling Beetle and a few others… Mecha-Hulk springs to mind… but there is only so much space.

  11. “LOL. What?” is exactly what Carnage should be saying ALL THE TIME.

    Anyway, I just love how this one looks like he jumped right outta the comic! I made due with the old Toybiz Spider-Man Animated Series figures for a long time. Eventually got the single packed version of the one above…but eh. Never liked ’em. The head is just…weird.

    As for the rest: I’m seriously considering Black Cat JUST for the sheet of fire. I’m already in love with the arm fire – it works in so many placed! Especially on my middle finger. Who wouldn’t want a FLAMING BIRD?!

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