Marvel Legends Spider-Man
Infinite Black Cat Review

So I’ve got this weird thing where I compulsively buy Spider-Man villains. I wouldn’t say I’m a big fan of Spider-Man’s Rogue’s Gallery – I’d be hard pressed to even tell you their real names or origins aside from a couple. But I like them as action figures. I know because I’ve bought them several times over. And, even now, with my mostly purged Toy Biz Marvel Legends collection slowly being salt & peppered with Hasbro figures, my Marvel shelves are still well populated with Spidey villains. It’s just strange.

A good chunk of those figs hail from the ML Sinister Six Box set. I loved that set. Great versions of Green Goblin & Doctor Octopus. A smilin’, thankfully tongueless Venom, a fun Kraven (I don’t like screaming heads, but the S6 version sure beat that jaundiced single release), and a so-so Electro. And then there was Black Cat. Black Cat was in no way a good figure. She had that awful early-ML female articulation (I still have Rogue, ugh – Hasbro, where’s a new 90s Rogue?), a bad head sculpt, and this giant chunk of immobile hair. And I think her neck paint stripped off the first time I move it too. It just wasn’t a good figure.

As toy collectors, we know that old trope about women action figures not selling. And, as collectors, typically counter back with “make the action figures of the women worthwhile.” (at least when we’re not fretting over cooties). I don’t always agree with the masses out there, but I think the idea that a lot of the ladies get subpar figures being a fair assessment. Action figure lines with great figures for the women are few & far between. It’s gotten better in recent years. While I don’t always like that many of their figures look like sisters, the 4H have produced some great figures with their Queens of the Seventh Kingdom line & MOTU Classics. That same success didn’t always transfer to DC Classics sadly, which kinda joins the ML line in putting out some hideous figures. That aforementioned Rogue. Scarlet Witch. Hasbro got in on action with Emma Frost, Madame Viper & Mystique too.

But things are hopefully getting better. Hasbro has finally righted that misstep Toy Biz took all those years ago with their S6 Box set. We now have a great Black Cat figure (well, great is overstating it, we’ll get to that in the articulation section), but the sculpt is fantastic. Felicia (look, I know one secret ID!) is actually pretty. Hey, her eyes are up here, fellas. I don’t have any shame in admitting I want the girl figures to look pretty either. I want my Batmen figures to look grim, my Grimlocks to be ferocious, and if I’m gonna buy a Black Cat, it better damn well have a pretty face (or, y’know, be included in a box set of other awesome figures… I guess, never mind).

With the smashing head sculpt aside, the rest of Black Cat features the newer, curvier buck used on some of the more recent figures. I don’t have any of those, so I can’t compare, but it’s a solid buck. In addition to the head, the upper torso, lower arms, and lower legs are all-new to get Cat’s details just right, but otherwise it’s a fairly standard figure. The only thing I’m not a fan of is that it’s a little bigger/taller than previous releases. The top of Black Widow’s head is about eye level for Black Cat. That may be comic accurate, I haven’t looked it up, but one funny thing is that even though Cat is taller and has, uh, just about everything bigger than Widow (arms & legs, people, yeesh) their waist is about the same size. That waist is the only real flaw I find with the sculpt, when viewed from the side Black Cat looks a little ridiculous. Like she fell out of a comic book or something. To solve this, I will pose her facing forward.

The paint work is mostly sharp, but it could be just a little better. I didn’t notice so much in person, but up-close in the pics you can see the paint for the lips, the mask, the eyes – they’re all slightly off. I love the level of detail in the sculpt, but it would’ve been even better if the paint could’ve kept up. I should also point out that there are a lot more blue highlights in the hair than what is showing up in the pictures. They’re done well, not nearly as distracting as some of the recent Blue Symbiote Spidey figures (& thankfully there’s none on the black areas of the costume) and I think, this time, it actually enhances the figure’s overall look. Yes, for once, I’m not complaining about blue highlights. I know, right? Continue to Page 2…

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Infinite Black Cat Review

  1. I saw Black Cat once, at TRU, the first time they stocked this wave. That was probably a good six weeks ago. Haven’t seen one, anywhere, since. I hesitated on pickign it up at first, not knowing if I wanted to dive into another Legends line, but when I decided to go for it and went back, she was gone. Actually, all of them were gone, but during all the restocks, Cat and Carnage are the only two I haven’t seen again, and I’m not really sure if I want Carnage. The painted-on symbiote goop makes it look too cheap to be a $20 toy.

