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MOTUC Checklist Updated

There will be no Armchair Coverage or a review today. We had to send Puddin’, my family’s 14-yr old cat, “off to play” today and I just don’t have a lot in me.

Puddin’ was a rescue. She came to us a wee kitten, abandoned/lost at a Dairy Queen in a nearby town of all places (we didn’t have a cat or a Dairy Queen back then). We brought her home and nursed her back to health intending to find a good home for her.

It turned out that was ours.

She was a smart kitten, wisely choosing my Dad, the one most convinced we didn’t need a new pet, to bond with and insuring her spot in the family. It is also with great amusement that it was my no-nonsense Dad that named her Puddin’ and would quickly correct you if you tried adding the “g”.

We had just moved into a new house not too long before we found her, so Puddin’ was a fixture of that house in particular, often found sleeping under an extra piece of carpet my Dad was trying to use as a floor mat or lounging on whichever couch my Dad was hopeful he could keep cat & dog fur away from. It somehow made that particular piece of furniture more appealing to her. (That’s her, sleeping in the pic to the right, and yes that is the “no animals” couch).

We had a lot of great memories. Puddin’ was a great evil cat always eyeing you like she knew what you were saying or emerging from the strangest places when you weren’t expecting it. She might’ve taken over the world if she would just leave the house. She’d occasionally sneak out on the back deck if the door was left open. She’d even descend the deck stairs, right down to the last one and take the backyard in, but she wouldn’t set one paw outside again after we brought her in.

In later years, when dogs were added to the mix, she got a little more standoffish (unless you were my Dad). She had no affinity for our Pomeranian, Bear, who really just wanted to be friends, but knew to stay an arm’s length away. I think that was the saddest thing today. We went over to my parent’s house afterwards and Bear looked around for the cat and whined when she couldn’t find her. Animals are… funny like that. Anyway, I don’t mean to be a downer. Usually, we just miss a day here now & again and it’s no biggie. Today, I just felt like saying why.

I didn’t want to totally leave everyone hanging though. While I wasn’t up for much writing or photographing, melancholy is a fit mood for updating checklists. I don’t have the 2013/2014 pages updated yet, but the Upcoming Releases page of now has all the reveals from Toy Fair with dates, pics, and basic info. Enjoy.


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MOTUC Checklist Updated

  1. I feel that. Condolences on your fur baby.

    The day before Hallowe’en, my sister found my 12.5yo cat, Tubbs, behind her spare bathroom door. I still have his ashes. Always got nervous for hm around the holiday, too, over the years. I guess now I know why? I can’t hardly take care of myself, these days, so I know he was my last pet. 🙁
    He’s been through several moves with me, including ~2 months stuck in a pen in a shed with his little sister and aunt. of course, his sister didn’t stay in that pen too long, and both girls took cover when a big storm blew thru. I never saw aunt Bitsy after that, but she was ~13? WhiTC, otoh, made a new home in the other shed until about a day or so before I found new lodgings. Tubbs stuck it out and made three more moves with me, but WhiTC never returned.
    (yeah, she was born wee hours of 9/12/01. 2 wheat siamese mix among a litter of 3 b/w and 1 g/w from two b/w parents?? Tubbs and his twin Eddie were black longhairs, and their brother Alfalfa aka Scooter was w/b)

    Tubbs wasn’t the most lovable thing, as his father was a total alpha male and ensured the others knew it. Tubbs was shy because of that, and often hid in the tub, hence his name, but I was patient with him and he eventually settled a bit so I could cuddle him in recent years.

