Top Reviews for May
& Updated Review Indexes!

IAT got a little back in the groove, or at least Vault did, in May with some great MOTUC & DC Universe reviews. A could Transformers, a random Joe, and some imports rounded out the Top Ten. We’ve got the full list plus updates to both the IAT & Battlegrip Review Indexes!

First up, here are links to the updated Review Indexes for IAT & for Battlegrip!

And here are the Top IAT Reviews for May:

For the second month in a row, a He-Man review tops the list, this time with King He-Man taking the top honors for the May review. Overall, MOTUC had a solid showing as Vault got us caught up on MOTUC reviews of Karatti & Snake Face. Also filed under not a surprise, the Top 5 reviews rounded out with our two DCUC offerings for Larfleeze & the Mallah & the Brain 2pk. Those reviews are always the bread & butter of the site and we can rely on them to always be the top read reviews. I think Transformers could get in there if we’d just review them more consistently though…

Speaking of Transformers, two third party reviews snuck into the Top Ten: iGear’s Chrome Spray & the massive FansProject Colossus.I am completely hooked on the third party combiners, so I’d imagine we’ll be seeing more of those reviews here at IAT in the near future. I’ve got random arms and legs all over this place…

Vault did most of the heavy lifting this month as I’ve been traveling (I’m out of town again this week – I think I’m up to six weeks in a row of having to be on the road – did I mention my job isn’t travel-based??), but I did manage one more review in addition to those listed above, this one for the Joe Club’s Iceberg. Man, I still wish that were a better figure.

Vault meanwhile got in plenty of his imports to round out the Top Ten. That included both Revoltech Naked Snake & Figma Pit, but the Charizard review should also get an honorable mention for coming in 11th.

That was the month that was May. We’re already on fire for June with the Recollect! blog. That article has gotten a tremendous response, if it were on this Top Ten it would rank 2nd and it’s only been available for two days. I always forget that you guys love to read non toy reviews too. Look for more entries in the Recollect! blog coming up soon!

In addition to these top IAT Reviews for April discussed here, be sure to check out Battlegrip for their Top Reviews!


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& Updated Review Indexes!

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