    I’m not sold on Beetle 100%. He looks kind of cool, but with my rapidly diminishing shelf space, and not forgetting the aforementioned $20 price tag, he’s a big “maybe” right now.

    Superior Spidey I might have gone for if they’d given him a normal looking web pattern (I know some artists draw it all helter-skelter, but it looks ridiculous to me like that, and doubly so in three dimensions) and the figures were cheaper. Electro I’d probably even go for at $15, but for $20, he’s a pass. Maybe if he goes on clearance?

    While I’m not holding my breath, I really hope Spider-Girl makes it to shelves. I’ve been a fan of the character for a while (since her Arana days), so a figure would be awesome. If she’s ever released, and if I can ever find one if she is, since it’s looking like the female figures, as usual, are the hard to find ones. The whole “female figures don’t sell” thing is so outdated. Try finding the females in damn near any action figure line (not counting Star Wars Black Leia. That’s just not a great figure, and I say that as someone who laid down a Jackson for her). I’m also worried about how hard it might be to find Black Widow in the Cap 2 figure line when wave 2 hits. finding any figure that isn’t Cap is a chore, I can’t imagine how hard it’s going to be to find a second wave female figure.

    1. Finding this Black Cat was tough. They had supposedly shown up at TRU about a month ago, but an SPFD collector came down my way and snagged those. Later that week, I found the leftover Spideys and grabbed the ASM2 one. I’ve been checking back every couple days this entire time and was finally there early to see the whole wave. Now just waiting on Cap restocks.

    1. Looks like Venkman is trying to get a better peek, too! 😉

      (and is that the Xmas set Peter?? grrrrr…another one I never saw!)

  2. Can I hate you?
    NEVER saw the Sin6 set, and I keep missing out on this figure!

    She doesn’t look bad in the crate pics, but that whip pic? ugh.
    This will be more of a “get her because she’s lucky to be made!” than anything else. I do have that X-set Rogue, and I even managed to snag the X-TREEM X-Men version which was later used for Domino (WM 2pk w/ Cannonball). That wasn’t a bad figure, but leaps ahead of the first Rogue, Elektra re-uses, Phoenix, Scarlet Mitch, and especially Spider-Woman.

    Felicia’s the only other figure in this wave I want, aside from Arana (Julia Carpenter?), so it’s not worth buying a case like I’m looking at prices for Cap2 sets.

    oh, and there have been a few reports from Cali that Target jumped up to $25 already, after the initial $15 to $20 price jump. Looks like another hobby I’m being costed out of? yeah, I took Electro and the spare Cap back at that price. I still think I can repaint Beetle into Mach-1 if I find a decent helmet to replace that head. (thank you, Mark Bagley!)

    1. I’m free to hate.

      The crate pics. I had to laugh because I’m posting some great poses and yet, pointing out the articulation kinda stinks. You should see her now, crouched above the computer. It’s deceiving!

      I never saw the newer Rogue – and if only that repaint had made it out to stores!

      I really should care more about how much stuff costs. I never really mention it in reviews because I just don’t think about it. I’d prolly still snag the same figures at $25 that I did at $20, but it would definitely end entertaining the others to build a BAF. I might buy Arana if I run across her. She is a black Spidey costume afterall…

      1. which repaint? nearly all the StL WM stores had the Domino/Cannonball and Cable/60s Jean sets. I found the X-TEEEM Rogue at a TRU I don’t usuaally go to (St Peters?), and count myself lucky for finding her. I still never found the Iceman (Ultimate or “de-iced” Bobby) from the same wave. The original TB Julia/Spider-Woman variant I saw once at a mall store for like $45. PASS.
        (I forget what they were called, but they got bought up by the Slackers chain and I don’t do the malls, anymore. Neutral Zone??)

        as for the cost issue, I’ll pay a few dollars more for MS/DCD because I know they’re a more limited production run, but for retail? not unless they’re 12″ or taller, nd even that’s in question now, with the newer 12″ 5poa figures. But even the Matty stuff I have to convince myself I REALLY “want” it. I never bought in to MOTU until the first big clearance sale, and only cherry picking after that.

        1. The X-Treme Rogue was due to be repainted in classic Jim Lee colors and would’ve been, like, the coolest figure ever. That X-Men wave had a couple variants that never made it as I recall.