    His father Merle was a tuxedo out of a litter my sister got from one of her strays. My niece still calls him George and was mad I “never told [her] he died!” He made it ~4 years before a UTI got him. I didn’t realize he was sick until it was too late due to a period of OT at work. I made sue to keep an eye on the others after that, nursing Tubbs through three possible UTIs.
    My sister still has his cousin Porky, another grandson of that stray. The boys got along for the most part that last summer/fall, despite never meeting before. Last time I saw Tubbs alive, was a few days earlier. the cousins were “sharing” a chair and one kept flicking his tail at the other one. I scolded them both to behave and went back to bed. My sister said he had been hiding out behind the toilet in there fr a few weeks, but never told me. (or told me he “slipped out” a few weeks before THREE DAYS EARLIER! f’g lie to me, when he didn’t like her!)

    anyway, I only had his mother about two years. I got her (and eventually her aunt Bitsy in a move) from my friend now down in Waynesville. He also had a gold Pommie, Max, that was my Pup-pup. He made it a good dozen years before his wife put him down while he was in Iraq. She said Max was half-blind and losing his fur. He could still find me and cuddle, much to John’s chagrin. Now, he has a pair of mixed siblings, Bear and Maya.

    Bear was a common pet name. I had a big black tom growing up; neighbors had a sibling dog pair, Bear & Maggie; now John’s newish mutt. In-laws had cross-bred purebreds back when that was a “thing”, and she was going to put this pair down until his daughter called and rescued them. Chow/poodle? something like that. s/med brown balls of fluff.

    and I digressed more than a bit…. LOL

  2. I’m sorry to hear that. We have quite a few animals and have lost some over the years, and each time it hurts like losing a member of the family.

    One of our dogs is rapidly approaching his teens and we’re not looking forward to having that absence.

    My thoughts are with you all, take care.


  3. I’m very sorry about Puddin’ passing away, Noisy. She must have been quite a lady. I love both cats and Pomeranians, so it’s truly heartbreaking to hear how Bear reacted. Pets are indeed funny like that, and far more human than us in the gentlest, most innocent sense of the word.

  4. Well thats sad news. My condolences to you and your family. Losing a pet sucks. I just put my dog down recently and it was possibly the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do.

  5. Noisy, I had to do the same years ago. My cat was my favorite thing in the world — such a sweetheart. I expected I’d be fine, y’know? But after leaving the vet and getting in my car, I just began to weep uncontrollably. They have a way of becoming such a cherished part of your life. My heart, condolences and sympathy go out to you. Thanks for sharing and again, thanks for all the joy you bring us through this site.


  6. Oh man. My deepest, sincerest condolences to you. We had to put down Charlie, our orange Tabby a couple of months ago. he had a very rare, but incurable cat disease that ended up taking him before he was even 5 years old. He was the cat that made me love cats, and I still miss him every day. it does get easier eventually, but until then, please know you are in our prayers.

  7. I lost my oldest, Puck, in November. She was 22 so it was not unexpected but still a loss. My other tells me he wants a new brother or sister but I haven’t been able to just yet.

    I feel for your loss.

  8. I’m sitting here with my own rescue in my lap, and I know I’m going to have to go through the same thing (probably sooner rather than later, as he’s getting up there), and you have my condolences and sympathies.

    Good on you for taking in an animal needing a home and giving her a good, loving one. You gave her a life she would’ve never had otherwise. More people should do that.

  9. Not handing yourself too much to do today is a wise move. Going through what you are right now is very rough. A beloved cat’s death is a tremendous loss. Take care of yourself.

  10. Belated condolences for your loss.

    Not long ago our neighborhood cat passed on. Shadow had a pink collar w/ an address on but I sincerely doubt he/she had anything to do w/ that house, instead wandering the block and being alarmingly friendly to random passers by. I instinctively expected to see Shadow run up to me for a pet and spare food on my way to work and when I return. He/she kept my brother company on the roof hanging the X-mas lights. One morning when I came home from work, it was unusual that Shadow was nowhere in sight. Then my brother asked me if I’d “heard about Shadow” and that was all the clue I needed. That cat never seemed too wary about being out on the street, and that just ruined the rest of my day. Even w/ our three cats, I think my mom would have eventually started letting Shadow into the house but there just wasn’t enough time. Our family even had a lengthy chat re: Shadow’s passing, about the interactions we’d had and how we’d miss him/her.

    Your mention of Bear seeking her “playmate” just tugs at my heartstrings. And on three occasions I’ve seen cats melt the hearts of unlikely caregivers.

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