      1. FINALLY snagged her yesterday! First crack at a new case! w00t!

        debated on getting Electro (again), too, but decided since he IS Movie Canon, I might as well. I took back the first one I found, because he wasn’t that appealing with a basic black body and clear blue head(s). But he’s going on my Movie shelf…once I gt my own place again.

        *(also, TF Skywarp, Scoop, and Mini-con set, plus black MoS on clearance. only missing Zod in chains from MoS, now)

    2. That’s Spider-Girl, formerly Araña, real name Anya Corazon, who currently wears the most recent uniform of the second Spider-Woman (Julia Carpenter), which she wore after she lost the right to the name Spider-Woman to the original (Jessica Drew), and started going by the name Arachne, which was her identity during her brief stint with Ms. Marvel’s team during Civil War, and during her time with Omega Flight, before she lost her eyesight and became the new Madame Web during the Grim Hunt storyline.

  3. Love that group pic with the guys going gaga over her. You chose some great characters, too. LMAO at Plas questioning his post-New 52 status and Bwana’s crack about Ralph’s …nose. 🙂

    The articulation doesn’t bother me much since I only have the Marvel Select version to go by. I’ve always liked Felicia a lot more than Selina Kyle, but it looks like this one will be a toughie to find. She has yet to show up at HTS which is usually the best spot to haunt online.

    1. She has been available once on HTS. Same as Carnage. Hydra and AIM Soldiers were also only available once and then they were completely removed. All of them lasted no more than a day. I used the DCPI Code at Target to snag mine. Now, all I need is to see a Boba Fett even once on HTS or at Brick and mortar.

    2. Thanks!

      The articulation isn’t terrible, terrible – you see I got some good poses, but I just frustrated with how long it takes to get her to stand up sometimes.

      I wish you well in your quest! I am sick of Target myself… lol

  4. Best looking Hasbro female to date, IMHO.

    As a word of encouragement. I just pulled off a “No Toy January”. It ain’t easy, but stay strong. You can do it. It is a great feeling to see that big ole zero on your monthly balance sheet under “TOYS”. Keeps us addicts, I mean collectors, honest when we prove to ourselves we can do without if we want to.

    1. I could agree to that. I think the 2pks had some improved ones too, but Black Cat probably beats those too.

      And congrats on “No Toy January”!! Mine is admittedly a little artificial – I noticed that anything I had pre-ordered for Feb came out early or was postponed; that’s when it occured to me. I will still have the Matty Sub stuff, and I did get lucky finding these Friday before last, but I think I’m doing good so far! And the extra money is nice… hey…

  5. Can I say I wanna reach in and yoink Felicia away from.any pic.

    Not seen these yet still and see the pegs empty collecting dust. (If didn’t want Glimmer next Monday I’d order her already. )

    The hips don’t bug as if had last movie spidey weblines I’d have him swinging holding her from a shelf. Still hunting I geuss. (C’mon store I can still buy for $15 stock these. Gotta find mybfriend in there to hold some for me. She tried to get a Gentleman ghost for me)

  6. I lucked out and wandered into a Target apparently IMMEDIATELY after a full case was put on the shelves, then lucked out again in that my Black Cat’s paint is as close to perfect as is possible in her case. Love the figure to death.
    Couple of notes: The whip thingy is apparently her grappling hook and line, and while her articulation is a bit odd, its not really bad so much as it just makes you work a little harder for some poses. If that is the trade off for such a fantastic looking female sculpt, I will gladly take it.

    1. I think I stumbled across mine the same way. They can’t have been out for too long.

      I was thinking the whip was her grapple, or supposed to be. And the articulation has its merits – I’ve pulled off a few great poses for these pics, but she can either stand up or do really deep crouches. I haven’t had much luck in-between.

  7. I enjoyed your review as always. But, I want to call out the hip articulation issue. you made it sound like she pretty much has a t-crotch. While she’s not going to be doing a split, the hips do have a good 30-45 degrees of sideways movement.

    1. Thanks!

      30ish degrees is a fair assessment. I figure that 30 is a lot closer to 0 than 180, but yeah, it is a bit of hyperbole on my part. I would feel better if I could’ve gotten her to stand well in any of those poses where the 30 degrees came into play.

  8. this figure makes me enormously happy. for several reasons, in fact:

    it’s a fix to an egregious error… getting black cat right for spidey is as vital as getting selina right for batman, it just is. this is getting it right. she really does look like a bagley drawing made into 3 dimensions.

    she’s got a nice, all purpose buck. this body has already been used what, 4 times? and it looks great on a variety of mid-sized female characters. i generally like my comic heroines closer to the red she hulk in muscularity, but there’s no denying the appeal of something curvy and sexy that falls between red shulk and the upcoming spider girl body. ok, so this one wasn’t executed perfectly, but the foundation is solid. better execution on the articulation would really catapult this buck into the stratosphere for “smart pre-planning of buck bodies”

    oh, and SWEET FANCY MOSES, BOOBS!!!!!!!!!! i usually have to make jubblies of that quality my self, and feel like a perv in so doing, but ms hardy comes packed to the rafter with front bumper and a nice bit of rear bumper as well. i love plastic boobs!! (on plastic girls, not as a general rule.)

      1. no, not even a little. i did find superior, movie, and beetle this afternoon, so they’re in town, but i suspect BBTS is in the cards once i get our tax return in, if i want to complete mr goblin (and i do.) our target also has one of the worst track records i see when it comes to restocking their toy aisle. unless you’re up for some monster high, then there is literally an entire, perfectly stocked aisle for you to peruse.

        1. I’m thinking ahead about just pre-ordering the 2nd half of the Cap series to get Black Widow. Black Cat was trouble enough, but chasing down ScarJo after they skipped her in the Avengers line? Eek.

          1. exactly. and ESPECIALLY after the Iron Man 3b fiasco. I have no idea what they were thinking. no wonder HTS Still has 3b available on their site, as well as 3a, it seems as I doublecheck? oofta

              1. you could always repaint a silver?
                either of which paint color I find it hard to find to find a good supply. best one was a Testors dull gold, which they changed right after I got it and never have been able to find a decent replacement. Forget silver. bottle and spray, it never dries right and I always wind up with sticky figures when trying to custom the likes of Stryfe and Jocasta. :/
                (whatever happened to him, too? backburnered for…ever?)

  9. I think part of the reason Black Cat underwhelmed me is because I own the Thunderbolts set, and both Moonstone and Satana HAVE bicep swivels, and their rocker ankles are more useful than Felicia and her crazy heels.

    And yeah, the whole “no good female action figures” thing is kind of a conundrum. I’ve also gotten more sensitive to overly sexualized females in comics. I’ve picked up a few “GI Joe: Retaliation” Lady Jayes so I could have a squad of female soldiers who LOOK LIKE REAL SOLDIERS and don’t have their cleavage popping out the top of their shirts.

    1. They have bicep swivels?! Doh! I really like Marvel’s old Horror characters – I want that Satana, but I haven’t made it a priority. And I did forget to mention the crazy heels too. Hrm.

      That Lady Jaye looked like a great figure. I’ve been trying to not buy movie Joes, just classics in the sub, but she was tempting.

      1. Yeah, I think Jaye is my favorite “Retaliation” figure. I loved the “Resolute” Scarlett she’s built on (come to think of it, aside from the thigh swivels, she has the exact same articulation setup as Black Cat here), and the fact that her blister card is stuffed with weapons doesn’t hurt. The only thing you gotta watch out for is the paint on the face; I’ve seen some Lady Jayes with CRAZY EYES.

        1. I think I had the Scarlett, but I sold her before opening her. I must’ve bought a case from BBTS. I might keep an eye for Lady Jaye the next time I’m at TRU come March. Hmm.

  10. Great review. I got lucky and picked this one up a few weeks ago at Target. Despite the drawbacks on the hips, I was really impressed with how much the head can move. Normally when there is that much hair I assume the head will pretty much be stationary.

    I’m in the same boat as you with Green Goblin. I don’t think I’ll be finishing him, but he does seem like he’ll be a good figure. Etrigan has already stolen his fire effects though.

    1. Thanks! The neck articulation works suprisngly well, yes!

      And the fire effects for Etrigan! You’re a genius!! Now maybe I need that Electro after all… lol

  11. I really like the face sculpt. Some other female figures in in this scale have very poor face sculpts.

  12. Knowing Hasbro’s wonky casepacks for the ASM2 MLs (which are relatively sane when compared to the cases for the Cap 2 MLs), I broke down & fished Felicia off a seller on Amazon, as I figured I’d never see her at retail.

    Speaking of Amazon, for those interested, you can (at least as of this post) get Movie 2 Spidey, Superior Spidey, Movie 2 Electro, & ‘Deadliest Foes’ (90s Beetle?) for $17 each.

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